Top 15 Awesome Fictional Schools We Wish We Could Attend

School may be necessary but that doesn’t mean it’s not a drag. Hour after hour spent sitting at a too small desk, listening to a teacher talk endlessly, only to find a measure of relief in the briefest of respites in between bells when you find time to talk to your friends. It’s no wonder that most of us dread the weekdays. But what if you could go to school elsewhere? What if you could go to a school straight out of books or TV? Surely that would make the experience much more enjoyable! These 15 schools extend across mediums, but they all have one thing in common: they are far and away better than the ones we were forced to attend.

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15 William McKinley High (Glee)

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Ok sure, you might get a slushie thrown in your face every morning if you are one of the unfortunate and unpopular kids. But wouldn’t it be worth the sticky cold mess to attend a school where at any moment you could burst into a rousing rendition of a Lady Gaga song (complete with choreography)? William McKinley High of Glee has quirky characters like cheerleading coach Sue, dinosaur themed proms, and an underrated but plucky band of misfits known as the Glee Club. Yes, they are bullied and under constant threat of disbandment, but that doesn’t stop them from believing.

14 Ms Frizzle’s School

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We’re not even bothered that we don’t know the proper name for this school. There is only one reason to attend this school: Ms. Frizzle’s field trips.Field trips are the highlight of any school year but they tend to go to normal places like the library, zoo, and blue-collar workplaces. But with Ms Frizzle and her awesome yellow bus, you could go literally anywhere: inside the human body, the solar system, the bottom of the ocean floor or back in time to see the dinosaurs. Not only are the field trips out of this world, but the crazy red haired teacher herself made learning fun and surprising!

13 John Adams High School (Boys Meets World)

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Cory, Topanga and Shawn were the friends you wished you had. For seven seasons, we followed them through a beautiful and sometimes tragic growing up story. For four of those seasons, they spent their days at John Adams High School where they dealt with everything from romantic turmoil to drinking to near death experiences. Through it all, our favorite trio kept their friendship tight. But the number one reason to attend John Adams High? Mr. Feeny (or Fee-hee-heenay if you need to get his attention). The stern but loveable teacher/principal and mentor who guided the youngsters through life made us wish we had a Feeny of our own.

12 Acme Looniversity (Tiny Toons)

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At this school, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck teach you. If that isn’t enough to recommend the fictional cartoon school, then we don’t know what is. In order to receive your Diploma of Lunacy and become a full time cartoon character, you must pass courses such as: Wise Cracks, Spotlight Stealing, Villain Whopping, and Exploding Cakes. Sounds like a zany good time to us!

11 Bayside High School (Saved by the Bell)

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Who wouldn’t get excited over this school? Each and every week saw Zach and his friends Kelly, Lisa, Jessie, Slater and of course Screech, come up with another harebrained scheme to upset the balance of the school, invariably to drive principal Mr. Belding nuts. It may have been comedic, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t contain lessons we still carry with us. Who could forget the time Jessie got hooked on caffeine pills and taught us all the dangers of combating pressures with harmful substances? But it was all right in the end; the friends always saved one another.

10 Greendale Community College (Community)

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This is a study group we would want to join ASAP. Jeff may have started the group to get closer to Britta, but after Annie, Shirley, Abed, Troy and Pierce joined, it became an unstoppable comedic force. Whether it’s watching “Troy and Abed in the Morning!” or the constant running gags like Dean Pelton’s announcements, Inspector Spacetime, or telling Leonard to shut up, life at Greendale is never dull.

9 Camp Half Blood (Percy Jackson Series)

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Technically, this isn’t a school. But would you be bothered with technicalities when it comes to a camp run by the god Dionysus and where, for an extra challenge, the climbing wall will pour hot lava on you? When Percy Jackson learns that he is the son of Poseidon, he is quickly shipped off to the camp to train in sword fighting, archery, and even Pegasus-flying lessons. Complete with mysterious forests and amphitheater, Camp Half Blood is the perfect place for any demigod—or mortal if we thought we could get past the camp’s borders.

8 Battle School (Ender’s Game)

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A school in space? Sounds wonderful. Now granted, this school doesn’t teach you arithmetic and writing so much as how to defeat your bug-alien enemies in order to preserve your race and planet, but at least you get to do in zero gravity! Through Ender Wiggin’s eyes, we see how children are placed into teams and forced to do battle against one another in an attempt to create a race of superior soldiers. Friendships are forged and broken, but once you enter the Battle Room all that matters is winning. It might sound tough, but at least you get some free play time where your psychology is constantly questioned and evaluated.

7 Rydell High School (Grease)

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A school where cars magically take flight once young lovers are reunited couldn’t possibly be a bad thing. Through the classical musical numbers and real life dramas of maintaining your bad boy image and pregnancy scares, the students at Rydell had quite the school year. Who didn’t want to be a Pink Lady or a T-Bird when this 1978 movie came out—and who didn’t fall a little in love with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John when they danced and sang their duet “You’re the One That I Want”?

6 Mystic Falls High School (The Vampire Diaries)

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Mystic Falls High School might seem like your average all-American school, but having been built on top of a Native American camp, it’s a hub of supernatural occurrences and warfare. The teachers either ignore you or pay extra special attention to your needs, and sometimes the teachers are known to vanish without a trace. With dedicated teachers like that, you rarely need to attend class and can instead focus on trying to decide if Stefan or Damon is hotter.

5 Springfield Elementary (The Simpsons)

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Springfield Elementary is a delightful place for all children. It is filled with asbestos, heavily underfunded, and is run by teachers who spend their time (on campus) drinking and smoking and having no idea how to actually teach. So why would we want to attend such a dilapidated school? Because Bart Simpson, man. After 25 seasons, we have yet to grow tired of watching Bart Simpson prank everyone from Principal Skinner to Groundskeeper Willie. Imagine how much better it would be to see it in person!

4 Sunnydale High School (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

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Yes, the principal is an evil man who is obsessed with keeping order; and yes, you might occasionally be attacked by a vampire or a werewolf; and yes, you may have to face down an Apocalypse or two before managing to graduate (an event for which we recommend bringing a flamethrower); and yes, the entire building may be over a gaping Hellmouth that constantly spews out new demons that want to either eat you or enslave you, but if you can get past all that, Sunnydale is a great school to attend! Just picture yourself hanging out in the library with Giles and Willow or lamenting your failing grades with Xander or better still, going on a patrol with the Slayer herself, Buffy Summers! Yes, your life is in constant danger, but at least it’s not boring.

3 Xaiver’s School for Gifted Youngsters (X-Men)

via comicbookmovie.com

Unless you have the ability to regenerate, shoot lasers out of your eyes, control the weather, go invisible, read minds, or turn into a solid block of ice, this school might be harder to access. Presented as a school for talented and special individuals, Xavier’s school is really where young mutants go to train and learn how to control their powers. From the outside, everything appears normal about this stately estate, but how many homes have a fighter jet that comes up from the basketball court? Or have their own private underground chambers with a device that locates any mutant on the planet? The occasional destruction of the manor, though, is worth it if your professors are Jean Gray, Storm, and Wolverine.

2 Starfleet Academy (Star Trek)

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You could be classmates with Captain James T. Kirk. Located in San Francisco of the future, this is where young cadets go to learn how to be Starfleet officers, with aspirations of someday captaining their own starship. The work is grueling and not everyone makes it. The Kobayshi Maru test is known to be the downfall of many students. But if you do get through the rigorous training, you could go where no one has gone before!

1 Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Harry Potter series)

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Do we really need to sell Hogwarts to anyone? Is there anyone out there who didn’t hope and pray for an owl to alight on their front doorstep, letter clutched in talons, explaining to their parents they were not a Muggle? You get to practice actual magic at Hogwarts—from Transfiguration, to potions, to the Defense Against the Dark Arts! You can be sorted into houses and be entertained by Hagrid and Dumbledore (while, simultaneously, trying to stay on Snape’s good side). You could play Quidditch or take lessons from a Centaur. And, if you’re very lucky, you could even help defend the Wizarding World with the Boy Who Lived.

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