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Top 12 Hottest ‘Tiny Waist and Big Booty’ Celebs

Top 12 Hottest ‘Tiny Waist and Big Booty’ Celebs

Get your corsets and waist trainers out because the latest trend in beauty is all about the tiny waist and big booty, thanks in large part to Kim Kardashian for popularizing the hourglass body type again. Interestingly, it is one of the least common body types in women and not a very attainable one, either – only 8% of the women in the world naturally have these proportions. So, unless you are genetically blessed, the only way to get this body type is through plastic surgery (and/or by twisting and contorting your organs through corsets, with only temporary results). Of course, Kim Kardashian isn’t the original trendsetter. The hourglass figure has always been fetishized, especially in art and sculptures; it has just taken a while for this body type to be considered the most beautiful again.

Why is the hourglass figure considered so attractive? One study found that men view a woman’s waist the most attractive part of her body, even more so than her face or the size of their breasts, which points to how healthy a woman is and how well she can conceive. In celebration of all the women who look like hourglasses (real or not), here are some very sexy contenders.

12. Iggy Azalea


Iggy Azalea, an Australian rapper, rose to fame with songs like “Work” and “Fancy.” On the topic of her body, Azalea is one of few women to openly discuss the alterations that they’ve had done – which, for Azalea, involved changes to her breasts and nose. We admire her responsibility to her younger fans in reminding them that “You can never be perfect.” Similarly, she said, “You can kind of modify and upgrade and change (yourself). I don’t think positive body image means always having to be 100 per cent natural.” Regardless of her plastic surgery, it is clear that Iggy has curves in all the right places with a small waist to boot.

11. Kate Winslet


We can’t be sure what Kate Winslet would think if she were to find herself on a hottest “Tiny Waist and Big Booty” celebs list, but she would probably be flattered, right? (and also have a good laugh). In any case, have you looked at Kate Winslet lately? We love her hourglass curves and tiny waist, which are quite evident when she makes red carpet appearances. We are going to assume that her curves are all-natural because there haven’t been any rumours to suggest otherwise. On the topic of being real, Winslet also has signed a no photoshop clause and is all about taking getting older in stride.

10. Amber Rose


Kim Kardashian’s rival and Kanye West’s former flame, Amber Rose, a model, is basically Kim Kardashian reincarnated (Kanye obviously has a type). Picture Kim Kardashian’s booty and tiny waist on steroids. In fact, Amber Rose has been known to post a selfie or two to show a certain Kardashian up. But what would a Kardashian knock-off be without butt augmentation rumours? Amber Rose has certainly had her fair share of them. Nevertheless, she still has a secure spot on the list of ‘Tiny Waist and Big Booty Celebs’ – so much so that even Scott Disick said that her body is “banging” and that her assets could “make a grown man cry.”

9. Nicki Minaj


No one is surprised to see Nicki Minaj on this list. When it comes to Minaj, a lot of talk comes down to her body, and primarily her buttocks – especially after she released her now infamous music video, “Anaconda,” where her bottom is the star of the show. Although there may be some speculation over whether or not Minaj is a true “Tiny Waist and Big Booty” celeb (we’re sure you’ve heard all of the butt implant rumours and have seen the shots of her bottom “exploding” on stage), does it really matter? Her body is truly other worldly and her gigantic backside really highlights her tiny waist. It’s a waist so tiny that an anaconda could wrap itself around her at least 100 times.

8. Megan Fox


Everyone’s favourite piece of eye candy, actress Megan Fox’s place in popular culture is in large part due to her looks and her body, with her tiny waist and nicely shaped derriere. In fact, she is considered one of the major sex symbols of the 2000s. She exploded in 2009, which led to multiple online sites refusing to even discuss her due to the fact that she was covered so extensively. But the secret to her tiny waist? Fox seems to follow a similar method of attaining such body goals as Kim Kardashian, with the use of a corset that effectively “trains your waist” (i.e. squishes your organs). But all in the name of beauty, right?

7. Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner is the spitting image of her older sister Kim Kardashian, looks wise, especially when it comes to her body. She has all of the iconic Kardashian curves (booty included) and tiny waist, despite her young age of eighteen years old. And when it comes to plastic surgery rumours, Kylie Jenner is no exception there, either (and, like a true Kardashian, denies everything). There is talk that she went under the knife to get a curvier appearance, including hip, butt and breast implants. In fact, a celebrity dermatologist recently spoke out and said that Kim and Kylie Kardashian both had hip and butt implants and that it’s irresponsible of them to promote unrealistic expectations in young girls and women. Nevertheless, her bod is to die for.

6. Beyonce


Obviously, Beyonce is the queen of the curves – that much isn’t new to anyone. She is fit and strong and works hard for her body. In other words, Beyonce will forever be bootylicious and with good reason. But she is much more than her obviously beautiful body, big booty and tiny waist – she is all about powerful women who live their lives beyond that of what society dictates for them and talks about the dangers of striving for perfection. Beyonce says: “Perfection is a disease of a nation.” They don’t call Beyonce ‘Queen’ for no reason, right?

5. Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian has blessed us with: a sex tape, Kim K emojis and an hourglass body shape for us to all lust after: a tiny waist and a curvaceous bottom, a body type that she singlehandedly brought to the forefront of popular culture and one that is probably the least attainable (we still don’t know if Kim K’s booty is the real deal or not). Through selfies of waist trainers and selfies of derrieres, the Kardashians bombard us with their bodies and curves. Tiny waist workouts, booty workouts – they are everywhere. Liposuction, tummy tucks and Brazilian butt lifts and butt pads – we want it all. We are all becoming little Kim Kardashians: if that isn’t the basis for a dystopian novel, we’re not sure what is.

4. Eva Mendes


Eva Mendes stole one of Hollywood’s favourite Hollywood hotties, Ryan Gosling, for good, and her good looks probably had something to do with it. Mendes, who is known for her roles in 2 Fast 2 Furious and Hitch, is on every hottest women list and her fit booty and cinched-in waist are making us all jealous. Cocio chocolate milk couldn’t have picked a better model with a body like that. Even though Mendes stays out of the Hollywood limelight, no one will be forgetting her curves anytime soon.

3. Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is the original Kim Kardashian, putting bigger booties on the map: the bigger the better. Yes, Jennifer Lopez is certainly known for her curves and particular derriere (and, of course, her talents in the music industry) and at 46 she looks like she isn’t anywhere close to stopping. J Lo certainly made that clear after her “Booty” music video. On the topic, she had this to say: “I’m standing next to this girl who is 24 years old and I’m in my 40s and there’s no difference. Women need to see that and feel that.” Nevertheless, her small waist is one that is making all of us jealous, especially when she does not hesitate to show off her tiny proportions at award shows and dazzling in diamonds to top it all off.

2. Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara, best known for her role in the television series Modern Family, was originally discovered because of her good looks when she was casually walking on a beach one day, which led to immediate modeling and television opportunities. If that’s not the dream, we’re not sure what is. Needless to say, Vergara is the apple of everyone’s eye. If you’ve been lucky enough to see her in a bikini, her small waist and unbelievably curvy and fit bottom is one to be reckoned with, striking the perfect balance between the two. At 43 years of age, Vergara can definitely hang with the twenty-year-olds.

1. Scarlett Johansson


It has been said that Scarlett Johansson is regarded as one of the few universally beautiful women on the planet. Part of this has to do with her hourglass figure that is on par with the likes of sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe, with her small waist, booty and hourglass figure. It comes as no surprise that she would be one considered one of the sexiest women on the planet due to her curves alone – after all, studies show that hourglass figures light up the male brain in the same way that drugs and alcohol can.

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