Top 15 Movies About Time Travel You Need To See

However impracticable, history has been obsessed with time travel since time began itself. With evidence going as far back as 700BC with the Mahabharata, an ancient document that tells the story of time traveling worlds all while blurring the lines between the then and the now. But it was H.G Wells and The Time Machine that really kicked things off, introducing time travel and science fiction to the masses.

Literature, radio, television and Hollywood have all since gotten involved, creating some of the most memorable and fascinating images we could ever hope to imagine. ‘If only we could turn back time’, a phrase so often recited. But why? What’s the obsession in wishing we could redo history? Why are we so eager to turn around and repeat the same thing twice? Sure, it would be extremely helpful, saving us from those embarrassing moments that are so ingrained into our brains. Imagine the thrill of being able to experience Victorian London and revealing the face of Jack the Ripper. What about spending more time with a loved one before they passed away? Or even making the most of a missed opportunity, better yet creating a whole new one. Time travel is as fascinating as fascinating gets making it all the more heart wrenching that we can't actually explore it.

So to the question on everybody’s lips, is it even possible? Theorists have argued, researched and conjured up their own explanations with pictures constantly unearthed said to prove time travel really exists. However, still, in the 21st century we have yet to build a time machine, our own personal Tardis or discovered worm hole to another dimension. So sadly, while we wait, we must watch. Using the silver screen to help unravel our deepest and darkest fantasies. Here are 15 of the best movies about time travel.

15 Donnie Darko

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14 Terminator 2: Judgement Day

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13 13 About Time

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12 Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

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11 Midnight In Paris

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10 Time Bandits

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9 Looper

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8 Groundhog Day

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7 Time After Time

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6 Orlando

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5 Interstellar

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4 Planet Of The Apes

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3 The Time Machine


2 12 Monkeys

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1  1. Back To The Future

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Great Scott! With a trilogy that graces us with three movies all as decent as the next, it is the first that really has to be rewarded. Creating characters that will forever go down in film history, Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd will ALWAYS be Marty McFly and Doc, no matter what they went on to achieve next. An all time classic, Back to the Future pulls at your heartstrings all while subjecting to the world to a variety of in jokes and product placement. With hover-boards, self-fastening sneakers and flying cars all appearing on Christmas lists everywhere, Back to the Future will forever remain as a nostalgic wet dream.


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Top 15 Movies About Time Travel You Need To See