Top 15 Best Professor Snape Moments

Fans around the world mourned when Alan Rickman, an English actor and director, passed away on January 14th, 2016 due to pancreatic cancer. The actor was well-known for his roles in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Die Hard and of course, the Harry Potter series. It’s widely agreed upon that no other actor could have done a better job at portraying the seemingly cold, complex character that was Professor Severus Snape. At the beginning of the Harry Potter series, we all loathed the Professor for his condescending comments made to Harry but as the series progressed, Snape was seen as a true hero. He added a layer to the film which made it so much more exciting and heartbreaking. Who could forget his snarky quotes and deep glare? As a tribute to the great Alan Rickman, here are the top 15 Best Severus Snape moments.

15 His Dramatic Pauses

14 Admitting that He Was the Half-Blood Prince

13 His Death

12 His Introduction in Harry’s First Potions Class

11 When Snape Confronted Quirrell

10 When He Kills Dumbledore

9 When He Broke Down Holding Lily

8 When He Called Out Hermione

7 His Words of Wisdom

6 His Epic Duel With Lockhart

5 When He Shielded Harry, Ron and Hermione from a Transformed Lupin

4 When He Threatens to Expel Harry and Ron

3 When He Lies To Umbridge

2 When He Makes a Smart Remark to Lupin

1 Always

Quite possibly the most famous quote by Snape is a word that’s very simple yet so powerful and meaningful, “Always.” When Dumbledore reveals that a part of Voldemort’s soul is inside of Harry and suggests that Harry, too, must die, Snape seemed bewildered and was visibly upset. Dumbledore suggested that Snape cares for Harry, to which Snape simply responded by casting his Patronus, a doe just like Lily’s. His Patronus then flew out of the window of Dumbledore’s office and led Harry to the sword of Gryffindor. Upon seeing the Patronus, Dumbledore asked, “After all this time?” Snape, of course, replied with, “Always.” Now that’s true love.


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Top 15 Best Professor Snape Moments