Top 15 Most Powerful Avengers

Everyone knows the Avengers, the MCU has definitely brought them to prominence, but the team has had a revolving door with over 100 heroes.

Everyone knows the Avengers. It’s the guy with the bow and arrow, the big green dude, the shield man, and Robert Downey Jr. Right? Well, yeah… kinda. The MCU has convinced fans that the entire Avengers team is pretty much built up of the six most popular characters who join up to save the world. Hawkeye, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Black Widow have been part of the team from time to time (some more often than otehers), but the team has had a revolving door with over a hundred different heroes calling themselves Avengers.

Yes, some of the Avengers are pretty… bad (you've got the likes of Squirrel Girl and Speedball), but overall the members of the team are some of the strongest beings in the Universe. Never forget that it’s the Avengers who take down the likes of Galactus (even though some of their members can take him on nearly 1 vs. 1).

So who’s the most powerful? There are so many, and the debate inevitably comes up amongst fans all the time. Here are the 15 Most Powerful Avengers in the Marvel Universe.

15 Jessica Jones

Jewel, a.k.a. Jessica Jones, is extremely powerful. She can lift and throw cars, bend steel, and knock out the likes of Spider-Woman with a single punch. She also has the ability to resist mind control, after she went through a hellish ordeal with The Purple Man (a.k.a. Killgrave). She has since retired from the Avengers as she has a young daughter that needs her protection, and always worked better alone either way. Perhaps just as important as her superpower, Jessica is an extremely accomplished detective, running the Alias private investigation firm mostly on her own.

14 Captain America 


Captain America sometimes gets a lot of disrespect because most of his “power” is just that he’s an excellent team leader. While leadership is really important on a team like the Avengers, it can be a very boring attribute to have. He’s often looked at as a “boy scout” who will do no wrong, and he’s often displayed this way. Even though his forte is leading the team, Cap is no one to be messed with. He is one of the (if not the best) hand-to-hand fighters in the Marvel Universe, and has the strength to break through steel walls. That, paired with his vibranium adamantium shield that will deflect anything, cements Captain’s place as one of the most powerful heroes to bear the Avenger’s name.

13 Wolverine 


Wolverine is one of the coolest characters that have ever been put into comics, ever. We’ve talked about Wolverine many times in the past, but it’s still not enough to express how awesome Wolverine is. Ignoring his healing factor, his bones are melded with adamantium, the hardest metal known to man. It’s the only metal that can pierce Luke Cage’s iron skin, and Wolverine has built in knives made of it. Then you add in his Samuri training and his fearless nature of jumping into battles, not worried about any consequence. He’s just the best at what he does.

12 Iron Man 


Iron Man has become significantly more popular in the past few years, mostly because of Robert Downey Jr.’s glorious run as the character. Sometimes people underrate the character because, well, he’s just a guy in a mech-suit, and while that’s 100% correct, there’s more to Tony Stark than just that. He’s a super genius who can create a suit to combat any foe. Seriously he’s made dozens of suits to fight the likes of Luke Cage, Captain America, and The Hulk. He also has the ability to size up any opponent and determine their weaknesses (though he does use a computer to help with this). He’s one of the smartest characters in the universe, which is at times forgotten because the character’s swagger. Tony Stark is extremely cocky, but never forget that he’s so cocky because he is just that good.

11 Spider-Man 


People like to disrespect Spidey. It might be because many of his movies did a very poor job in their portrayals, or maybe because everyone always pictures him as the high school version. But don’t do that, Peter Parker hasn’t been to high school in a long, long time. Now he can lift over 20 tons, he dodges bullets like Neo, and has saved the world single-handedly on a regular basis. He falls so far on this list because he was only an avenger for a short time or on temporary status, really only being a consistent member for a short time in the early 90s. Spider-Man is just too good to stick with a team.

10 Namor 


Namor is a little bit underappreciated when people think about The Avengers. This is probably because he has never appeared in a movie (and seemingly never will). Comic book fans all know Namor, and casual fans might, because Namor is one of the most important characters in Marvel history. Even though he is often referred to as being the first comic book antihero, Namor has fought alongside almost every group in the Marvel Universe, prominently with the Avengers. He has incredible strength and speed (even by Atlantian standards), has been known to shoot water from his body, and has the ability to breath underwater. He is also the King of Atlantis and has entire armies at his disposal when need be.

9 She-Hulk 


She may not have the same strength as The Hulk, but She-Hulk is a force to be reckoned with. She is stronger than The Thing, can beat up Namor (a lot), and can draw blood from the Hulk. Spider-Man at one point breaks his hand trying to punch She-Hulk, because she is just that strong. Not only is she tough as nails, she’s much faster than any of the other Hulks, and has been trained in combat by Captain America and Gamora (of Guardians of the Galaxy). She has skin strong enough to resist being sliced by swords (including Excalibur). The list goes on and on of what she can do, but what’s important to know is she is one of the most bad-ass Avengers ever.

8 Rogue 


Rogue is more recently an Avenger, taking the helm as the leader of the Uncanny Avengers. Rogue can pretty much do whatever she wants simply by making skin contact with others. In some depictions she has Hulk level strength, Wolverine’s healing factors, Jean Grey’s psychic ability, and pretty much all of Ms. Marvel’s abilities. Perhaps her greatest power was when she obtained the power to kill people with a single touch. It’s not a power that she used often, but just having the ability puts her at another level. She is a huge asset to the Avengers team, and her run as the current leader has been a great change of character for Anna Marie.

7 Hercules 


Have you ever seen the Disney movie Hercules? OK, well take that guy, and make him about 300 times more powerful. Hercules once held up the Earth on his own, has thrown the planet out of orbit (by arm wrestling), and has (on more than one occasion) knocked over Galactus, the giant planet-eating man-thing. Lately his powers have been rendered ineffective (and at times even taken away) because he sacrifices them to save the world. Even as a regular man, Herc is still in peak physical shape and an extremely proficient fighter, archer, and swordsman. It’s easy to write the character off as boring, partly because he’s just Hercules from the Greek/Roman stories, but there is no denying his power.

6 Captain Marvel 


Many heroes have held the mantle of Captain Marvel. Mar-Vell is an alien general who comes to love the people of Earth. Monica Rambeau held the name for a minute, but handed the title to Mar-Vell’s son. After that the title bounced around a few aliens before Ms. Marvel finally decided to upgrade her title and fight as the Captain. Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel, aka Captain Marvel, is the one that makes it here on the list. After having a close romantic relationship with Mar-Vell, he saved her from radiation. However, this caused her human DNA fused with his alien DNA giving her superhuman powers including speed, strength, flight, and can shoot energy blasts from her fingers. Her powers are not special as so many heroes have the same (or similar) powers, but Carol is just that awesome and is able to be the master.

5 Vision 


While the movies have shown him as a human-robot hybrid that was brought to life by the power of an Infinity gem, Vision is just an all-powerful synth that draws energy from the Sun. Either way he’s pretty OP. He has superhuman strength and agility, can shoot energy beams, and can fly. What makes him extra special is his ability to manipulate his density allowing him to phase through almost anything. Vision is a very conflicted character who often can’t understand the human condition to give into their emotions instead of following the logical decision. This being said, he does care deeply for humanity and has saved the world 37 times, he even counts them off in a recent issue of Vision.

4 Scarlet Witch 


Scarlett Witch is one of the most accomplished magic users in the Marvel Universe, she can pretty much do anything. She can heal herself, fly, teleport, shoot fire, shoot psychic beams, and much more. Magic users normally can be beat by destroying the source of their magic, which is usually some item. What Scarlett Witch has that other magic users don’t is her mutant ability to manipulate reality. In the House of M storyline it was shown that she could utilize her power to rework an entire universe, causing effects that would ripple through the entire multiverse. Though that’s her max power, normally she is unable (or unwilling) to tap into her full potential.

3 Sentry 


Robert Reynolds took a form of the Super Soldier serum, the serum that gave Captain America his powers. But this Serum made him much more powerful than Cap. He often admits to holding back, and never releasing his true power because he’s scared of what it could do. He’s been shown able to regenerate, shoot energy beams, catch bullets and even has a form of mind control. That’s some Superman-level power. Possibly his most defining moment is from The World War Hulk storyline where Sentry lets his full power out to fight the World-Breaker Hulk. While the fight eventually ends in a standstill, this Hulk had been able to defeat almost all the Avengers, and Sentry took him down singlehandedly.

2 Hulk 


The Hulk is an absolute beast that has had the potential to be one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Universe. However, while he’s now become forever tied with The Avengers in the public’s eyes (partly because of the MCU), Hulk has spent more times fighting against the Avengers than for them. The Avengers have to send entire teams of their groups to even try to take him down. Rarely do they actually even beat him; they more often subdue him, or force him to revert to Bruce Banner. He’s strong enough to tear down mountains and rip through Adamantium. That’s not even mentioning that he’s nearly invulnerable to everything. Really everything. He can tank a nuke, has nearly impenetrable skin, and doesn’t even feel it when smashed with a truck. Hulk sometimes suffers from a lack of intellect, but at other times is shown with genius level intelligence, making him easily find a spot near the top of the list.

1 Thor 


There will always be a debate at the top about who’s more powerful between Thor and The Hulk. We are going to lean more towards The God of Thunder because he (and more recently she) is almost always in control while The Hulk rarely is. Besides that, Thor is pretty mighty on his own. With the use of Mjölnir, Thor is able to fly and control lightning blasts, which immediately knocks him into the top tier of heroes, and that’s before you add in his Asgardian strength. He’s strong enough to knock out Namor with a single punch, can withstand full power blasts from the Scarlet Witch, and has even fractured a planet in two. For those who doubt Thor’s power, look towards the moment in Civil War when Captain America’s team thinks Thor had joined the other side. Mr Fantastic and Iron Man know that (even with Hercules against them), the fight would be over if they simply have Thor. Not only is he tough, but his mind is strong enough to ward off psychic attacks from the likes of Phoenix. He’s so powerful that if he wants to, he could take out the entire Avenger’s team.

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Top 15 Most Powerful Avengers