Top 15 Mainstream Actresses Who've Appeared In The Buff The Most Times

If you are a beautiful actress, it is only a matter of time before a casting director comes up to you and offers you a movie role that will require you to bare it all in front of the cameras. For many, this is something that they have already decided they will not do as an actress. For others, they may have felt that way but then a great role came along so they changed their mind for that one role only. Those aren't the actresses that we are talking about today.

In fact, the 20 women on this list combine to be naked in 152 films, and I may have still missed some of their naked moments! We have actresses who have won awards, others who are mostly known for their looks, and some who won awards for roles that involved taking it off! We have some powerhouse films that involve several of our candidates, but I assure you that for every film listed, there is at least some form of nudity. For some of these ladies, they bared it all in their first ever performance, whereas others took some time.

Either way, nobody has bared it all under 3 times, and our number one candidate has shown it all in 16 films. We've got women of all ages, who showed off their same body at different ages! While most of our actresses are known for their films, there is also someone on our list that appeared on a TV show for 94 episodes.

For your convenience, I've gone ahead and listed the films where they bare it all. Though for some cases, I've also mentioned some explicit scenes that may not involve nudity, like one from Butter (involving Olivia Wilde), that are sure to get your heart rate going.

In order to add even more diversity to the list, two of our top 3 candidates aren't even from North America (but trust me, they're two of the biggest sex icons of all time).

Love movies? Love nudity? Love actresses who aren't afraid to show it all off? Then this is the list for you. I've also included two images for each actress from a movie in which she bares it all, giving a sneak peak on just how they looked in that particular film.


20 Anne Hathaway - 3 Films

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Anne Hathaway's biggest role may have been Catwoman, but let's be honest, no matter how attractive she is, nudity probably wouldn't have worked its way into the plot of The Dark Knight Rises. You may be shocked to find out that she bares it all in the romantic film Brokeback Mountain (which coincidentally enough, starred Heath Ledger and is in the left photo). Anne also spends a large portion of the film Love and Other Drugs without any clothes (as seen in the right photo). While the film was not well received, at least it also featured a mostly naked Jake Gyllenhaal so there was something to appeal to both sexes. Anne has also appeared nude in the film Havoc which came out in 2005.

19 Marisa Tomei - 4 Films

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I'll be honest, my favorite role of Marisa Tomei has to be her appearance on the TV series Seinfeld. She may not be naked, but holy smokes is she hilarious and that's a whole different kind of sexy. That being said, that is also not what brought you to this list, and considering she is drop-dead gorgeous, you just want to know where you can see all of her body. Despite being in her 40s, Tomei bared it all for the fantastic film The Wrestler (on the left).

She is also seen having some pretty explicit intercourse during the film Before The Devil Knows You're Dead. Only having two films wouldn't be enough to land on this list though, so you better believe you can also see her naked in Factotum, Untamed Heart (on the right), and enjoys a sexy bubble bath in the film Loverboy.

18 Salma Hayek - 4 Films

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Salma Hayek is one of the most successful international actresses to make it in Hollywood. Born in Mexico, Hayek has managed to put together a fantastic career that ranges from on-screen acting to some voice over work for films such as Puss In Boots.

Hayek received high praise for her role in the 2002 film, Frida. The film, pictured above on the right, also stars Ashley Judd and as you know by now, definitely contains some nudity (including a make-out scene with Judd!).

On top of appearing naked in Frida, Hayek has appeared in the buff in Ask The Dusk (image from the left), Desperado and Velocity of Gary. 

17 Olivia Wilde - 4 Films

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Jason Sudeikis is one of the funniest actors in Hollywood, so perhaps it makes sense that he was able to lock down someone as stunning as Olivia Wilde. While she looks fantastic in photo shoots or out on the town, rumor has it when you get the Hollywood lighting, you look even better. Wilde appeared in the film Alpha Dog in which she also smokes a cigarette (so badass!), Deadfall (on the right), Third Person, Meadowland (left image), and is naked (but breasts covered) in the hilarious film The Change-Up.

She also plays a stripper in the film Butter, which does not contain any nudity but does include a lesbian (orgasm hinted) scene involving Wilde and Ashley Greene.

16 Drew Barrymore - 4 Films

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Drew Barrymore is no stranger to letting it all hang out. In fact, she even posed for Playboy! That type of confidence should perhaps not make it a surprise that she has bared it all in several films. While most of them are sexual (like in Boys on the Side which is on your right and Guncrazy) there is also a weird scene in the movie Doppleganger (on the left) that features a naked Barrymore in the shower when all of the sudden the water turns red (due to a hallucination).

Barrymore has also appeared in the buff in the film Bad Girls. I suppose that's an appropriate name for the film.

15 Helena Bonham Carter - 4 Films

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Helena Bonham Carter may not have taken it all off for the role of Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter, but that may be what you know her from. Or you may know her as the girl who is in a relationship with Tim Burton, and as a result is often seen in a variety of his projects. Yet if you're looking for Helena without clothes on (which I'm guessing you are, considering you're here), it's not Burton films where she's laying it all out.

Helena can be seen nude in The Wings Of The Dove (on the right), The Heart of Me, Novocaine (on the left) and Lady Jane (which was one of her first films).

14 Kiera Knightley - 6 Films

You would think with all that jumping around from ship to ship that Kiera would have had some wardrobe malfunctioning occur at least once during filming for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Alas, it was not to be, but have no fear because there are plenty of films in which you can check out her booty. This includes A Dangerous Method (on the left) in which she is bound to the bedroom and administered some spank therapy. As well as this, Knightley is seen naked in The Edge of Love (on the right), Silk, The Jacket, The Hole and in the extended edition of Domino.


13 Demi Moore - 6 Films

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You know, people gave Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher flack for their age gap, but after seeing how Demi looks without clothes on, maybe they were just jealous of Ashton? There is no shortage of examples to go from, but perhaps the sexiest example comes from the movie Striptease (on the left) in which Demi had several scenes at a strip club. She also tries to show us the logistics of getting down and dirty in a bathtub in the movie About Last Night...before deciding sex on the floor of a kitchen may be easier, which she experiences in Indecent Proposal.

Demi also bares it all for the film The Scarlet Letter (on the right), Blame it on Rio, and No Small Affair. While no explicit nudity is shown, several sexy scenes are also present in the action film G.I. Jane.

12 Julienne Moore - 7 Films

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Julianna Moore is one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood and is going to be outstanding as the new lead villain in the upcoming Kingsman film. While she's probably not going to bare it all in it, there is no shortage of films out there where you can see all of Julianna. Her most prominent example may be Boogie Nights (on the left), but to be fair when you are cast in a film about an adult film performer, it is only natural to expect there to be some nudity. As well as this, Julianna not only bares it all but has a heavily self-pleasure hinted scene and lesbian relationship with fellow stunner Amanda Seyfried in the twisted film, Chloe (on the right). 

If that isn't enough for you, Julianna also engages in a threeway in the film Maps to the Stars and has a multiple female shower scene for the film Blindness. As well as this, there was some nudity required for her roles in The End of the Affair, The Body of Evidence, The Kids are Alright and Shortcuts. 

11 Michelle Williams - 7 Films

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If you have any question about whether Michelle Williams is comfortable being nude on film, just check out the racy film Blue Valentine (on the left) where she exposes it all multiple times throughout. Like Anne, Michelle was also comfortable exposing her breast in the film Brokeback Mountain which also happens to be the film where she met her late husband, Heath Ledger. Michelle also plays a lesbian (with occasional nudity) in the film If These Walls Could Talk 2, Incendiary, Take This Waltz (on the right), Me Without You, The Hawks is dying and Syendoche, New York

10 Angelina Jolie - 8 Films

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Angelina Jolie was once one of the biggest sex symbols in society, and you'll be glad to know that it was around that time when she was not afraid to let the world see every little part of her. Jolie's most prominent nude film is Gia (on the left), in which she engages in a lesbian relationship with Elizabeth Mitchell. Jolie is also seen naked and being seduced by Antonio Banderas in the film Original Sin (on the right).

Jolie is also seen nude in Cyborg 2 (her first film), Taking Lives, Mojave Moon, Pushing Tin, Hells Kitchen and By The Sea.

9 Charlize Theron - 8 Films

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Charlize may have won best actress for 'getting ugly' in Monster, but that is probably not the film you're going to be renting after checking out this list (though she is nude in it!). Charlize's most explicit film may be Reindeer Games (on the right) in which she rolls naked all over a motel room (along with a gentleman lover) and later in the movie finds herself in a pool, but forgets a shirt! Charlize is also seen nude in the film 2 Days In The Valley in 1995, which just happens to be one of her first ever films. She also had the courage to appear naked in a church, at least on film, in The Devils Advocate (on the left).

As well as this, Charlize has been nude in the films Head in the Clouds, The Burning Plain, The Cider House Rules, and The Yards.

8 Kim Cattrall - 8 Films

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Kim Cattrall may be best known for her role on Sex and the City, but despite the name, that is not where you want to go to see her embracing the 'sex' part. Her most prominent film may be the 1981 classic Porky's, but (shockingly) she is also nude in the 1995 film Live Nude Girls. As well as this, Kim was confident letting her body be exposed for the films Above Suspicion, Exception to the Rule, Masquerade, Midnight Crossing, Split Second and Rosebud.

7 Nicole Kidman - 9 Films

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When a legendary director like Stanley Kubrick casts you in his movie, you're going to do pretty much anything it takes to nail the role. For Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut (on the left), that meant showing an awful lot of skin. Kidman is a fantastic actress, and even though she has slowed down of late, there are still plenty of movies in which she shows off her acting chops (and much more).

Movies that feature a nude Kidman in the buff include Days of Thunder, The Human Stain, Cold Mountain (on the right), Australia, Birthday Girl, Windrider, Billy Bathgate and Portrait of a Lady. 

I suppose once you've started showing it all off on screen, why not keep it going!

6 Milla Jovovich - 9 Films

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If you have seen The Fifth Element, you know what Milla looks like without any of her clothes on. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you add the movie to your plans because it really is outstanding (even without the nudity, though as seen in the image on the left, it is pretty sexual throughout). Jovovich has also done movies in the past such as He Got Game (on the right) in which she plays a hooker, so you can imagine nudity is probably going to make an appearance.

As well as this, Jovovich has appeared nude in Chaplin, Resident Evil, No Good Dead, The Claim, Ultraviolet, .45 and Return To The Blue Lagoon.

5 Monica Bellucci - 9 Films

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Monica Bellucci showed to the entire world how gorgeous she is, despite being 51, when she portrayed the latest Bond girl in Spectre. Though she was not naked in the film, I assure you that was one of the few times in her film career where she kept it all covered. While some of her nudity is classy, such as a black and white scene in the movie Malena (on the right), there is also an incredibly graphic 'forced sex' scenario in Irreversible that is far more difficult to watch.

Bellucci can also be seen being naked in Combien Tu M' Aimes, La Riffa, Shoot Em Up, Brotherhood of the Wolf (on the left), Under Suspicion, Dracula, Baaria and Don't Look Back. 

4 Kate Winslet - 12 Films

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You know that movie Titanic? It ended up doing pretty well at the box office and award shows, which means Kate Winslet's breasts may have been viewed more than anyone else's on this list! She infamously drops her robe, allowing Leo, and the audience, to stare at her naked body. This is far from the last time that Winslet bares it all, as you can see from the above photo. The Reader (on the right), came out in 2008 and also featured copious amounts of nude Winslet.

As well as this, Winslet has appeared nude in Little Children, Holy Smoke, Iris, Quills, Heavenly Creatures, Hideous Kinky, Jude, Romance and Cigarettes and Hamlet.

3 Penélope Cruz - 12 Films

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Penélope Cruz has been appearing in films and television shows without clothes since her debut in Serie Rose back in 1991. Since then, she's taken off her clothes in several films whose names you won't be able to pronounce (Jamon Jamon, Abre Los Ojos) as well as some bigger budget films, such as Vanilla Sky (on the left) alongside Tom Cruise. Penélope is easily one of the most gorgeous women in films, so are you surprised that so many of her films end up calling for copious amounts of nudity? Alongside the films mentioned above, Penélope can be seen nude in The Girl Of Your Dreams, Woman on Top, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Broken Embraces, Elegy (on the right), Don't Move, Volverunt, and Twice Born

2 Marion Coittard - 12 Films

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Marion's best performance as an actress came in 2007 for the film La Vie in Rose (on the right). She won a best actress for her performance, and as you guessed it by now, she was definitely showing off all of her in the film. This should come as no surprise to fans of Coittard, as she has shown her body off in multiple films over the years. The list includes Chloe (on the left), Pretty Things, La Boite Noire, Furia, Rust and Bone, The Black Box, A Private Affair, Love Me If You Dare, Taxi, Mary and Toi Et Moi.

1 Sharon Stone - 16 Films

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Everyone knows the ultra seductive scene that occurs in Basic Instinct (and if you need a reminder, look to the right image), so you may not be stunned to find out that Sharon has appeared nude multiple times in film.

You can find Stone nude in Silver, Irreconcilable Differences, Action Jackson, Blood and Sand, Scissors, The Muse, Casino, Gloria, The Quick and The Dead, If These Walls Could Talk 2, A Different Loyalty, Casino and The Specialist. 

With the number one spot on the list, clearly Stone feels she has a body to be proud of. Kudos to her for nudging out two Europeans to take the top spot! Go America?

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