Top 12 Worst Jealous Rages In Hollywood

Relationships can be complicated sometimes. A lot of emotions are involved, and there are times when people don’t exactly handle their emotions in the best ways. Jealousy is also a part of many romantic relationships. While a little bit of jealousy can be (kind of) healthy, such as not wanting your significant other to spend too much time talking to another man/woman, there are instances in which jealousy gets way out of control. If you’ve ever seen movies or documentaries about women or men killing their lovers, causing them harm, or stalking their ex’s new partner, you have a pretty good idea of the dangers of jealousy.

Unfortunately, celebrities are not immune when it comes to the green-eyed monster. Sometimes it’s hard for celebrities to deal with the fact that their significant others have moved on. There are also times when these celebrities want to send a message to their lovers that total devotion is a requirement for the relationship. Of course, people have different reasons for being jealous, but taking the high road is usually best when you feel the urge to go into a jealous rage—whether you’re a celebrity or not. Here are 12 of Hollywood’s worst jealous rages.

12 Joseline/Stevie J

11 Joe Budden/Audely

10 Kim Basinger/Alec Baldwin

9 Beyonce/Jay-Z

8 Charlie Sheen/Denise Richards

7 Chris Brown/Rihanna

6 Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie

5 Jennifer Garner/ Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner has a sweet and friendly image, and most people who have worked with the actress have nothing but good things to say about her. However, she wasn’t feeling particularly warm and fuzzy when she went into a fit of jealousy concerning husband Ben Affleck. A few years back, Garner allegedly learned that Affleck was still keeping in touch with Jennifer Lopez, his ex-fiance, and she lost it. Ben apparently made this information public, which definitely made Garner look bad. Reportedly, part of Garner’s jealous rage was booking a trip to Paris for her and her husband. She apparently decided that a romantic getaway would help her husband get his mind off Lopez. Looks like that didn’t work though, because Ben was recently accused of sleeping with the family’s nanny. There have been no reports of Garner having any jealous rages, so maybe she’s just fed up.

4 Portia de Rossi

3 Selena Gomez/Orlando Bloom

2 Jada Pinkett-Smith

1 Lisa Lopes/Andre Rison

The late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes was one third of the chart-topping R&B group TLC. Left Eye was the rapper of the group, and was known for her crazy style and outgoing personality. Lopes was also in the news pretty often for her relationship with Andre Rison, who was a football player for the Atlanta Falcons. While the two were very much in love, they had their share of fights, and were often on-again, off-again. During one of Lopes’ fits of rage, she decided to set Rison’s Atlanta mansion on fire. We’re guessing Rison got the message that Lisa wouldn’t tolerate any infidelity. Surprisingly, the two actually got back together after the incident! Sadly, Lopes passed away in a car accident in 2002.


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Top 12 Worst Jealous Rages In Hollywood