Top 15 Most Powerful Characters in the DC Universe

The age of the comic book is definitely upon us. For many years comic books were really only for the true fans and those dedicated enough to follow their favorite superheroes and their adventures through page after page and issue after issue. That is until they made the leap to the big and small screens. Becoming a billion dollar machine, the superhero genre is now taking over the world of entertainment and making fans out of us all.

Although DC were the first to make the leap from page to screen with Batman and Superman, it's actually Marvel that were the first to truly take advantage of this medium. Using cinema and TV to interconnect its heroes and their stories was a stroke of genius and made it possible to expand this universe as far as they like. DC may have been a bit slower off the start, but they are now catching up. With the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the foundation has been set for the DC Extended Universe to explode on our screens.

With this in mind, we now focus on all the characters in DC and find out just who is the most powerful of them all. With this list we look at heroes, villains and anyone that has made an appearance, even if it was only fleeting.


15 The Flash


We start our list with a fan favorite. With the recent success of the TV series The Flash and his up and coming involvement in the Justice League movies, The Flash is hot property at the moment.

To many, The Flash is all about speed. Being connected to the 'Speed Force' allows The Flash to become the fastest man alive. However, The Flash is so much more. With many characters using the mantle of The Flash, the two most famous and most powerful are Barry Allen and Wally West.

Channeling the Speed Force, they're not just fast, they can pretty much do anything. As well as moving, reacting and thinking at remarkable speed, The Flash can also phase through objects, travel through time and dimensions and even create time duplicates. He can also use his speed to great fighting affect as he can take a run up at about light speed, and land a punch that has been known to knock beings into orbit. These things make The Flash one of the most powerful heroes around.

14 Superman


Many people reading this may well be surprised to see Superman so low on this list. The Man of Steel may well be one of the most powerful heroes in the world, or even the universe. However, compared to the beings that inhabit the edges of the DC universe, Superman doesn't even come close.

Probably the most famous superhero there is, everyone is aware of Superman's story and powers, as his tale has been told many times. The last son of Krypton has almost limitless strength, invulnerability, flight, heat and x-ray vision, to name just a few of his powers.

There is one thing about Superman that may hold him back slightly, and that's his restraint. Knowing how powerful he is, Superman often limits himself and never really goes for it. If he ever did truly use his powers to their full limits, then Superman may well find himself higher up on our list. Until then, Supes stays here.

13 Martian Manhunter


Over the years there has been much debate within the DC universe about who is more powerful; Superman or The Martian Manhunter? On the surface, the two giants of the Justice League are pretty much on par with each other with similar powers such as strength, flight, invulnerability and speed.  The two are very evenly matched and make a great team.

However, for this list we've put Martian Manhunter ahead of the Man of Steel. As well as having many of the same powers as Superman, Martian Manhunter also has the added power that comes from his mind. With a superior mind, Martian Manhunter also has abilities in the form of shapeshifting, invisibility, telekinesis, telepathy, Martian vision and genius-level intellect. However, also similar to Superman, Martian Manhunter also limits himself. Usually choosing the path of the passive, Martian Manhunter only uses the force necessary to do the job and never anything more.

12 Parallax


Originally created as a supervillain to battle against the Green Lantern corp, Parallax is the pure embodiment of fear. The idea of Parallax was actually an attempt  to make the Green Lantern comic books more exciting to fans. With the then Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, falling out of favor with people, the Green Lantern comic books needed a boost. With the help of Parallax, Hal Jordan would go through many changes and incarnations over the years, including becoming fused with Parallax and becoming the villain to terrorize his former hero friends.

Parallax himself is an ancient horror that strikes fear into the hearts of the guardians. As well as possessing powers such as strength and flight, Parallax also has great mind-controlling abilities, casting fear and doubt into the minds of others so as to control them. He can do this with even the strongest heroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman and even Spectre. Parallax can even posses other beings and make them do unspeakable things; all he needs is fear. As parallax is a being made of pure energy, he has no physical form, and therefore is almost impossible to defeat. Unless you can conquer fear itself, that is.

11 Lords Of Chaos And Order


We come now to the outer circle of the DC universe and into the realms of God-like creatures. The Lords and Agents of Chaos and Order are a group of supernatural beings who create and maintain the universal order and chaos.

The battle between Order and Chaos has been raging on throughout the ages and across the universe. The basic premise for this battle was that Order was good and Chaos was evil and they fought for control over everything. There are many members and agents that reside within the factions, most of them being blessed with God-like powers and abilities.

The most prominent members are Nabu (Order - pictured above) and Mordru (Chaos). As the two groups don't have a physical form, being made up of pure mystical energy, they have to rely on servants to do their biding. They do this by possessing a living being and empowering them with incredible abilities. One of these members is the wizard Shazam, who empowered a young human and became Captain Marvel.

The war between these two is never likely to be over as the need for control or balance will never end, and many more beings will be caught in their crossfire.

10 Kismet


Within the DC universe, there is little known about the being known as Kismet as she hasn't made many appearances within the comic books. However, what we do know is her power and what she is capable of.

Making her first appearance in Adventures of Superman, Kismet guided the Man of Steel through his path to righteousness. As well as that, during a rare crossover between the DC universe and Marvel, Kismet met Eternity and fell in love. Many would argue that Kismet is the DC's version of Eternity and the embodiment of time itself. However, their love was used against them as their connection was powerful enough to destroy both universes, so Kismet had to leave her love to avert the crisis.

Her power is almost limitless. Being a cosmic entity, she has complete control over cosmic energy meaning that she can control time, space and reality. She is also immortal and almost omnipotent as the passing of time has no affect on her whatsoever.

9 Anti-Monitor


One of the most formidable and feared supervillains in the entire DC universe, Anti-Monitor is the original being that was responsible for the Crisis on Infinite Earths story arc. As a result, Anti-Monitor is directly responsible for killing more characters than any other being. Having destroyed thousands of universes, he has also killed many heroes including Supergirl and Barry Allen.

Anti-Monitor's powers are vast as he has complete control over cosmic energy, giving him limitless power. He can manipulate matter and energy, warp reality and possibly his most damaging power is he can absorb the energy from an entire universe. Not only does he use that power and therefore destroy the source, he can also absorb powers around him. When Anti-Monitor went back to the very creation of everything, Earth's heroes followed him to the beginning of time. Absorbing all of their powers, Anti-Monitor had the strength and abilities to change the creation of the universe itself.


8 Krona


Krona was born on the planet Maltus and as a scientist, he became obsessed with knowing the origins of the universe; despite being warned that if he ever knew this it would cause a great catastrophe. He didn't listen and he built a machine to witness the spark of creation.

Once there, his machine exploded in the creation and shattered across the cosmos, creating an infinite number of parallel universes. Krona was punished by his people by being transformed into pure energy and forced to wander the cosmos. As a result of his actions, his people became The Guardians of the Universe.

Whether in physical form or as energy, Krona possess great power such as supreme genius intellect, enhanced physical abilities, and vast psionic and psychic powers like telepathy and telekinesis. Krona is also virtually immortal and wields the power of the full emotion spectrum.

7 Mr. Mxyzptlk


Mr. Mxyzptlk, or Mxy for short, is a fifth dimensional imp that lives to trick and torment beings for fun. Not being bound by our laws of physics and dimensions, Mxy can do things that seem impossible to us and his favorite person to do these things to is Superman. When Mxy first appeared in the comic books, he started out as a silly trickster. Making the mayor of Metropolis speak with a donkey voice, pretending to kill himself so as to confuse Superman and then changing his weight so he couldn't be picked up. These silly pranks amused Myx as life in our dimension seemed primitive to him.

However, the small and silly pranks soon changed into more dangerous and sinister ones. Still choosing Superman as his target, Mxy upped his torment. Being from the fifth dimension, his powers are limitless and can only be limited by his own imagination and will power. Being immortal is also another reason for his pranks as he doesn't know what to do to pass the time. He was once heard saying that he spent two thousand years not moving or breathing, just for something different to do to pass the time. His only weakness, if he has such a thing, is that if you can get him to say his name backwards, it transports him back to the fifth dimension for ninety days.

6 Eclipso


Eclipso is a supervillain of biblical proportions. Being the first incarnation of the wrath of God and the Angel of Vengeance, Eclipso was responsible for such biblical feats as the Great Flood of Noah's Ark fame. However, Eclipso went rogue and used his power for destruction and anything else he wanted to. Because of this, part of his soul was sealed inside the Heart of Darkness; a black diamond that can posses anyone that comes into contact with it as Eclipso's soul takes them over. The most famous of these possessions was with Bruce Gordon who was granted Eclipso's power whenever there was an eclipse or anything that blocked out the sun.

The once divine being has vast magical powers including superhuman strength, speed, immortality and of course, spirit possession. Eclipso can also manipulate the weather and the seas in order to cause catastrophic disasters. Despite his great power, Eclipso is still limited and controlled by The Presence, and if he breaks the divine laws, he will suffer greater punishment.

5 Decreator

The Decreator is an evil entity born out of complete darkness and often known as the Ultimate Darkness or the Great Evil Beast. It is the opposite and equal shadow of God and burst into existence when God uttered "Let there be light!"  This makes the Decreator the first shadow and the first instance of darkness in the universe. Whenever it appears in the sky, commonly as a giant, bloodshot eye, it breaks the sky around it and the stars disappear.

It then starts to de-create everything around it. It's impossible to stop, however it can be slowed down to a speed so slow that no one is aware the universe is disappearing. The Decreater is just pure darkness and decay, so it has no personality or morals. It doesn't do anything out of pleasure or hatred, nor does it understand the concept of good or bad; the Decreater is just the shadow of God and unravels everything it can. That's just its nature.

4 Michael Demiurgos


We now delve further into the mythos and supreme beings that make up the DC universe. When the God of the Covenant created everything, he created two beings; Michael and Samael. Samael would have his own journey into being, but his brother Michael was given the Demiurgic, or the power of God. This power enabled the creation of the cosmos to occur.

Having the power of God on his side gives Michael the power to do and be anything. His base powers include immortality, super strength, super speed, a sonic cry, acidic blood, the ability to talk to animals and telepathy. He has also been known to grow to planetary size and a power level on par with that of Spectre. However, these things pale into insignificance as he possess the Demiurgic. This not only gives him the power to create, it also means he can destroy anything and then re-create it at will. So he could destroy the entire universe a hundred times over and re-build it with just his will.

3 Spectre


The true fans of DC comic books may want to argue that Michael Demiurgos is a more powerful being than Spectre. After all, Michael is technically the child of God. However, Michael is bound by the divine law set out by his father, where as Spectre isn't as bound or ruled by it.

Replacing Eclipso as the Wrath of God, Spectre is a supernatural being with unlimited power to unleash God's Wrath upon the evil in humanity. It's sometimes possible for deceased souls to be bound to Spectre's to guide him while he exists on Earth. The most famous of these humans is Jim Corrigan. The powers of Spectre are limitless as he can have access to any power there is and use it in any way he likes. Spectre has put this to use when he killed the Lords and Agents of Order and Chaos without much effort, and he also de-powered Mr. Mxyzptlk.

Apart from the standard powers that a super being has, Spectre can also cross time, reality and dimensions. He can manipulate weather and atmospheres of any planet and also grow to the size of a solar system if he so chooses. On top of that, Spectre can also drain people's psyches, souls and life force which make him impossible to beat.

2 Lucifer Morningstar


Lucifer Morningstar has gone by many names in the DC universe. Firstly he was Samael, brother to Michael and the first being created by the Presence of God. Since then he has been known as The Fallen Angel, The Devil and of course, Satan. Along with his brother, Lucifer was created as a proud and beautiful being, and to assist the Presence with his creation. That is until Lucifer rebelled after only three seconds of creation. Lucifer was sent to rule Hell, which he did for over ten billion years.

Lucifer Morningstar's powers are limitless. He is by far the most powerful being in all of the DC universe, multiverse and beyond; except for one, and that being he must obey. Lucifer is an omnipotent being which allows him to be at least ten steps ahead of everyone and he knows almost everything. He also has The Lightbringer Flames and the Will of God on his side, meaning he can do anything, such as manipulate reality at will, control divine magic and create souls.

1 The Presence


Number one on our list is God himself. The Presence, or The God of the Covenant, or Yahweh, is the creator of the entire DC universe. The Presence is not often seen in DC comic books, he is more often spoken about or to; such as the voice of God or the Hand of God. There is no limit to The Presence's power as he can do anything and created everything. Every being in the DC universe, powerful or not, has to answer to The Presence and obey God's law. He alone has the power to punish even the most powerful of beings, such as Lucifer Morningstar. Because of this, The Presence has no weaknesses and he can do whatever his will wants, making The Presence the most powerful being of them all.

A few honorable mention should go to the likes of: The Endless, The Monitors, Shazam, Prime, Entity and Phantom Stranger. Each of them are powerful in their own right, but just not as powerful as the characters mentioned here.


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