Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tanning Disasters

The season of trying to achieve the perfect glow is upon us. Whether it's by lying poolside, hitting up the tanning bed, or faking it with a lotion or spray, many people want that coveted tan. The beauty industry says that tan skin makes you have clearer looking skin, a thinner looking physique, a warmer complexion, and (if it's a UV tan), a healthy dose of vitamin D.

The tanning trend started with fashion designer Coco Chanel. Back when ivory skin was the go-to look, Chanel stayed out in the sun too long on her vacation in the French Rivera. Chanel was synonymous with the latest styles, so everyone assumed that tan was the new 'it' look. Some people may have taken this look a little to far, however. The sad truth is that many tans turn out far from perfect. Tan lines, sunburn, orange hues and streaky coloring can all ruin the natural look we try to achieve. And celebrities are no exception. Although they have the dough to invest in the latest and greatest tanning technologies, things can still go wrong. Check out the tanning disasters that happened to these ten celebrities:

10 Bradley Cooper

Far from the worst tan we've seen, it's still obvious that Bradley Cooper applied self tanner a little too heavily on his face, since it's a completely different color from both his neck and the skin that shows through his stubble. Cooper sported this two-toned face in 2010, on the red carpet premiere of Valentine's Day. We were happy to see that Cooper stayed away from bronzing in recent years, although those curlers in American Hustle were pretty frightening, too. Cooper's very talented, however, so we can see past these embarrassments.

9 Elle MacPherson

8 Lindsay Lohan

7 Christina Aguilera

6 Gisele Bundchen

Brazil supermodel, Gisele Bundchen makes a living from doing photo shots, which is why we're all really surprised as to why she wasn't prepared with sun screen for this one - an outdoor swimsuit shoot in Malibu. The Cali sun left poor Bundchen with bikini top tan lines and blotchy sunburn on her chest. We can only imagine the burn felt as painful to her as it is to look at for us. We hope next time she slathers on the sunscreen or throws on a cover up on her breaks.

5 Donald Trump

4 Kim Kardashian

In April 2009, Kim Kardashian got into trouble while trying to get a tan. Kardashian fell asleep while sunbathing in Mexico, and the hot southern sun left nearly her whole body burnt, except for her eye area, which was shielded by her big Prada sunglasses. Kardashian posted a picture of the painful-looking burn on her Twitter, and said, "'My whole body is burned but my face looks the worst because of the glasses. I will never wear sunglasses when sunbathing again!" Kardashian said she usually tans and never burns, but we all know the sun near the equator is extra strong, so she should have used more protection. To make things worse, Kardashian had to make a TV appearance on The CW, just days after receiving the burn. She was forced to layer on foundation to conceal her lobster-like appearance, and we can imagine the makeup didn't feel good on her fried skin.

3 Aubrey O'day

2 Nicole Cutler

Ballroom dancer, Nicole Cutler may be used to going heavy on the glitz and makeup for performances, but this tan is way overboard. Culter glows like a neon tangerine from very heavily applied tanner, especially on her forehead, cheeks and chest. As well as being a member of the professional dance world, Cutler appeared on the British TV series, Strictly Come Dancing twice. However, we think she should remember to strictly stay away from the self tanner.

1 Snooki

The stars of The Jersey Shore proudly lived by the motto G.T.L. or "gym, tan, laundry," so it's no surprise that their most famous cast mate, Snooki, took her tan to another level. Snooki kept her skin incredibly dark from lounging on the beach and religiously using tanning beds. We can only imagine the skin damage that's going to cause. When Snooki became pregnant with her first child, however, she gave the tanning a rest for her and her baby's health. "I'm actually embracing the paleness. It's kind of a new look," she told ABC.

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