Top 15 Craziest College Majors You Won't Believe Exist

For many college students, the end of summer coincides with the start of an important journey. Nearly 20 million students move their way onto college campuses with the hopes of discovering a future embedded in these houses of learning. Of course, along the way these students may come across a party or two and get into a little bit of trouble. But outside of the fun and socializing, for many, college is the stepping stone to a career. A college education provides a direction and potentially gets a student prepared for their future. Some people go to college to become well-rounded while others use their collegiate careers to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their dream jobs. Whether it is getting a six-figure job out of college or landing an internship at a big business, college is “supposed” to get people ready for their future endeavors.

The first two years of college comprises mainly of students taking general education courses. This is when college students take a broad series of subjects in creating the foundation of their learning. After the first two years students will begin to move deeper and deeper into their chosen major. But getting to that point is very stressful. Starting during their senior year in high school through the first year in college, a student must decide the all-important answer to the one of the biggest questions of their lives- what will be my major? Students must pick a path that will guide their future endeavors. It's essentially like picking a career for the rest of your life but you are 19 or 20 years old. And once you start it is very difficult to switch gears and pick up a different major. Choosing a major is a life-altering decision that is stressed over and over again. And colleges have all kinds of majors.

That leads us to this article. We dug around and found the craziest majors that exist. Many of us have seen comical courses in wine tasting or classes in bowling. But we’re not talking classes here; we’re talking majors. These are 15 of the craziest majors colleges have to offer. Good luck putting them on your next job application.


15 The Beatles


We are not talking about little bugs that crawl around. We are talking about the actual Beatles, the epic music group who rose to massive fame in the 1960s and early 70s to become one of the greatest bands of all time. Many will argue that their music transcended history, a British rock group that found success on nearly every continent across the globe. But to translate their success into a college major is a bit of a head-scratcher. The inception of this major began in 2009, at Liverpool Hope University. It should come as no surprise that the origin of this major is in England and also in the birthplace of this wildly successful group. But I can only imagine when you have to write down on a job resume what your college major was, and instead of History, Economics or Political Science, you just write The Beatles. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when your resume is read by your prospective hiring manager and see the look on their faces. This major proves reality is funnier than fiction could ever be.

14 Getting A HIGHER Education


Oaksterdam University in California has an interesting major of their own. And this one could actually help you earn some big bucks and start your own business. If you have been clamoring for a major in Cannabis Cultivation, then Oaksterdam University is the way to go. "Higher" education never had a more accurate description than at this college. Learning to grow and harvest your own cannabis may seem a little silly to some. But with pot being legalized across the United States, it does beg the question how many businesses will be popping up in this field. Five years from now marijuana may be legalized and those who are able to get this stellar degree could be opening up a business on a street corner near you. And with sales growing in this industry, and with little chance of them falling, this major could actually pay off- as ridiculous as it sounds. So grow and burn away and watch the cash roll in…if you live in the right city that is.

13 The Ha-Ha University


Humber College in Toronto, Canada doesn't think getting a college education is a laughing matter- or do they? Sure the play on words is funny but Humber College has opted to include "Comedy" as a major at its University. Here, prospective comedians can come and get a degree in stand-up comedy that could be useful when you want to put a picture of a degree on your wall at home and say you graduated from a college. Outside of home decor, we can't wrap our heads around a degree in comedy. But for prospective students who are trying to learn the craft of haha, this University may be the place to go. There is an excellent legacy of comedians that have come from the land of maple so perhaps there is a reason for this madness. Although there are private classes and seminars comedians can take, as well as groups that get together (for free mind you) and work on this craft, I guess paying $80K for this college education is worth something. We aren’t sure what, but to each their own. We’ll pass.

12 Sexuality


San Francisco State University in California has a major that is nothing less than scandalous. Sexuality is a subject matter that has been studied for decades. In fact, there is a Showtime television series that chronicles some of the advances in studying the human body and how bodies interact together through intimate relations. The show is Masters of Sex but this major is far more intriguing when it comes to qualifying for a degree. What's interesting about sexuality as a major is the amount of intimate display students will be observing during their studies. While a Geography teacher hammers away about cloud formations, another student a few doors down will be in a dark room with other coeds watching a man and woman engage in sexual contact and then discussing exactly what that contact means. I don't know about anyone else, but you can sign me up for this major any time. This is one that you could use for the rest of your life. Just make sure to write on your job application that you got a Bachelor's degree and leave the subject line blank. We’re all for this major!

11 Thank You, Bartender, I’ll Have Another

Fermentation Sciences is exactly what it sounds like. If you want to knock back a few cold ones then feel free. That is what college is all about. But in addition to having a few drinks this major teaches you the ability to actually cook up your own brew. Fermentation Sciences goes the extra distance for students who want to know more about their casual drinking habits. The major focuses on the study and development of beer. Appalachian State University is the home to this Bachelor of Sciences major. Now, it sounds like this major is all about getting drunk, and maybe in some ways it could be. But the reality is, this major keys in on many aspects of the business as a whole. It focuses on creating, selling, and marketing beer products. It delves into advertising as well as providing a great foundation in business as a whole. So have no fear parents, your sons and daughters are not merely studying how to get drunk. Fermentation Sciences is a science in itself.

10 Yes or No?


The University of Indiana has their own version of a crazy and kooky major. The irony of this major is that a student struggling to make a decision on what major to choose is precisely what this major is about. That's right, Decision Making. Have you ever wanted to make better decisions? Have you ever wanted to learn why you make decisions and why you don't? Well, congratulations, because Decision Making is in fact your major. The major of Decision Making delves deep into why and how decisions are made. They dig deep into the mental process of decision making and how people arrive at mental outcomes. I can't imagine that the process of decision making can be a major when it can be summed up in just a few sentences, but Indiana boasts an entire series of classes on the subject matter. This major is far more apt as a single course as opposed to an entire body of courses. If I have a say, then I vote “no” on this major. That’s my final decision.

9 Pop Culture

Bowling Green University takes music and entertainment to a whole new level. Pop culture is a very broad topic. The discussion about pop culture can include anything and everything relevant- that can encompass music, entertainment, fashion, newsworthy events, and everything under the sun. Most people think of pop culture in terms of movies and music which are two driving forces behind cultural pushes. But artwork also has its place in pop culture in having an extraordinary impact in chronicling the times and the way people think. Nearly everything going on around someone can have an impact on pop culture. Now pop culture seems like a very interesting topic in terms of a singular class. But to dedicate an entire degree to covering the entire subject matter of pop culture does seem a little loose when it comes to fundamental academics. However, with that said, aside from the backlash of trying to get a job due to a major in pop culture, it certainly would be an interesting and fun major to take part in it.


8 Flower Power


Nothing says flower power like Mississippi State University’s major of Floral Management. That's right, for all of you botanists out there that just couldn't wait for a major that is dedicated to arranging how flowers should look inside of things, your dream has finally come true. Mississippi State brings to life a major we never thought could exist. I guess if your dream is to own a flower shop then you will be heading to the Deep South and the SEC for this most uninteresting of majors. Floral Management focuses heavily on the cultivation of flowers and the implementation of a business plan to maintain a flower shop and a career in this endeavor. Maybe it's because I'm not someone with a green thumb in the winter and spring months, but Floral Management just doesn't seem like it should be more than a class or two. This is a major only Martha Stewart could be proud of. I'll pass on this one.

7 Casino Living

Gambling isn't just for families on vacation or degenerate losers. No, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) offers its students a special degree geared toward the lifeline of sin city: Entertainment Engineering and Design. What else would you expect from the city that bleeds gambling? UNLV brings this specialized major to life to help those who are interested in being a part of the gaming industry. From how to work a craps table to how to build a roulette wheel, this major isn't just about the specifics of gambling, but the construction and management that goes into the engineering and design of gambling machinery. There's quite a bit of thought process that goes into the blinking lights on a slot machine and the sounds that it makes. This is a massive business that brings in millions upon millions of dollars. The "Oasis in the Desert" didn't spring up accidentally, it emerged because a craft like this specifically targets people interested in risking money and having a good time. This is definitely a major I can throw my weight behind. And don’t forget, gambling is an industry that spans the globe and is always growing.

6 Turfing It


Penn State University brings gardening to a whole new level with its program called Turfgrass Science. If you're thinking that this sounds as boring as it reads, then you hit the bullseye on this one. Turfgrass Science has got to be one of the most boring majors I've ever come across. There is no candy coating this. This specialty is certainly something that landscapers or potential landscape business owners would be interested in. So from that standpoint, I get the major. However, much like many specialty crafts, does it really take a college degree to learn how to seed a lawn? I don't want to minimize the science behind planting and cultivating grass. It is a science unto itself. However, let's not kid ourselves that this should be a major. This should be on-hand skills, like an internship, in which you learn while on the job or as an understudy. There you can develop skills so that you can head out on your own and plant your own seeds. You don’t need to spend the cash on this degree to help your career blossom. Work for a successful landscaper and get paid to get the education and grow from there. I’m all out of lawn-care metaphors so I’m done here.

5 All In The Family

Stetson University offers a major in Family Enterprise for those who want to build a family fortune. The major is as simple as it sounds. There are many successful businesses that have stayed within the family for decades. These businesses have thrived when the family unit comes together and can communicate and maintain a positive business relationship while separating family from the equation. It's almost like the separation of Church and State. When you have family members involved in business, it must be business that comes first during the workweek. Then, during holidays, the business gets left behind and you can all break bread together. But this may not be as easy as it sounds for some. That is where this major emerges. Now, certainly I have my doubts when it comes to the necessity for an entire major to be dedicated to family members learning how to get along together. I am thinking this would be better as a business counseling course brought to potential families who want to be in business together. This seminar could easily hash out what needs to be done to maintain a successful business strategy as a family. Even a counseling course can deal with the psychology and business strategies of it all. But, alas, this subject would not have made the list if it were not a major. So there is an entire course of study dedicated to families getting along in business practice. I vote a thumbs down on this one.



Michigan State University gives its students the opportunity to learn how to pack things. That's right, the major of Packaging is an interesting major that teaches students how to properly pack and assist with boxes. And when I say interesting, I really mean ridiculous. Of course, you have to believe there must be more to this major than just a few people showing you how to best pack a truck full of boxes to maximize your weight and space. Maybe or maybe not. The sad truth about this major is that it is predominantly geared towards packing things. Honestly, you can watch a YouTube video that does as much as certain aspects of this major. We’re not sure why Packaging comes to life at Michigan State, but in case there are any potential postal workers or people who dream of landing a job as a mover, here you go. I minimize this topic because it sounds ridiculous. Most times people don't go to college to learn how to pack. In fact, packing is a trait learned while on the job. You don't need to accrue $80K in student loans to learn how to pack a truck. To me this major is completely idiotic and thus not worth the time.

3 The Nanny

Sullivan University offers a major in the academically starved profession of Nannying. That's right, for all the people in this world that aspire to be Nannys, we have finally found the major for you. So you're probably thinking what's the big deal? Well, people who work as nannies are generally looking for something else on the side. People who work as nannies are normally not seeking to make a career out of wiping other people’s kid’s noses. Nannies are often young women who may be going to college or in between careers looking for their next challenge in life. This is not at all to put down the craft of being a good nanny. You must be sensitive and be able to take care of someone else's child as if they were your own or your own younger sibling. It's a noble practice and one we certainly applaud. However, it is just plain stupid to make this a major at a college. I'm not sure what 16 or 17-year-old high school student is dreaming of taking care of someone else's children unless of course they are planning to be a nurse or doctor. I don't think I've ever heard the words uttered, “I wish I could be a nanny when I grow up.” So once again I have to kick another major to the curb as this one is clearly as stupid as it sounds.

2 Creepy Puppets, Anyone?


Connecticut University has rolled out one of the most disturbing majors on the list. I can remember back as a child watching The Muppets and being thoroughly amused. This was the time when there wasn't CGI and the animation was more rudimentary. So having live puppets perform in front of me, or on television, was quite the treat. But puppetry became less and less of an entertainment device. Nonetheless, there are those who continue to try and master an art form that these days is more associated with creepy strange men then with entertainment for children. The ventriloquist is definitely the kind of man you grow concerned about. And anyone that has seen a man holding a puppet these days knows exactly what I’m talking about here. These people look pretty deviant at times (no offense puppeteers, but you’re kinda creepy). Puppetry is an art form like anything else and it is subject specific. As much as we can appreciate what some people can do, this subject as a major borders on absurd. Go knock yourselves out and design new Pinocchios until the cows come home. We applaud the effort but disapprove of this in a collegiate institution. This one is a no-go for us.

1 The Science Of A Family

Liberty University is the only college to unveil the Family and Consumer Science major. Some of you may be reading that and wondering the same thing as us- what the heck does that mean? It's kind of as simple as it sounds. Liberty University offers this throwback major that is more 1950s than 2010s. It's the Art and Science of maintaining and developing a healthy family. If that sounds strange as a major it's because it is. It's the kind of major that an extraordinary athlete signs up for to avoid doing any real work in school so they can focus on sports. Sure, at its core this is like a parenting class. But instead of just one class where you can guide late teens and those in their early 20s toward some of the mechanics of being a part of a good family, this is an entire major dedicated toward developing a good family. The major seeks to teach skills and life lessons to students that they may carry over for their own family and help their family be part of society as a whole. Again, we're not sure what the heck this is doing as a major. I am curious who graduates from this major are and if they have done anything beyond being a Quaker or Puritan in their life. This major is a MAJOR fail. If you need help and guidance on being a better family member, take a state-provided parenting course for free. It will save you a lot of time and money. And that kind of sound financial decision can lead you to a major in business where your degree might actually mean something.

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