Top 15 Most Powerful Characters In The Batman Universe

Batman has arguably the greatest villains (and allies) in comic history. Each character is amazingly defined and has moments where they can be incredibly dangerous. We decided to put together a list of the 15 most powerful Batman characters. To make the list you have to be a direct villain or ally of the Bat and primarily appear in his comics or movies. It was incredibly hard to narrow this list down as there are just too many badassess. For example, here are some of those who just barley missed the cut:

Mr Freeze: Ice Gun, Suit that makes him invulnerable to being hit, tragic backstory, and genius scientist. God it was hard to cut him.

Tim Drake: So good at being a detective, so average in a fight. Too many better Robins.

Deadshot: Total badass when he’s got a gun. Kinda average when it’s taken away.

Stephanie Brown: It’s just too bad we didn’t just make the list 16 long; she’d make the cut.

Deathstroke: Could top the list if he was a true Batman Villain. His main rivals are the Teen Titans, not the Bat.

Now without further ado…. The 15 most powerful Batman characters.

15 Harley Quinn 


Harley is often treated as a joke, but that’s just because she’s dressed like a clown. Of all Batman adversaries, none have the pure athletic ability and strength of will of Harley. Yes she puts herself into an abusive relationship with the craziest person of all time, but that shouldn’t take away from what she can accomplish. Her athletic acrobatic skill is second to only to Nightwing, and she is deadly with her comically huge hammer. She is one of the staples in the Suicide Squad, which is an elite group of villains featuring the likes of Deadshot and Deathstroke. In their latest run Harley organizes their escape right under Amanda Waller’s nose (not an easy thing to do.) She may come across as goofy and a pushover, but Harley can hold her own in a fight with almost anyone. If you don’t agree, look up the beat down she puts on The Joker’s Daughter, it’s pretty brutal.

14 Barbara Gordon 


In the pre-Oracle days, Barbara Gordon was arguably Batman’s most valuable sidekick as Batgirl. Tragically she was put out of commission when The Joker shot her in the spine. She has proved her importance as one of the most elite hackers in the DC universe, leading teams like the Birds of Prey. Had she been able to hone her combat and detective skills, we would have seen Barbara Gordon eventually rival Nightwing as Batman’s best protégé, but unfortunately we will never be able to. Though even while paralyzed she does manage to beat the crap out of a bunch of thugs and manages to knock the Joker’s teeth out.

13 Killer Croc

Giant crocodile – human hybrid with a taste for human blood and the strength to lift 20 tons? Need we say more? Well if you insist… Even though his concept is the most ridiculous of all other Batman enemies (yea we count Ventriloquist in that), Croc has proved himself as a force to be reckoned with. His skin is thick enough to deflect bullets, and he’s so tough that he doesn’t even feel the strikes when Batman and Robin team up to take him on. That’s not even taking into the fact that he can regrow his limbs within a week after they are removed (like a lizard’s tail). What drops him on this list is his anger and lack of creativity. Croc is not a smart man, and he often lets his anger dictate his choices, letting smarter but weaker opponents easily take the upper hand.

12 Clayface

Clayface is one of Batman’s only frequent foes that has a true super power. Though when he first appeared (in 1940) he was just some dude in a mask that was going around killing people, gradually more and more versions of Clayfaces came about leading to the one we have today. Clayface is a human/clay hybrid that has the ability to take the form of any person down to the DNA. This is very handy when committing crimes as he has the power to frame anybody, but his true strengths come from his regular form. Being a living pile of gunk, he can make himself larger than any adversary with the ability to ignore their bullets and punches. They literally pass right through him. To explain it best, we’d like you (the reader) to go buy some play-dough and hit it as hard as you can. Throw it, tear it in half, have a ball with it. At the end of the day, it’s still in tact. That’s the power of Clayface.

11 Talia al-Ghul 


The real daughter of the Demon, Talia is a badass as it gets. She’s highly trained in most forms of combat and deadly with almost every weapon imaginable. Talia is one of the most dangerous people on earth after being trained by her father Ra’s al-Ghul, which is something that fans did not get to see from Marion Cotillard’s rendition of her in The Dark Knight Rises. She is more likely to run into a battle blind with only a knife for protection (which she does, a lot) than hire a bodyguard as she does in the movie. She is low on this list because she seems to put herself in a lot of dumb positions while trying to woo the Bat, which often leads to her death. However every time she dies, fans know she’ll come back, but more on that later.

10 Solomon Grundy 


The unkillable zombie easily finds himself on this list, partly because he is just… unkillable. Originally he was drowned, Batman has ripped off his head (a couple times), and he was even thrown into orbit by Superman at one point, but he always comes back. Besides all of this, Grundy has way more reason to be on this list. He is ridiculously strong and able to tank things like getting hit by a tank. He’s virtually indestructible and incredibly strong, his biggest downside is that he’s a zombie and has the intelligence of one. He can barely think enough to speak, normally only able to say his name and recite the nursery rhyme that it derives from.

9 Jason Todd 


Whether it's as the Red Hood, the Arkham Knight, or Robin; Jason Todd is noted as one of the most talented fighters to ever grace the comic page. He’s incredibly tough and gifted in combat, able to take down about 99% of all his foes. He stays tough through the very end as he sacrifices his life to save his estranged mother (who had just sold him out to the Joker) in one of the most heart wrenching moments of Batman’s run. Then he survives (somehow) and goes on to run his own team of heroes as the Red Hood.

8 Huntress 


Huntress is awesome. Whichever version of the heroine you prefer, she definitely deserves a spot here. As Helena Wayne, she is a polished and well-trained part of the Bat family who’s fighting style is reminiscent of her father’s and his many protégés, but she also shows flashes of her mother’s stealth, her mother being Catwoman. The more well known (and interesting) is Helena Berteneli who is able to take down factions of the mob and super villains single handedly, but is prone to fly off the rails a bit and kill rather than capture.

7 Poison Ivy 


Batman’s other super powered classic villain. Ivy’s powers are much more destructive and useful than the likes of Clayface when matched against each other. Ivy has the ability to control and manipulate all plant life. On the surface it doesn’t sound that effective as plants don’t do much, that is unless she controls them. She makes plants grow at an exponential rate and gives them the capabilities to knock down skyscrapers or poison the world’s water supply. Not only this but she produces a pheromone that makes men obey her every command. From shows like aka Jessica Jones fans may understand how devastating this power can be when used on the right person. Perhaps most unnerving is Ivy’s complete apathy for human life, which from her perspective is almost fair. Human’s have killed so many plants, which she refers to as “her babies,” while for the longest time they did nothing to us. Not until Ivy stepped in anyway.

6 Bane 


There are a lot of ways to look at Bane. You can take the wrong approach and paint him as a ‘roided up tough guy like the movies do. Or you can view him as the master tactician who was almost heir to the league of assassins, who also happens to be a ‘roided up tough guy. It may be the luchador mask, but people generally tend to underestimate the genius that is Bane. Besides boasting that he is the only man to ever “break the bat” (seriously we get it), Ra’s al-Ghul recognizes that Bane has “a mind equal to the greatest he has known” aka Batman. He has created his own fighting style (while in prison) and is one of the only people to figure out the Batman’s identity. Though he is known for his trademark Venom, Bane has since sworn he would never touch the drug again, a promise he has kept to this day, showing that he doesn’t need the roids to be a powerhouse villain.

5 Dick Grayson 


Have have watched Dick Grayson grow from Batman’s apprentice, to Batman himself. He’s by far the most effective man to wear the cowl not named Bruce Wayne (and that list is surprisingly long). Though since his identity has been revealed, Dick has been working as a secret agent. No matter what name he has chosen to call himself, Dick has been one of the most successful heroes in all of DC. He owes some of this to the training that he received from the Dark Knight, but there’s only so much training can do. Dick’s been known to dodge bullets, easily jump out of moving planes with no parachute, and at one point he even catches The Flash with some rope. He’s just an all-around beast who deserves respect.

4 Owlman 


There may have been a lot of these guys running about, but we’re specifically talking about Earth-3’s Owlman. On this version of Earth, evil reigns supreme as their version of the Justice League are deranged dictators that just kill everyone. Owlman is the survivor of a mass shooting that left most of his family dead. He has the same abilities as Batman, which really means that he has awesome tech. His suit is engineered to make him stronger and take more of a beating, and his utility belt (yea he also has a utility belt) is equipped with similar items. The biggest difference between the two is that while Batman is naturally the smartest guy ever, Owlman used drugs to alter his brain. That and the fact that Owlman really likes to kill.

3 Ra’s al-Ghul 


Doesn’t matter if it’s Liam Neeson or Matt Nable, The Demon’s Head is one of the most powerful people of all time. Take all the best traits from Talia, but double the fighting ability, stealth, swordsmanship, and throw in the scientific knowledge that can only be achieved by someone who has lived through most major scientific discoveries over the past 1000 years, and then you have Ra’s. The secret to his power lies in his fabled Lazarus Pit, which brings him back to life from the brink of death. It basically has kept him in prime physical shape for centuries allowing him to not only run the League of Assassins and never truly be rivaled.

2 Joker 


Arguably the most brilliant and cunning of all Batman’s adversaries, The Joker easily finds himself near the top of the list. We are talking about a man who can withstand unbelievable pain (he has his face cut off, for fun), put together elaborate plans, and create some of the most complex and destructive devices ever seen in the DC universe. Think about it; he created a spray that when it hits humans they slowly die by laughing to death. He holds his own in hand-to-hand fights with Batman, is able to beat Jason Todd to death, and shoots Barbara Gordon in the spine. Basically if the Joker wants you dead, you’ll die, he just likes to play with the Batman. It’s been said time and time again, The Joker is The Batman.

1 Batman 


Yea… This is pretty simple. No one holds a candle to Batman. He beats Ra’s al Ghul, trained Dick Grayson, puts a beating on Killer Croc, and so much more. Bane is famously the “only one” to beat him, but when you look at the comic, it was a depleted Batman after grueling fights with other villains. At the end of the day, no one is better than Batman. No power can protect you if you’re in his cross-hairs; that means you, Superman. He will always find a way to win, because he is just better than you, and will do whatever it takes. Well, except break his one rule.

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