Top 15 Most Powerful Characters In The Buffyverse

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were two of the most popular television shows in the world in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Joss Whedon's brilliant creations saw the forces of good - Buffy Sum

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were two of the most popular television shows in the world in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Joss Whedon's brilliant creations saw the forces of good - Buffy Summers and her band of "Scoobies" and Angel and his "Fang Gang" - battling against the forces of evil in the form of vampires, demons and other otherworldly creatures and beings.

Buffy and Angel were powerful - Buffy being the slayer and Angel being an ensouled vampire - but there were considerably more powerful characters on the two shows (which were collectively known as the Buffyverse) and the titular heroes would often have to use their wits or the help of their friends to defeat certain foes.

We wanted to take a look back at both shows (Buffy the Vampire Slayer having finished in 2003 and Angel having finished in 2004) and put together a list of the most powerful characters from each of them.

So, based on actual shown feats (rather than implied power) and only using characters we saw enough of to actually gauge their power levels, here are the top fifteen most powerful characters in the Buffyverse (note that, in order to not exclude the television audience, this article will not take into consideration any comic books or spin-off media - it will be based on the Buffy the Vampire and Angel television shows only).

16 Honourable Mention: The First Evil

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The First Evil was the ultimate big bad in the Buffyverse. It was the main villain of the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season seven) and triggered a massive change - it prompted Buffy and her allies to make every potential slayer into a slayer in order to combat its forces.

15 The Ubervamp

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The Ubervamp was an agent of the aforementioned First Evil who appeared in season seven of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was an ancient species of vampire called a Turok-Han - the vampires that vampires fear - and Rupert Giles actually thought they were a myth until he appeared.

14 Caleb

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Caleb was yet another agent of the First Evil - in this case, the main agent (following his death, the First Evil described him as "my good right arm"). He was a preacher who used his position to exploit his need to degrade women, thanks to his pathological hatred of them and he appeared in five episodes of season seven of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

13 Marcus Hamilton

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Marcus Hamilton - played by Adam Baldwin in five episodes of season five of Angel - was one of the Children of the Senior Partners - the beings at the top of supernatural law firm Wolfram and Hart - and was Angel and his allies' liaison to them. Infused with the blood of the aforementioned powerful beings, Hamilton was imbued with incredible superhuman strength and durability, as well as what amounted to immortality.

12 The Judge

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The Judge was an ancient demon whose goal was to wipe out humanity. He did this by utilising his power to incinerate any being with feelings - he could suck the life out of any beings who weren't completely wicked. His schtick was that "no weapon forged" could kill him - but that saying was conceived in ancient times, when modern weapons didn't exist.

11 Adam

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Adam - played by George Hertzberg - was the big bad of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season four. He was a recurring character in that season, appearing in seven episodes as a hybrid of human, monster and machine - and in one episode in a dream sequence as a human. He also appeared as an incorporeal guise of the First Evil in one episode of season seven.

10 Anyanka & Other Vengeance Demons

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Anya Jenkins AKA Anyanka's appearances in Buffy the Vampire Slayer were predominantly as an ally of Buffy and the other members of the Scooby Gang (she nearly married Xander Harris), but the bulk of her past life had been spent as a Vengeance demon - a powerful form of demon who could grant the wishes of scorned women to the extent that reality could be altered on a massive scale once those wishes were cast.

9 Sweet

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Due to the "fun" nature of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode in which he appeared (season six's brilliant Once More With Feeling) the level of the power possessed by the demon known as Sweet is often underestimated - but it really, really shouldn't be.

Sweet's main power was that his mere presence made people, vampires and demons live out their lives as a musical for miles around him - bursting into song and dance, with music playing to accompany their performances - which eventually caused them to spontaneously combust. But he was also a minor reality-warper. He could change the colour of his and other people's clothes, remove his own mouth temporarily and have it sing of its own accord, and create doors out of nothing that led to wherever he wanted them to. He also had the power to manipulate the minds of others and hypnotise people.

8 Sahjhan

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Sahjhan was an incredibly powerful demon of the Granok species. He first appeared in season three of Angel and last appeared in season five. Portrayed by Jack Conley, he appeared in eight episodes in total.

7 Cyvus Vail

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Cyvus Vail was a powerful sorcerer and warlock - and member of the incredibly powerful and influential group known as the Circle of the Black Thorn - who appeared in three episodes of season five of Angel. He was capable of casting massive reality-warping spells, as well as being able to use offensive magic in battle (energy blasts, telekinesis etc) and being able to absorb the magic of others, but he finds himself no higher on this list due to his physical frailty.

6 The Beast

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The Beast was a monstrous and incredibly powerful demon who actually turned out to be the henchman of the deity known as Jasmine. Played by Vladimir Kulich, he appeared in eight episodes of Angel - all of which were in season four of the show.

5 D'Hoffryn

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The fact that Anyanka is on this list means that D'Hoffryn absolutely has to be in a higher position. He was the Lower Being who was able to grant Vengeance demons their power, as well being able to use the same powers as them without having the limitations that they do.

4 Willow Rosenberg

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Willow Rosenberg was Buffy Summers' best friend and a key member of the Scooby Gang. She first appeared on the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a meek, unpopular and geeky student who lacked confidence and ended it as a powerful, bad-ass witch who was one of the most powerful characters on the show.

3 Jasmine

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Jasmine – played by Gina Torres – was a higher being and deity who was also a rogue member of the beings known as the Powers That Be. She was the big bad of season four of Angel, appearing in five episodes on screen (and several off screen, whereby she was possessing someone else).

2 Glory

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In spite of her beautiful appearance, Glory AKA Glorificus was a hell goddess so frightening that the other hell gods from her hell dimension banished her to Earth. She is otherwise known by titles such as The Beast, The Abomination and That Which Cannot Be Named. Played by Clare Kramer, she was the big bad of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season five and appeared in twelve episodes of the season (as well as one episode of season seven as an incorporeal guise of the First Evil).

1 Illyria

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Illyria was one of the Old Ones - a powerful race of ancient purebred demons who used to rule planet Earth. It had long laid dormant prior to being resurrected in a plot masterminded by Knox - who chose Winifred Burkle as its vessel, after he had fallen in love with her.

Illyria's powers in Fred's body included incredible superhuman strength and durability. She was far stronger and more durable than the likes of Angel and Spike - able to turn a car into a wreck even after having her power reduced dramatically. She was able to manipulate time (which allowed her to effectively exhibit super-speed), travel between dimensions, shapeshift and communicate with flora - and her power proved too much for a human body to house. After being depowered by the Mutari Generator, she was nowhere near as powerful as previously shown, but was still a force to be reckoned with. In her true form - which was shown in later comic books - she was far more powerful still (not that we're taking that into consideration here). She appeared in eight episodes of Angel's season five.

What do you think? Did anyone miss out who you feel should have been on this list? Mayor Wilkins? The Master? Kakistos? Moloch the Corruptor? Der Kindestod? Skip? Val Trepkos? Anyone else? Make sure you have your say!

Sources: IMDB, Wikipedia, Buffyverse Wiki.

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