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Top 15 Hottest Casts In TV History

Top 15 Hottest Casts In TV History

You get home from work, get dinner started, now it’s time to unwind. You flick on the TV and start scrolling through the channels. If it was your first time watching TV, you would notice that most actors on television are either really good looking or really unique looking, which is a nice way of saying strange. There usually aren’t very many actors who are in the middle. But this isn’t your first time watching TV. You’re a wily vet. You’ve come to terms with the fact that almost all characters on TV are beautiful people. You barely even notice it anymore. But that doesn’t mean you never notice it. There have always been TV shows with a little extra beauty in them. Today, some shows don’t even worry about the acting ability of their cast; they just hire actors for their looks and hope that no one pays attention to what these sexy people do or say. Just hold it together for God’s sake. These are the shows that we’re going to look at today. We’re looking at the sexiest collections of people on television. You might call them TV’s hottest casts.

But what about taste, you ask? Maybe you like looks that we don’t. Well, to cover that, we’ve gone through and selected something for everyone. We’ve looked at the shows that the most people have been talking about. We don’t have to like the content; we just need to like the looks of the actors. It’s shallow, yeah. Get over it. Hollywood has always looked for beauty and they probably always will. Sex sells and, unfortunately, less attractive people don’t. We’re simply highlighting the shows that followed the rules of this formula closest. Here are the hottest casts in TV history.

15. Modern Family



There is a lot of beauty on Modern Family and it’s not just Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill), the entire cast offers something for everyone. We have so many different demographics covered and some really gorgeous humans involved here. Leading the way is the ageless wonder, Sofia Vergara, as well as Julie Bowen, Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter. The men aren’t too bad themselves, but they’re more there for their comedic talents rather than their looks. It’s a sad reality but it doesn’t make it any less true. Both Vergara and Hyland have long been considered the big time beauties on the cast, but lately, Winter (Alex) has blossomed and started stealing some of the fanfare. For the young’uns, Nolan Gould (Luke) has started to get some attention as well, now that he’s growing up. How modern is it that your entire extended family is rich and attractive, you ask? How the hell should we know? What kind of question is that anyways?

14. Friends



For years this TV show was everybody’s favorite. Even if you didn’t like it, you probably watched it anyways. The show’s strength was the cast chemistry and their comedic timing, but it didn’t hurt that they were all attractive as well. When David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow are the least attractive members of your cast, you’re doing alright. Both Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc had a considerable following that swooned over every one of their moves, and Courteney Cox was a massive sex symbol for a long time. Cox’s looks have definitely changed over the years, but that’s a pretty familiar song in Hollywood. Then there is Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer freakin Aniston. Aniston is 47-years old and she still looks fantastic. When Friends first started in 1994, Aniston was 25 and she stopped hearts. Literally, people died watching her on screen. That might be a stretch, but if you think about how heart disease is the number one killer in America, statistically, it’s probable that someone’s heart did stop while Aniston was on TV.

13. iZombie



If you’re not watching iZombie, you’re missing out on a great show. You’re not only missing out on good television, a funny and witty mystery every episode, but you’re also missing out on some great looking people. This cast picture above doesn’t even include Aly Michalka, who is transitioning into a series regular, and she’s probably the most attractive out of the whole bunch. It’s full of em! The main love story between Liv (Rose McIver) and Major (Robert Buckley) is totally believable because of how beautiful these two are. Rose is easily the hottest zombie in the history of film and television, and with David Anders, Malcolm Goodwin and Rahul Kohli rounding out the primary cast, you’ve got a handsome bunch.

12. Charmed



When Charmed started, it was building on the appeal of the 1996 film, The Craft, which featured sexy witches doing magical stuff. They show went out and cast Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and the insanely gorgeous Alyssa Milano, to try and replicate that film’s success. All three actresses were beautiful and already had an unhealthy following of ravenous fans. After Doherty got the boot from the show, they brought in Rose McGowan to fill the sexy void, and even Kaley Cuoco in the show’s final season. There were really two groups of fans for this show, the fans who were interested in the plot and the fans who were interested in the hot…ness. Milano herself might have been enough to get this cast on the top 15, but the attractiveness of the others really solidifies their position.

11. Saved by The Bell



All the people out there who grew up watching Saved by the Bell know exactly why this cast makes the list. They had all the bases covered. They had the slacker, the jock, the nerd, the fashionista, the serious student and the cheerleader. We all found someone to love. Both Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez) were the dreamboats of a lot of people out there. Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkeley) and Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies), too, were loved by young boys and girls everywhere. And who can forget Kelly Kapowski (Tiffany “what happened to the Amber” Thiessen)? Kelly Kapowski was the best looking teenager in the entire world at one point. Statues were built, songs were written, and that was just in my house. It was the age of Kelly Kapowski and every year that we traveled further away from her, the world got a little greyer.

10. 90210



When the 90210 show creators were set to reboot Beverly Hills, 90210, they were hoping to catch even half of the popularity from the 90s TV hit. They went out and cast some of the best looking actors they could find, actors like AnnaLynne McCord, Shanae Grimes, Jessica Lowndes, Matt Lanter, Jessica Stroup and more. You know almost none of those names, do you? That’s the point. These people were all attractive, but there was one major problem with them all. None of them could act. Like they were all terrible, super hot, but so terrible. That was the difference from this show and its predecessor. Sure, Beverly Hills, 90210 had a good-looking cast as well, but they were all like 35 and decent actors. They could hold up a story without pouting their lips and flipping their hair every five seconds. Meh, this is about hotness and not quality of acting. 90210, a show about good looking teenagers who can’t act a lick.

9. True Blood



You have to admire True Blood. It was never shy about playing up its blatant sexiness. It leaned on that crutch about as hard as you could. Every other scene is kissing or sex, but you won’t hear the show’s millions of fans complaining. Every episode would show off the flawless bodies of the cast and HBO ran wild with it. Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard, Deborah Ann Woll, Stephen Moyer, Rutina Wesley, Ryan Kwanten, Carrie Preston, Joe Manganiello, Anna Camp, Sam Trammell, these are high-quality humans. This is the type of show that you watch and sort of glance down at yourself in disgust, reminded that you don’t look like they do. Keep your head up. You’re a nice person.

8. Golden Girls



Hot damn. We wanted to include something for everyone, all interests and all ages, so here you have it, Golden Girls. Sadly, three of these four beauties have passed away in the last eight years. Let’s hope that Betty White lives forever, so we don’t have to say goodbye to all of them. You may think this is purely a joke, but actually, these women were quite the lookers in their prime. Even though the show was built purely on their amazing comedic talents, they would have been able to carry a show in their younger years just based on their looks, like many of the shows on this list. Didn’t Betty White pose nude as a young woman?

7. Quantico



Victoria’s Secret gave out some weird awards in 2016 called #WhatIsSexy. No one knows what these awards even mean, but Quantico took home the golden lingerie or whatever the hell they give out for “Sexiest TV Cast.” Now, one thing is for certain. This cast is a sexy cast. Are they the sexiest cast? That’s a bit of stretch, but sexy they are, nevertheless. So who’s the sexiest of this sexy bunch? Easy, Priyanka Chopra, are you crazy? But there’s more than just this gorgeous freak of nature. There’s Anabelle Acosta, Johanna Braddy and Yasmine Al Massri; are all stunners. The others are pretty good looking, too. The cast members all look so unique, which is something you can almost never say on TV. They each look so much different than the standard beauty we see on TV, so that’s probably why Victoria’s Secret gave them their weird award. They were trying to be edgy.

6. The Vampire Diaries



Full disclosure: zero episodes of Vampire Diaries have been watched to prepare for writing this list. We did, however, look at several photos and these folks are pretty striking. Though fans might hate us for saying this, Vampire Diaries seems like several of the shows on this list: build it with a crazy attractive cast and just hope they can act well enough to keep people interested. Well, the show has done that with flying colors. It proved a lot of the haters wrong and has done exceedingly well for several years now. It doesn’t hurt that the cast is full of near-perfect looking young people and half of the young female population in North America has a weird infatuation with vampire love.

5. Melrose Place



Basically a soap-opera for young adults, Melrose Place tried to leverage the success of Beverly Hills, 90210 into a more adult-themed show full of hotness and sex. It worked too, for the most part. Led by the unbelievably attractive Heather Locklear, Melrose Place was the starting point for many attractive young actors. It was easily the best thing about the show. All the scandal and drama was just filler for the in-between shots of attractive and rich young adults. That’s not even meant to be an insult either. That was the show’s strength and it played it up every chance it got. Kristin Davis, Alyssa Milano, Rob Estes, David Charvet, Brooke Langton, Linden Ashby, Lisa Rinna (if you’re into that kind of thing), the cast was stacked—with beauty not acting talent.

4. Baywatch



On the eve of the Baywatch film coming out, we remember the Baywatch television show in all its glory. It was a weird show, Baywatch. With all that violence taking place on that one stretch of beach, you would think it would be closed down. But no one cared about the drama. All we cared about was the opening scene and the first time the lifeguards were called on to start their run. There was nothing better than watching that sexy lifeguard bounding down the beach, breasts bouncing with each step, but David Hasselhoff wasn’t the only star of the show. Baywatch also featured Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth in their primes. And those women had primes like you couldn’t believe. That is almost too much hotness for one screen to handle. It was physically hard to watch. There were others too. Carmen Electra, Gina Lee Nolin, Jeremy Jackson, and many more. Baywatch essentially invented the phrase, “she’s absolutely nothing more than a pretty face,” or however that saying goes.

3. Gossip Girl



There’s something about Gossip Girl that makes it watchable. Oh yeah, the attractive stars. If it wasn’t for the hotness of the actors in this show, it’s possible that not one single person would watch it. Seriously, send your hate mail because this show is mind-numbing. How can every single person in the show be a suspect? It just got tiring to try to remember who is the possible antagonist because every other episode it was adding something new and rewriting histories like they were just kidding. Whatever, the actors are good looking. That much we can agree on. From Blake Lively to Taylor Momsen, Jessica Szohr to Chace Crawford to Leighton Meester, these young people are like dolls. Pretty and handsome dolls. The following for this show was entirely hooked on the fantasy. If we watch, we too can feel what it’s like to be filthy rich and beautiful. Well, it doesn’t work that way.

2. Pretty Little Liars



Don’t you just want to punch these girls in the face? Not seriously, but like a metaphorical jab? Who in the hell looks like that? Where do young women like this live? Show us. Please? Like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars is frustrating to watch, but people watch it anyways. They watch it to feel like they’re one of the girls or to feel like they could be with one of these girls. Either way, it’s never going to happen. These types of women don’t hang around with the likes of us. These type of women hire people like us to carry them around on their shoulders. The four main girls, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario, are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Even the support cast is made up of models who happened to want to try their hand at acting. The acting is not pretty, but they are.

1. Game of Thrones



Game of Thrones is one of the few shows on this list that combines beauty and quality together. It’s no surprise that this show has taken the world by storm with such a killer combination. In no order of attractiveness, this show is blessed with the sexiness of Natalie Dormer, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jason Momoa, Rose Leslie and Carice van Houten. Hell, you could make a show with half of the names we’ve left off this cast list and still make the top 15. Perhaps when you’re showing so much nudity, your actors have to be attractive or risk sickening the audience. We all remember that scene when Melisandre took off her amulet and got nude. That was the scariest thing on the show to date.

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