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Top 14 Women Of The Bachelor “That Got Away”

Top 14 Women Of The Bachelor “That Got Away”


It’s not uncommon for some of the women vying for The Bachelor’s heart to be more likable than the man, himself.  Some women are just the whole package, and are thus prime candidates to date The Bachelor. Yes, there are always a few crazies or mean girls thrown in there, but for the most part the girls are people that any man would be lucky to call his wife. They all share some characteristics that qualify them as a great catch, such as being family-oriented, valuing health/fitness, being educated or an entrepreneur, practicing religion, having overcome hurdles, being a hopeless romantic, and of course, having a rockin’ bod.

They all have their own story to tell, and they are all brave for exposing themselves to the harsh world of reality television. But sadly, either because there are too many great women, or because the Bachelor is too dense to know what he has while he has it. The following ladies could be considered the “ones that got away”.

14. Tenley Molzahn


Oregon native Tenley was a clear front-runner from the get-go on Jake Pavelka’s season. Unfortunately for her, Jake went with designated mean girl, Vienna Girardi, and left poor Tenley brokenhearted.

She was well-liked and respected right off the bat because of her sweet disposition, her obvious kind heart, and positive outlook on life and love. Even as she appeared on Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise, she was always hopeful, and remained a believer in true love.

She is constantly likened to a real-life Disney princess, and in fact danced the role of Princess Ariel  in Disney’s “Under the Sea” tour in California and Japan. A divorcee, Tenley learned from her past and continues to endlessly search for her Prince Charming.

13. AshLee Frazier


Also placing third (in Sean Lowe’s season) is this southern belle from Houston, Texas. In her earliest years, she was raised in foster homes until the Frazier family adopted her at age six. Her father is a pastor, and it follows that AshLee too is a practicing Christian. She is also a personal trainer, a fashionista, and a blogger – this girl does it all! She founded and owns “Love It! Organized”, a business that professionally organizes all material things under the sun.

12. Jade (Roper) Tolbert

via instagram

This All-American girl from Nebraska captured the hearts of America and her suitor, Chris Soules. That is, until the hometown dates when he learned she had posed nude for Playboy.

Even so, she is grounded, and has accomplished a lot. A survivor of rape, which she only recently disclosed to the world after Lady Gaga‘s performance at the Oscars, she overcame that obstacle and attended Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. She also developed her own makeup line, called “Naturally Jade Cosmetics”.

She was a Playboy Amateur in California, a head pastry chef in Las Vegas, and even opened her own wedding cake business. Part sex kitten, part entrepreneur, part small-town girl, Jade is now married to Tanner Tolbert, a fellow contestant on last summer’s Bachelor in Paradise. got engaged, and then months before they wed. As they say, when you know, you know!

11. Jenni Croft Badolato


Brad Womack did not propose to Jenni (or DeAnna) in his first season’s finale. So Jenni went home brokenhearted, but now the fresh-faced and friendly girl from Wichita, Kansas is married to a cosmetic dentist, and they have two young children.

But Brad chose neither she nor DeAnna Pappas, who would go on to become the next Bachelorette. Jenni embodies all of the wonderful qualities Womack and all the Bachelors ever look for: she is well-educated with a degree in Marketing and Management from Wichita State University, she is well-traveled (Japan and Iceland are only two of the places she has been), and she is hot (she is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat dancer).

10. Lacy Faddoul


Though this beauty was eliminated on night one of Juan Pablo Galavis’ season, fans got to know the California native when she appeared on Bachelor in Paradise last summer.  There she met, fell in love with, and got engaged to Marcus Grodd, and they later married. He, apparently, could see what Juan Pablo could not – that Lacy is a great catch!

Raised as one of 11 children (9 of whom are mentally handicapped), she was only 20 when she opened her first nursing home. She became the owner and CEO of Hope Residential Care in Anaheim, California, as well as multiple other nursing homes, and it makes sense, then, that she also dabbles in real estate.

9. Ashley (Hebert) Rosenbaum


It is easy to forget that before she was Bachelorette #7, this dentist hailing from the French-Acadian community of Madawaska, Maine, was the second runner-up on Brad Womack’s second season. His decision-making capabilities are questionable anyway after two seasons and no wife, but obviously he did not know what he had in Ashley! The petite professional dancer also worked hard for her eventual Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the University of Pennsylvania, and now is happily married to her final pick, J.P. Rosenbaum. The two have a son, Fordham (Ford) together.

8. Clare Crawley


Another of Juan Pablo Galavis’ rejects, Clare was heartbroken when the man she thought was about to propose to her, dumped her instead. She remained composed but stood up for herself in that moment, showing her strength and class.

The youngest of six girls, Clare lost her father to brain cancer, and describes herself as low key, not romantic, and a hard worker. In fact, she says she has never even taken a vacation because she was always working her “buns” off! Now that is dedication. It paid off, as she now owns the Mecca Salon in Sacramento, California.

She has a great sense of humor too; when she stepped out of the limo that very first night with Juan Pablo, she was wearing a fake baby bump to freak him out! Already a dad to Camila, he did not end up picking Clare in the end, but she returned to the franchise on Bachelor in Paradise to continue her quest for love.

7. Ashley Salter


Oh, the adjectives that can (and have been) used to describe our third Ashley, who may be a surprising woman to make this list of great catches, but she really is. It was hard to see that until after her appearance on Chris Soules’ season, but we did see it later. Like so many other crazy contestants do, Ashley seemed quite normal after the fact, and very likable on Bachelor in Paradise.

This Georgia Peach (or, according to her, onion) has a degree in Human Development and Family Studies, and is very close to her family. She may have seemed bat-shit crazy on The Bachelor, but she was not afraid to be different, and is one of those people who is beautiful but doesn’t know it, or flaunt it.

6. Trista (Rehn) Sutter


Like Ashley Hebert after her, Trista is mostly remembered for being the Bachelorette and not for being dumped, thus leading her to that title. In fact, she was the very first Bachelorette, after being second choice to the man who started it all, Bachelor Alex Michel. Trista hails from the Midwest, but moved to Florida where she was a Miami Heat dancer/cheerleader, and attended the University of Miami. The sorority girl turned pediatric physical therapist is someone who is always sunny and smiling. She truly embraces kindness and honesty, as we have seen through the years during her many reality television appearances. She married her final pick, Ryan Sutter, and they now reside in beautiful Vail, Colorado with their two children.

5. Gia Allemand


Yet another third-placer, Gia was a fan favorite right away with how gentle she came across, a true girl-next-door. The New Yorker was undeniably gorgeous, even as a Gerber Baby and model for Johnson and Johnson. The former professional ballet dancer and Maxim swimsuit model was also a devout Christian who was on a mission to rescue the homeless, a lover of animals, and was dedicated to causes like childhood cancer. Her morals were the reason she was ultimately booted from the Bachelor Pad, after she refused to participate in a kissing game.

But sadly, appearances can be deceiving; Gia, who was definitely the whole package, was seemingly the only one unable see that her beauty and sparkle came from the inside as well as the outside.

4. Renee (Oteri) Maynard

via instagram

This peachy and beachy single mom from Florida is yet another heartbreak story at the hands of our friend Juan Pablo. She made it to fourth place, but ended up much better off, as she married her childhood sweetheart, Bracy Maynard, with whom she had another son, and is now expecting a third child. She says of this man she met over 20 years ago, “He was my first crush, my first kiss, my first boyfriend. When I was 12 I wrote in my diary that I was going to marry Bracy Maynard.” Now that is some women’s intuition! And much more romantic than anything even the Bachelor could be.

But Renee could have offered Juan Pablo so much: she is a loving mother and wife, a self-taught chef, and a free spirit who loves the ocean. She also loves keeping things simple, and speaks of the importance of balance in life.

3. Lindsay Yenter


Sean Lowe’s runner-up to wife Catherine is none other than the cute, artsy, and sporty Lindsay, who arrived night one wearing a wedding dress! Obviously it did not scare Sean off (marriage is the whole point of the show anyway, right?) and he only saw her funny side.

Lindsay grew up moving around a lot, as her father is an Army General. She even lived abroad in places like the Netherlands, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Such an upbringing produced an adaptable, worldly woman with a broad perspective on life. Even so, this social substitute-teacher describes herself as the “party-starter”.

2. Amanda Stanton

via instagram

Latest Bachelor Ben Higgins broke it off with mom of two Amanda after visiting her hometown in California. She is an esthetician who also has her own health and wellness site. She exudes calmness and patience even when insulted (like when fellow contestant Olivia compared her life to an episode of Teen Mom) and heartbroken (like when Ben broke up with her). Ben called her mature and selfless, while Amanda calls herself girly and says that she now wishes to remain out of the public eye for her daughters’ sakes as they get older. She was the first-ever parent of two to be on the show, and because of everything above, she had to make the list of the ones that got away.

1. Jubilee Sharpe

via instagram

This war veteran has it all – beauty, brains, brawn, and a whole lot more. The only thing she lacks is the knowledge that she deserves love. Also a contestant on Ben’s season; she was let go about halfway through for precisely this reason. Though she was arguably one of the most unique and controversial girls ever on the show, she was also one of the most real. She was a mix of good and bad, which is human, but usually the girls are portrayed as one or the other.

Haitian-born Jubilee lost her entire family before being adopted from an orphanage, and is able to talk openly and honestly about that and everything, including her relationship with Ben. The night she was sent home, they shared a very honest conversation the likes of which are not often seen on this show.

Jubilee, besides having served our country overseas, is also studying to be a Cardiac Stenographer Technician. She is a sports enthusiast, cello player, an avid reader, a thrill-seeker, a goofball, and a part-time model. She calls herself a tomboy who also rocks dresses and heels. What guy would not want that? Unfortunately, in the end, Jubilee is her own worst enemy, and her insecurities got the better of her with Ben.

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