Top 15 Most Gifted Actresses Working Today

The ability to act is often taken for granted. Sure, many of us played a character in a school play or pretend we’re someone else while screwing around in our daily lives, but there is no comparison to what the pros do. Truly fleshing out whatever character you take on with the added pressure of knowing millions of people will view and judge your work is a staggering feat. Add to that the many staffers, peers, and hangers-on who find their way onto the set, as well as the fact that you must mutter the same lines again and again, in take after take, and it almost seems insurmountable. Luckily for modern filmgoers, there are some truly impressive women who make it all seem easy.

When putting this list together we looked at the best of the best actresses working today. We needed to apply a cut-off date so we chose to limit ourselves to women who’ve performed on television or movies in the last two years. That meant that an actress like Jodie Foster, who otherwise would have been a shoo-in was not eligible. Although we have the utmost respect for the people who perform on stages around the world, we did not take plays and other such acts into account. That is because we don’t have the ability to see those shows ourselves which made us feel any attempt to rank their work would be an act of pure speculation.

15 Halle Berry

14 Jennifer Lawrence

13 Amy Adams

12 Natalie Portman

11 Kathy Bates

10 Marion Cotillard

9 Anne Hathaway

8 Nicole Kidman

7 Naomi Watts

6 Charlize Theron

5 Viola Davis

4 Julianne Moore

3 Cate Blanchett

2 Meryl Streep

1 Kate Winslet

One of a few actors who seem capable of surpassing the incredible amount of nominations Meryl has received, alongside Cate Blanchett and Naomi Watts, Kate’s career shows no sign of slowing. Earning seven Academy Award nominations already at the young age of forty, she seems to truly love her work as evidenced by her interviews, which may help her in the longevity department. Looking at the past and present now instead of her future, she has already appeared in huge movies like Titanic and Contagion. The dramatic genre is where she has really made her mark, which has made movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Little Children, Revolutionary Road and Steve Jobs, possible. Frankly, we really have no idea how you could see this actress at work and not respect her skills.

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Top 15 Most Gifted Actresses Working Today