Top 15 Hottest Pictures Of Sofia Vergara

Scouring the web for the hottest, most attractive image of Sofia Vergara is a lot like looking for a needle…in a stack of several hundred other equally sexy needles; still a difficult task but as far as problems go not the worst one to have.

Not only is the Colombian-born actress/model/singer an impressive physical specimen, Vergara is also a producer and entrepreneur, being ranked by Forbes (in 2014) as the 32nd most powerful woman in the entertainment world; more than just a pretty face and realistically curvy body, but as an alpha human, attractive on all fronts. Her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family only confirmed her status as a silver screen star and pop culture icon, with 15 combined Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG award nominations for this role alone since 2009.

But, it's together with her modeling work that she’s earned a spot on Maxim’s 2008 “Hot 100” list, as one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People” of 2012, and has become a fixture in American pop culture on both sides of the border. Here are 15 of the most impressive pics of Sofia Vergara.

Dressed more along the lines of her Modern Family character Gloria's taste, this first photo on our list manages to show off Sofia Vergara's sexiness and spicy sensibility, while still staying true to the more conservative, soccer-mom feel of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett. Even with little skin showing and minimal posing, hints of Vergara's Latina flavor still come through.

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14 Posing for Shape Magazine

Shape magazine is health and fitness-centric journal that also boasts articles about and photos of realistically-shaped women. Vergara herself has been asked, and has refused, to slim down to further her modeling and advertising career, telling Shape, "I don't ever want to get super skinny...I think when women reach a certain age, they look better with a little fat in their face." Although this shot doesn't exactly highlight her curves, it still stands in contrast to the malnourished waifs usually modeling swimwear.

13 At People En Español's '50 Most Beautiful People' Celebration

This is the only semi-candid pic that made the list only because it shows off the fact that, even minus a makeup and wardrobe crew and under uncontrolled lighting, there's no hiding Vergara's natural good looks and sultry curves. As a teenage girl, the now 42-year old actress lamented her inability to hide her assets, but as a full-grown female, she appears to be more than comfortable letting her voluptuous figure show.

12 Sofia Means Business

Despite being quite a successful businessperson, the corporate world might come to a screeching halt if Sofia Vergara worked a cubicle job and frequented too many water-cooler conversations. Once again the Latina entrepreneur brings some much needed sexy to an otherwise stuffy, conservative look, proving there's no canning this heat.

11 In Women's Health Magazine

This photo didn't only make the list because it shows off a whole lot of Sofia Vergara's perfectly tanned body parts, but because it also exemplifies her laid back confidence in her sexuality; she's wearing a one-piece bathing suit under a sweater-dress but her expression and posture suggest that her plans this day include more than a dip in the pool. As we already know, Vergara has made a point of not conforming to the Hollywood body type and here she shows that sexy is more a state of mind.

10 Posing for Cosmo

They say most pictures are worth a thousand words, but this image brings to mind only a few words, all meaning the same thing: hot. This shot highlights the Latina bombshell's curves like no other photo on this list, showing exactly why Sofia Vergara should never strive for the runway model look, and why any producer or photographer who asks her to is simply insane.

9 The Bikini Shot

This pic was taken for a Maxim magazine shoot and is one of the many, many photos of this Latina bombshell in a bathing suit. What makes this one stand out though, is the fact that the setting and outfit are so simple, and editing so minimal, that it highlights Sofia Vergara's all-natural beauty. In the age of Photoshop and digital media, there is something comforting in knowing that there are real-life gorgeous people out there who do not need to roll in makeup or pretend to be 20 pounds lighter.

8 Lingerie

This item was initially closer to the top of the list because it's not particularly suggestive at first glance. However, it is one of only two pictures on the list that has Vergara wearing lingerie (a.k.a. clothes meant for bedroom activities), and specifically a bustier (pronounced with a silent "r") meant to show off a pair of assets the Colombian model happens to have in spades. This alone earned this pic a spot in the top ten.

7 Lounging

Once again, Maxim mag gets it right with an understated but still somehow incredibly hot photo of the entertainer/entrepreneur. Lounging around in a yard that most likely is not hers, in an outfit most likely picked out for her, Vergara still manages to look like she can't help but look amazing wherever she is and in whatever she is or is not wearing.

6 On The Beach

If you need an explanation for why this photo made it so far up the list, you probably shouldn't be perusing these pictures. Yet another Maxim shot, and one of the myriad photos of Vergara in a bathing suit, the silver screen darling shows here that she can be outright flirty and she's got plenty of naughty to balance out the nice this holiday season.

5 Modeling Days

Nov 20, 2002; London, England, UK; Model SOFIA VERGARA posing during a studio shoot. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Diego Robledo/Eyevine/ZUMA Press. (©) Copyright 2002 by Eyevine

This shot was taken by photographer Diego Robledo of Eyevine studios in 2002. Hopefully giving credit where credit is due will convince people like Robledo to make these images from Sofia Vergara's modeling days more readily available to the masses. Who knows how many of these amazing images are buried in the portfolios of professional photographers given my extensive search only revealed a handful.

4 Sofia The Patriot

What side of the Revolutionary War would you have been on if King George III had sent cheerleaders from Colombia instead of redcoats from Britain? The answer is neither because if the country had been overrun by a bunch of Sofia Vergaras all looking like this, there would have been no war in the first place, just a lot of distracted rebels

3 Maximum Sexy

The caption for this image has been typed out and deleted close to 50 times now because words do not seem to do it justice. The men and women at Maxim have done it again with a picture that, though probably worth a whole lot more than 1,000 words, all but knocked the entire English language out of my brain when I saw it.

2 All Washed Up

At first glance, this image made me wonder whether there is another, sultrier, professional Colombian model out there who is sometimes mistaken for Sofia Vergara. I also speculated that the Modern Family star may have an identical twin sister; it was just very hard for me to grasp the fact that a pop culture icon could also have an incredibly sexual side, and not be written off as a serious performer. But Vergara has found a way to exude that Latin spice, and hold onto her still-thick accent and body, without being typecast as the hot, ditz.

1 The Best Of The Max

If you're still reading these captions, then you haven't been paying enough attention to the pictures they describe. There are few words that can do this picture justice, without sounding crass or disrespectful, so I will just invite readers to ogle this image until it is burned into your minds as a testament to the smoldering sexiness that is Sofia Vergara. Just thank your lucky stripes a creature this hot exists and walks among us.

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