Top 15 Least Talented "Entertainers" In Show Business History

Hollywood and tabloids are filled with famous names and recognizable faces. There are designers and models, actors and actresses, singers and songwriters, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. Then there are the faces that grace those front pages and columns, and have for months or years, that we just aren’t really sure what they did to get there. How did that person become an actress? Or get a record deal? Or become a household name?

Those celebrities who walked their way into our minds and our eyes, and didn’t seem to do much else to get there except for breathe. Those are the socialites of the world, the people who are famous just because their parents had some talent or made a lot of money. The people who happened to audition for a show, and acted crazy enough on it that they continued on in our lives even when the show didn’t. They can even be those people who have some talents, or did, and chose to pursue other routes where they may not be as gifted. Whoever they are and however they stumbled into their cemented place in the public eye, they all have one thing painfully in common: they got to be famous without showing an evident shred of talent. This is some sort of a Hall of Shame, here are the least talented people in show business.


15 Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag began her fame on MTV’s The Hills as a friend of Lauren Conrad. In the first season of the show Montag dropped out of school to work for an event-planning company. Heidi filled the show with drama, mostly from her relationship with Spencer Pratt. The relationship between Conrad and Montag spiraled downhill, resulting in a televised fight and sex tape rumors. Montag and Pratt got engaged, and even filmed and released a music video which received mostly negative reviews. Montag has received a lot of attention for her multiple plastic surgeries, including a nose job, and breast implants that she later publicly complained about.

14 Farrah Abraham


Farrah Abraham got her first taste of fame, after appearing on Teen Mom as one of four teenage girls dealing with young pregnancy and the drama surrounding it. The father of her child had died a couple months before their baby, Sophia, was born. Abraham was shown on the show dealing with her work-life balance and fighting with her mom. Abraham, an aspiring model at the time, had been in and out of the spotlight with different scandals, including a public “sex tape” which turned into what can loosely be called an adult film career. Abraham has also been criticized as a bad mother with her questionable parenting methods.

13 Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin first appeared in the Hollywood eye while starring on Discover Health Channel shows about sextuplets. The specials got such high ratings they were invited back for a reality show called Jon and Kate Plus 8. The show followed her and her husband Jon while they raised their eight children. The show found huge success, which meant the couple’s later divorce was extremely public and got a lot of media coverage. After the divorce, the show was changed to drop Jon’s name and he started appearing less and less. Gosselin later appeared on Dancing with the Stars and co-hosted The View. She has taken a turn as an author since, but got most of her fame from being a mom publicly.

12 Honey Boo Boo and the Family


Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson rose to fame after appearing on TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras where she showcased her elaborate personality and sometimes brash comments. Thompson’s appearance went viral and TLC eventually offered her family a spin-off series to follow their lives. Thompson’s mother rose to her own version of fame from the show as well, and the two have appeared on multiple morning and talk shows since. Alana Thompson has since released some original songs and even music videos. While she isn’t performing or appearing on TV, Alana spends time at home drinking her infamous “go-go juice” or taking care of her pig Glitzy.

11 Amber Rose

Amber Rose, also known as Amber Levonchuck, is a model, singer and actress. Rose, although she has released a couple songs, appeared in music videos, released a make up line, and had appearances in a few television shows, is best known for dating rapper Kanye West. She was often photographed with him on red carpets and constantly appeared in tabloids. Rose claims he cheated on her with Kim Kardashian and the couple split. Rose then hooked up with rapper Wiz Khalifa, whom she later had a baby with and married. The couple got divorced later, but Rose still enjoys the fame it brought.

10 Tommy Wiseau


Tommy Wiseau is an American actor. He gained fame from The Room, a film which he produced, directed, wrote and starred in. The film was so bad, it has gained a cult following, which often watch the film and have rituals honoring it. He has his own money and does not rely on acting to make money, so he has only worked on a few well known projects. He produced a documentary called Homeless in America which actually won the Social Award in 2004 and received his SAG card after writing, starring in, directing and producing a commercial for a self-owned company.

9 Bristol Palin

The daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin soared to fame after it was discovered she was pregnant at the age of 17 out of wedlock. Palin became a teen pregnancy prevention spokesperson and became the focus of critics, who said she glamorized teen pregnancy and was a hypocrite when she spoke about abstinence. Since then, she has appeared on Dancing With The Stars, had her own Lifetime reality show, and wrote a book titled Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp. She was engaged, twice, to the father of her child, who she referred to as a “gnat” in her memoir, but broke off the engagement.


8 Gary Busey


Now, Gary Busey has starred in a number of roles where he performed pretty well. However, as his acting career continued, and especially after his notorious and life-changing motorcycle accident, he started becoming known for his lack of talent, increasingly eccentric personality, elaborate facial expressions and sound effects. Busey attended college on a football scholarship but dropped out just short of finishing his degree. He began his career as a drummer before transitioning to acting. He returned to television with his own reality show, a stint on Celebrity Rehab and Celebrity Apprentice. He just recently appeared in a number of commercials and even on Dancing With The Stars. If you want to see the epitome of Busey’s "talents", look no further than the first ten minutes of Gingerdead Man, where he plays a serial killer who possesses a gingerbread man to finish his killing spree.

7 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is the granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, who founded the Hilton hotel chain. The young socialite rose to fame after appearing as a model for Donald Trump’s company, and frequently appearing in tabloids. After a few years, Hilton appeared in a sex tape, 1 Night in Paris. A few weeks after the tape went public, Hilton starred in a reality show The Simple Life with friend Nicole Richie. The show went on for five seasons and showed the two attempt to perform everyday tasks and jobs. After a few more television roles and some big screen time, Hilton recorded an album which received mixed reviews. Although she has worn many hats, most critics say Hilton is just famous for being famous.

6 Nicole Richie


Our next "celebrity" is Nicole Richie, pal and co-star of Paris Hilton in The Simple Life. Richie was cared for by musician Lionel Richie as her guardian growing up after her parents could not afford to care for her. He took her in since he was friends with her parents and had briefly played with her father. During Lionel Richie’s very public divorce, Nicole Richie was spoiled to make up for the whole situation. This led to her basically being able to do what she wanted and growing into a well known socialite. After reality TV, Richie tried her hand at writing with a semi-autobiographical novel, and got involved a bit in broadway and musical performances. Richie made a name for herself in the fashion world as well.

5 Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline, also known as K-Fed, started his career with a nonprofit called Dance Empowerment. He started as a back up dancer for artists like Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Destiny’s Child. Federline then became a back up dancer for Britney Spears. The two ended up getting married. Although their marriage only lasted a few years, this skyrocketed Federline into the limelight, and so did the custody battle that followed their divorce. Many believe Federline is famous solely for the post-marriage drama. After their marriage, he released two singles which were not received well by the public, then released an album and performed a few live shows. He appeared in, and was received well in, a few episodes of WWE and a few different commercials and reality shows.

4 William Hung


William Hung rose to fame in 2003, after auditioning for the third season of American Idol. Hung performed She Bangs on the show, and almost instantly went viral. The judges tried to hold in their laughter, and judge Simon Cowell ended the audition early to tell Hung he could not sing or dance. Hung responded politely, and said he gave his best even though he had no professional training. While Hung was not invited to the next round of the competition, he appeared on multiple morning and talk shows and even was parodied on Saturday Night Live. Hung gained a number of fans, and was eventually offered a record deal and released an album. Since American Idol, he has released his album, appeared in numerous shows, and multiple movies. So he's not talented but one has to admire the guy's attitude.

3 Tila Tequila

Tila “Tequila” Nguyen was discovered by Playboy scouts right after high school. Nguyen, who was raised in a Buddhist household, rebelled while a teenager. It is rumored she received the “Tequila” nickname after an allergic reaction to drinking while she was a teenager. She appeared on numerous TV shows, movies, magazine covers, and even has a role in multiple video games. She is often regarded as being famous for being pretty, with no other prominent talents. She had a reality dating show on MTV in 2007, and set records for number of friends on MySpace. She has since started a clothing line and recording career, performing with artists such as Lil’ Jon and DJ Lethal.

2 Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian has always had a slight amount of fame as a socialite and step-daughter of famous lawyer Robert Kardashian. Kardashian has had different fashion ventures, as well as modeling and workout videos. However, she became a household name in 2007 when a sex tape of her and R&B singer Ray J was released. Kardashian sued, but settled a few months later. She then appeared on an E! reality show about her and her family. Kardashian had a number of high profile relationships, but two have shone in the spotlight more than others. Kardashian was married to basketball player Kris Humphries for 72 days, the latter saying the marriage was a fraud all along. Kardashian is now involved with rapper Kanye West, keeping herself and her children in the spotlight.

1 Nicole Polizzi (Snooki)

Nicole Polizzi, also known as Snooki, is best known for her appearance on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore, where she was frequently shown drunk or arguing with the other cast members, and was arrested during filming of the show. She was the “breakout” cast member according to The New York Times, and earned six figures for most of the episodes. She has also guest hosted different episodes of WWE, as well as different award shows. She has appeared on different talk shows and now has a different reality show with her Jersey Shore co-star, Jwoww. Since Jersey Shore ended Polizzi has gotten married, had a baby, and cleaned up her act.

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