Top 10 Worst Female Celeb Bar Fights Of All Time

To most people, the bar is a place to hang out with friends, have a few drinks and watch the latest sports game. OK, it’s also most likely the place where you’re going to get hit on, a lot. However, s

To most people, the bar is a place to hang out with friends, have a few drinks and watch the latest sports game. OK, it’s also most likely the place where you’re going to get hit on, a lot. However, some people have always used the bar as a place to get way too drunk and belligerent. This almost always leads to trouble, and that’s how the ever-popular bar fight was born.

Bar fights are centuries old. They were made popular in Old Western films, but they take many forms. Whether you’re in the mood for some reality show-style conflict involving your favorite celebrities, or you prefer your bar fights a little more sophisticated, where the participants exchange catty insults, there’s likely a bar fight style out there for you.

When women get into fights, it can be a little cringe-worthy. Let’s be honest, it’s not the classiest thing in the world. Yes, some guys thoroughly enjoy it, but that doesn’t make it a good idea. Then again, it depends on the type of celebrity you want to be. A bar fight could cause people to shake their heads in disappointment, applaud you, or at least talk about you in the news for a while. Interestingly, these could all turn into positive things for celebrities. Here are 10 of the worst female bar fights.

10 JWoww

Jennifer Farley, also known as JWoww, has likely had her share of bar fights. However, one brawl required the assistance of her then-boyfriend Roger (the two are now married). Apparently, a drunk guy at a New Jersey club was giving JWoww some unwanted attention, and Roger stepped in to get the guy to go away. He tells him to “take a walk” but the guy (who was very drunk) would rather fight. Farley stands in between the two men to keep them from fighting, but Roger is able to get a pretty good punch in before security carries the other guy out of the club.

9 Avril Lavigne

Avril has been out of the public eye for quite some time after revealing that she’s been suffering from Lyme disease. Before she took a break from the spotlight, she and then-boyfriend Brody Jenner, got into a brawl with five other people at Beacher’s Madhouse in Hollywood. Apparently Lavigne is pretty scrappy, but Jenner did sustain some injuries trying to defend his girl. Security had to break up the fight, and everyone involved was detained. Jenner and Lavigne are no longer together, but you’ve got to respect a guy who will try to keep you from getting pummeled in a bar fight.

8 Lolo Jones

The Olympian, who is in her 30s and is known for her athletic skill and religious convictions, was said to have punched a woman in a bar. Olympic swimmer Amy Van Dyken stated on her radio show that she’d heard about Jones’ bar fight, and the story was repeated on Fox Sports Tonight. Allegedly, the victim of the punch was the stepdaughter of Tony Carlino, who is a coach and former Olympic bobsledder. Lolo Jones has been training for bobsledding, and is also known for her track and field career. Luckily, the U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton Federation didn’t punish Jones for the incident. Maybe she’s just that good at bobsledding, or perhaps there’s more to the story.

7 Jayde Nicole

Jayde Nicole and her boyfriend at the time Brody Jenner, got into a bar fight with Joe Francis. Francis was flirting with Nicole’s friend, and he wouldn’t stop, so Jayde decided to throw a drink at him. The next day, Brody took to social media to tell the world that Joe Francis beat up his girlfriend. Jenner stated that Francis punched and kicked Nicole, and that Francis belonged in jail for assaulting a woman. Brody Jenner did attempt to defend his woman, and the police got involved, because he was tasered during the fight. However, Jenner wasn’t wrong about Francis needing to be in jail for assaulting a woman. Then again, we unfortunately can’t expect much from the guy who is rich because of Girls Gone Wild.

6 Kim Kardashian

Contrary to somewhat popular opinion, everyone doesn’t want to keep up with the Kardashians, and some people really don’t care for Kim. Apparently, when Kim was out with some of her family members, a guy at a bar got a little out of hand. He started saying some inappropriate things, and his drunk girlfriend wanted to add her two cents as well. The situation started to get physical, but luckily, Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick were there to protect Kim. Kim stated the next day on social media that she was “totally fine” and thanked her sister and (sort of) brother-in-law for stepping in.

5 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has had more than her share of media attention, and it hasn’t all been because of an acting project. Lindsay Lohan was known as a kid (and young adult) for her work on the movies The Parent Trap, Herbie The Love Bug and Freaky Friday, but her battle with addiction and frequent stints in rehab have put her career on hold. There was also that one time Lohan was at Voyeur nightclub in L.A. and got assaulted by a waitress. According to the actress, the waitress punched her “for no reason.” Lohan came to Voyeur to celebrate her 24th birthday, but the waitress clearly wasn’t happy to see her. Maybe she was trying to knock some sense (and sobriety) into the actress.

4 Paz De La Huerta and Samantha Swetra

A few years ago, Paz De La Huerta, an actress known for her work on Boardwalk Empire, got into a scuffle with Samantha Swetra, who is also an actress. Swetra stars on The City, an MTV reality show. De La Huerta allegedly punched Swetra during the fight, and hit her with a glass, leaving Swetra with a bloody nose. Paz also stated that she was a real actress who starred on an HBO show, while Samantha was a fake actress and only wanted publicity. That may have hurt worse than the punch in the face. De La Huerta pled guilty for harassing Swetra when the case was brought to court, and said she was “extremely glad this was over.” Imagine how Swetra must have felt. The fight was likely fueled by alcohol. De La Huerta was once turned away from a Golden Globes after-party because she was too drunk to go inside.

3 Shanna Moakler and Paris Hilton

Shanna Moakler, a model and actress who was once married to rocker Travis Barker, allegedly hit Paris Hilton in a nightclub. The situation was so serious that Hilton decided to call the police, and both women ended up filing police reports. Apparently, the two had been feuding for quite some time, and things finally got physical when one of Paris’ exes, Stavros Niarchos, threw a drink at Moakler. Shanna, who was with her friend Cheryl Burke at the time of the incident, went to go get the police after the drink was thrown on her. There was a verbal exchange between Hilton and Moakler, and it was reported that Stavros also bent Shanna’s wrist back and threw her down some steps. Maybe he was defending Paris’ honor. It was reported that Shanna hit Paris in the jaw, so it’s likely that Hilton was scared to retaliate on her own.

2 Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice is a former Real Housewife of New York, who is currently serving time in prison due to some shady financial decisions she and her husband Joe made. She’s also known for getting into fights. Perhaps you recall her infamous table flip and meltdown that took place on a Real Housewives of New York episode a few years ago. Giudice also started trouble during a vacation in the Dominican Republic, where she poured champagne all over the bar, and even on a few of the patrons. A man confronted Teresa and threw a punch, which caused Teresa’s husband to get involved. While Joe Giudice was teaching the guy a lesson, he accidently hit another bar patron with a glass. Yeah, the whole thing was just a mess. Some people are really bad at holding their liquor.

1 Snooki

Snooki, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, is mostly well-known for being part of the original cast of the MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. Snooki had her share of less-than-classy moments on TV, but we couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for her when she was punched in the face by an angry guy named Brad Ferro. Ferro, who was a gym teacher, was arrested for disorderly conduct and assault, according to the New York Post. The drunk Ferro, who was not part of the Jersey Shore cast, was advised by club bouncers to stop drinking, but he continued to get intoxicated. He even started to steal drinks from Snooki and her friends, and that’s when the trouble started. MTV took a lot of heat for the incident, since the network has been criticized before for displaying footage that seems to glorify violence against women. The bar fight was deleted from the Jersey Shore episode it was intended for.


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Top 10 Worst Female Celeb Bar Fights Of All Time