Top 12 Most Scientifically Perfect Celebrity Bodies

Science has narrowed down the perfect body, and according to one theory, it comes down to this: 1.618. This number represents the Golden Ratio, a thousand-year-old theory that goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks. They claimed that if something had the Golden Ratio, perfection had been met. In essence, the Golden Ratio is a mathematical formula that measures symmetry. Typically it is used as a measure of facial beauty but recently it has been applied to bodies as well, taking into account breast to waist, hip to waist and breast to hip ratios. Sculptors have also been known to use the Golden Ratio to create perfect bodies in their work.

The number 0.7 is also important when it comes to science’s perfect body, according to experiments done by psychology professor Devendra Singh. 0.7 refers to the ideal waist-hip ratio (WHR). This particular number is strongly associated with attractiveness all around the world. But, why is that? Some say it is because it predicts a woman's ability to bear children; others think it has something to do with a woman's ability to survive, while others say it is a predictor of health due to the distribution of abdominal fat. Either way, if your proportions come down to a 0.7, you are a hottie with a body. So, according to science, who in Hollywood has reached bodily perfection? Let's take a look.


12 Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio, a Brazilian Victoria’s Secret Model, has made a career out of her body, which makes sense considering she is considered to have perfect and sexy proportions with a waist that is 70% that of her hip size. Her body has served her well as she is now one of the highest-paid models. All of this makes sense given that we typically think of Ambrosio as one of the ‘Sexiest Women’ in the world. It appears that when it comes to her body, she is genetically blessed because her only confirmed cosmetic surgery was on her ears, of all places.

11 Katy Perry


There is a reason Katy Perry is in every teenage dream. After all, she has a golden ratio of 92%, making her very symmetrical. And is there anything sexier than a symmetrical body? Science tells us not. Perry is commonly regarded as one of the sex symbols of our time and everyone seems to have a say on the topic of Perry’s goods. GQ called her a “full-on male fantasy” while Elle claimed that she has a body that appears as though it was “sketched by a teenage boy.” She has been given other favourable titles like “most beautiful woman in the world” and now everything all adds up. 

10 Venus De Milo

You might not find yourself daydreaming about Venus De Milo, the ancient Greek statue, given that she is slightly misshapen, but maybe you might start after we tell you that she is a very attractive statue indeed. For anyone needing a little history lesson, the Venus De Milo is believed to represent the greek Goddess Aphrodite - a goddess of love and beauty. She has perfect proportions when it comes to the size of her waist and hips, which means that, if given the chance, she probably would have bore some healthy children. For anyone wanting a little excitement in their loins, the Venus De Milo is putting her goods on display for only a small charge at The Louvre in Paris, like the classy broad she is.

9 Kelly Brook


Kelly Brook, an English model and actress, has golden proportions (a golden ratio of 92.9% to be exact). She came in 6th place in a study that was examining celebrities and the Golden Ratio, making her body more enviable, at least scientifically speaking, than the likes of Cameron Diaz and famous supermodel Elle Macpherson, who have made a lot of money based on their bodies alone. The magazine Grazia gave Brook the title of having the ‘Best Female British Body.’ Out of 15 million people, she also came out on top in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World list several times. It seems a lot of men are after her - she has already racked up four husbands in the process.

8 Jessica Alba

It is no wonder that Jessica Alba has scored so many bikini roles due to her figure alone. With her 0.7 hip to waist ratio, Alba’s body is pure attraction: biologically, she likely has a lower risk of disease and a great ability to carry and bear healthy children. Too bad she won’t be bearing any man other than Cash Warren any children any time soon. Alba is routinely the apple of many eyes, on every ‘most beautiful and sexiest women' lists and now we know why. However, despite her obvious sex appeal, Alba has spoken out about how she doesn’t want to be typecast into those kinds of roles. “Contrary to how people may feel, I've never used my sexuality,” she says.

7 Rita Ora


Pop singer Rita Ora, who has become well-known in recent years (partially because of her overexposed relationship with Robert Kardashian that did not end very well) and various singles like "Black Widow" has come in 5th place based on the most symmetrical bodies in Hollywood, with a golden ratio of 93%. It only makes sense, then, that Ora has been linked with a number of male celebrities despite her relatively small time in the spotlight, including Calvin HarrisBruno Mars and Richard Hilfiger. 

6 Kate Moss

Supermodel Kate Moss is another celeb with a perfect hip-to-ratio of 0.7, which probably explains her extensive modelling career. This one is particularly interesting because Kate Moss has a distinct lack of curves (she was the face of size zero clothing) and is known for her infamous statement that “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” To recall, Kate Moss single-handedly made “heroin chic” popular back in 90s - long gone were the days of the athletic women of the 70s. Despite this, however, science proves that curves don’t necessarily always translate into sexiness.


5 Helen Mirren


Science does not discriminate: not against body type or age (clearly, since Oscar-winner Helen Mirren is seventy years old). While Mirren’s body wouldn’t have likely made any other ‘Hottest Bodies in Hollywood’ lists, we can’t argue with the science when it tells us that Mirren has a ratio of 1.546 or a golden ratio of 95.6. The hips don’t lie. It’s no wonder that Mirren is happiest when on a nude beach, with her near perfect bod and all. In fact, she says, “I’m a naturist at heart. I love being on beaches where everyone is naked. Ugly people, beautiful people, old people, whatever. It’s so unisexual and so liberating.”

4 Kim Kardashian

We have a feeling that Kim Kardashian would be pleased to find herself on this list - after all, she reportedly spends thousands of dollars on maintaining her body. She is always on a diet and regularly makes comments about her weight and how she is getting into shape. Nevertheless, Kardashian has a golden ratio of 1.558 or 96.3 percent close to the Golden Ratio, which is pretty close to perfect (it remains to be seen whether this came naturally to her, but nevertheless, she has one of the most perfect bodies in Hollywood, even if she did pay for it).

3 Scarlett Johansson


Is anyone surprised by this? Of course not. After all, she is one of the major sex symbols of our time and there is obviously a reason why we call her the Sexiest Woman Alive, except now we have the science and math to support our obsession with her. With a Golden Ratio of 1.56, which works out to 96.4 percent close to the Golden Ratio, Johansson’s body is one of the closest to perfection. But what does Johansson think about being a sex symbol? She says that, “It's nice to be glamorous, but I don't want to always have to be trendy and glamorous and an object of desire. I don't want to be stuck in that forever. Because it doesn't last.” Soak all of her perfection up while you can, folks.

2 Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek, known for her role in From Dusk Till Dawn, Once Upon a Time in Mexico and more recently Frieda, has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, at least according to various scientific theories, which tell us she is perfectly symmetrical and proportionate. At 49 years old, she has the body of someone at least half her age. Not only does her symmetrical body give her an 88% Golden Ratio, but she also is said to have 39/24/36 measurements, which gives her a pretty good waist-hip ratio, signaling mega attractiveness. In other words, she’s pretty good at bearing children.

1 Marilyn Monroe


It comes as no surprise that sex symbol Marilyn Monroe had one of the most scientifically perfect and sexiest bodies. When it comes to the Golden Ratio and symmetricalness (and basically perfection). Monroe placed 4th, with a ratio of 1.7185 (94%). Even more, when it came to her waist and hip circumference, another indication of attractiveness, Marilyn Monroe had a waist-hip ratio of 0.7. To reiterate, this particular number is highly associated with a woman’s ability to bear children, which is likely why she was found to be so sexy the world over.


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