Top 15 Least Talented "Entertainers" In Show Business History

Hollywood and tabloids are filled with famous names and recognizable faces. There are designers and models, actors and actresses, singers and songwriters, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. Then there are the faces that grace those front pages and columns, and have for months or years, that we just aren’t really sure what they did to get there. How did that person become an actress? Or get a record deal? Or become a household name?

Those celebrities who walked their way into our minds and our eyes, and didn’t seem to do much else to get there except for breathe. Those are the socialites of the world, the people who are famous just because their parents had some talent or made a lot of money. The people who happened to audition for a show, and acted crazy enough on it that they continued on in our lives even when the show didn’t. They can even be those people who have some talents, or did, and chose to pursue other routes where they may not be as gifted. Whoever they are and however they stumbled into their cemented place in the public eye, they all have one thing painfully in common: they got to be famous without showing an evident shred of talent. This is some sort of a Hall of Shame, here are the least talented people in show business.

15 Heidi Montag

14 Farrah Abraham

13 Kate Gosselin

12 Honey Boo Boo and the Family

11 Amber Rose

10 Tommy Wiseau

9 Bristol Palin

8 Gary Busey

7 Paris Hilton

6 Nicole Richie

5 Kevin Federline

4 William Hung

3 Tila Tequila

2 Kim Kardashian

1 Nicole Polizzi (Snooki)

Nicole Polizzi, also known as Snooki, is best known for her appearance on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore, where she was frequently shown drunk or arguing with the other cast members, and was arrested during filming of the show. She was the “breakout” cast member according to The New York Times, and earned six figures for most of the episodes. She has also guest hosted different episodes of WWE, as well as different award shows. She has appeared on different talk shows and now has a different reality show with her Jersey Shore co-star, Jwoww. Since Jersey Shore ended Polizzi has gotten married, had a baby, and cleaned up her act.


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Top 15 Least Talented "Entertainers" In Show Business History