Top 13 Baywatch Stars Who Perfected Slow Mo Beach Runs

Remember the ‘90s? It was the birth of Hammer Time, everybody took instructions from Vanilla Ice and the Macarena almost took over the world. It was also when one of the biggest shows in television history captivated audiences worldwide with Baywatch.

It was all about real women (mostly), real drama and real hot action. We couldn’t help but get a little nostalgic and decided to check out some of the best moments Baywatch had to offer including Pamela's slow motion beach runs, Carmen's sexy striptease and the Hoff in action.

During its infamous TV run that lasted over 11 seasons, Baywatch garnered a whole lot of attention. For many the sole reason for watching Baywatch was to see the gorgeous models, we mean lifeguards, gracefully run down the beach in slow motion in their iconic red bathing suits all for our viewing pleasure. If you think you had another reason for watching – think again.

It went on to become the most watched TV show in the world, with 1.1 billion viewers a week across more than 148 countries! We at TheRichest decided to honour Baywatch for all it was –epic slow-mo running, the Hoff in all his glory and 15 of the hottest beach babes. Join us as we reveal the Top 13 Baywatch Stars Who Looked Hot Running In Slow Motion

13 Stacy Kamano in Slo Mo Glory


12 Donna as Donna


11 Erika Eleniak - She Was Good At CPR


10 Jeremy Jackson

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9 Naughty Nudist Marliece Andrada

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8 Gena Lee Nolin in Slow Motion Perfection


7 David Chokachi 


6 Yasmine Bleeth - Always Hot, No Matter What


5 David Hasselhoff - Always Involved In Chase Scenes


4 J.D and His Beach Runs


3 Krista Allen and Her Sexy Workout

2 Carmen Electra - Baywatch Striptease

1 Pamela Anderson - Every Single Beach Run

Even if you’ve never watched an episode of Baywatch in your entire life, you will instantly know the name Pamela Anderson. The household name is all thanks to Pamela’s onscreen character Casey Jean “C.J” on the hit show Baywatch. She took the lifeguard job description to a whole new level and made the skimpy swimwear the object of desire in the hit TV show. According to the Guinness Book of World Records it is the most viewed show in the world, of all time. The show was viewed by a billion people worldwide! Pamela Anderson’s beach run may just be the reason why…



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Top 13 Baywatch Stars Who Perfected Slow Mo Beach Runs