Top 10 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

Some are genuine and unintentional, some downright fake and some an outright attempt to grab media attention, but celebrity wardrobe malfunctions are today’s reality. What’s worse is that most celebri

Some are genuine and unintentional, some downright fake and some an outright attempt to grab media attention, but celebrity wardrobe malfunctions are today’s reality. What’s worse is that most celebrity wardrobe malfunctions seem to happen right where the cameras are. Click! Click! And pictures are plastered all over the Internet in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, the photo evidence of all such unfortunate incidences gets more viewer eyeballs in a matter of minutes than actual news does, and while most viewers love to gawk at such photos, most celebrities would rather we just forget about them. Here are ten such celebrity 'oops' moments that some of these stars would rather have us forget about, sooner rather than later.

10 Emma Watson ‘Nip Slip’ Fiasco

Emma Watson of the Harry Potter fame is no stranger to wardrobe malfunctions, but at the premiere for The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Emma Watson’s beautiful Georgio Armani gown slipped a notch to reveal her taped breasts! Though Emma quickly fixed the dress and prevented a mishap of much worse proportions, she got snapped in a couple of embarrassing photos. The 22 years old actress is most definitely wishing that people would remember her beautiful champagne colored Georgio Armani gown, rather than her embarrassing slip up.

9 Katherine Heigl Halter Strap Undoing

Katherine Heigl Halter Strap Undoing

At the 2010 ShoWest Awards in Las Vegas, 27 Dresses star Katherine Heigl had a wardrobe malfunction of her own. During her acceptance speech for an award, Katherine realized that the halter strap of her red silk dress had just come undone. Keeping her wits about her, she handled the malfunction with grace and delivered her speech holding on to her dress for dear life. The show’s host, Billy Bush later tweeted that he really had to fight some adolescent instincts while giving Katherine a helping hand to re-tie her halter strap back.

8 Kim Kardashian’s Back Rip

Kim Kardashian’s Back Rip

A curvy Kim Kardashian learnt about the risks of wearing tight, black leather dresses at her 2012 Jimmy Kimmel live appearance. The reality star practically spilt out of her tight little dress when the seam ripped up at the back. Not one to stay down for long, the lady did not shy away from the problem at hand and found a way to get through this fiasco with a little more fame and limelight. She took to Twitter to poke fun at her own wardrobe malfunction and even posted photos of her assistants trying to sew the dress back on her. One thing’s for sure; this star sure has the knack of spinning some possibly bad publicity into a favorable one.

7 Sofia Vergara’s Derriere Exposé

Just 20 minutes before her show, Modern family won an Emmy for the best comedy show at the 2012 Prime Time Emmy Awards, Sofia Vergara famously ripped out of her dress, exposing her derriere. Sofia was dressed in a gorgeous, form-fitting teal gown from the Zuhair Murad collection. Unfortunately for her, the curvature of her derriere proved to be a bit much for the hapless gown and it had the actress scrambling around for some help, minutes before she collected her award. Not one to be embarrassed by such an inconsequential circumstance, the lady immediately took to Twitter to announce her malfunction first hand to the world!

6 Tara Reid’s Boob Show

Tara Reid’s Boob Show

American Pie actress, Tara Reid had one of the worst dress malfunctions on the red carpet at P Diddy’s birthday bash event. Though it baffled quite a few as to how it went unnoticed for as long as it did, Tara practically slipped out of her black gown’s straps and revealed a full left breast. The exposure went completely unnoticed till Tara’s publicist assisted in getting her dress back up her shoulder. The paparazzi went on with its camera flashes mercilessly and did not appear at all accommodating when a visibly embarrassed Tara came up to request them not to leak the photos. Unfortunately, Tara is still known for this really bad wardrobe malfunction, though it happened almost a decade ago.

5 Paris Hilton’s Missing Undergarments

Very recently, heiress Paris Hilton had a major wardrobe malfunction at her 33rd birthday celebration in West Hollywood’s Greystone Manor. Attired in a hot pink dress with really high slits, Paris seemed blissfully unaware that she was flashing a lot more skin than she had intended at the ever-present cameras. The lady seemed to be having a hard time trying to keep her dress slits in place as she let everyone know that she had arrived there minus some very essential pieces of underwear. Her crotch show was embarrassingly 2014’s worst fashion faux pas and it will certainly be very tough to top this one.

4 Janet Jackson’s On-Stage Nipplegate

Janet Jackson’s On-Stage Nipplegate

The most famous of all wardrobe malfunction scandals is the unforgettable, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake ‘Nipplegate’ at their Superbowl halftime performance in 2004. The end of a song and dance performance wherein Justin was supposed to rip off the top layer of Janet’s bondage inspired costume, turned out to be quite an eyeful for onlookers. Justin ripped off much more than intended, exposing Janet’s pierced right breast for all to see. Though the malfunction lasted for less than a second, it sparked a whole lot of fuss about indecency. Sadly, this particular wardrobe malfunction looked completely accidental and Janet, in particular, paid very dearly for it.

3 Toni Braxton’s On-Stage Back Drop

Toni Braxton’s On-Stage Back Drop

During a concert in New Jersey, the back of singer, Toni Braxton’s dress practically floored, exposing her voluptuous derriere. Unconscious to the fact that she was exposing her bum in front of the crowds, the singer just kept on singing till a guy on stage handed her his jacket. The singer seemed neither too embarrassed nor too conscious as she stayed right on stage and continued singing, while two people from her troupe tried to fix her dress under the jacket. What’s more, when they couldn't do anything about the damned dress, Toni just went right ahead and took it off, right there on the stage and finished the concert in her borrowed jacket, no less!

2 Joanna Krupa’s Backyard Boob Show

Joanna Krupa’s Backyard Boob Show

Joanna Krupa definitely takes the award for the most number of public wardrobe malfunctions, but the jury is still out on whether all of them were genuine or some were staged. Either way, people enjoyed all of her shows! The Real Housewives of Miami star, Joanna Krupa seemed to be harmlessly playing with her dog, fully clothed in the back yard, when the wind suddenly took liberties and blew her blue top way up. Not that anyone complained about Joanna’s full frontal nudity but she does seem to be having too many of these, no?

1 Lindsay Lohan’s Boob Flash

Lindsay Lohan’s Boob Flash

While stepping out of a helicopter in Florianopolis, Brazil, Lindsay Lohan continued with her string of wardrobe malfunctions by letting her boobs spill out of her strappy summer dress. This is one of those incidents that Lindsay got away with, as her hair saved the day. Her strategically placed long hair helped Lindsay maintain her dignity as she got off just showing her side boob, where her bra-less state meant that there was a major disaster just waiting to happen. Not that it matters, but the near catastrophic wardrobe malfunction hardly put a dent on Lindsay’s partying spirit, for she sure had fun in her Brazilian sojourn.

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Top 10 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions