Top 10 Ways Batman Can Beat Superman Without Kryptonite

Batman takes on Superman in the latest DC/Warner Bros. film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which hits theatres this weekend. This is supposedly the next Superman film, which makes having Batman in it a bit weird. But we had to see this story line happen eventually. DC wanted to get it out of the way so that we could see a bigger story set up down the line for the Justice League. This was a good way to bring people together, but it's kind of crazy that they didn't use the original setup. (Oh well, it's not up to us to judge).

One thing that must be mentioned is that Superman is clearly a very powerful character. Batman is a mortal, despite his crazed vigilante nature. Batman is truly the only major superhero in DC that does not have some sort of superpower out of the original majors in the League. That makes him far more vulnerable than most would think. DC is setting this movie up very well. People see Superman as a God due to what he can do. They know that if he chose to, he could enslave all of mankind and no one would be able to do a thing about it....or could they?

In all of time, Batman is one of the few people who could go head to head with Superman and actually beat him. How could he do it? Surely, Kryptonite would do the job and thankfully it will play a part in the movie saga with Superman. However, there are other ways to take out the Man of Steel. We know that Superman can go down due to Kryptonite. It seemed far too easy for us to bring up ways Batman could beat him that way. So we came up with a couple ways Batman can beat Superman without using Kryptonite. Enjoy.


10 Let Doomsday Run Wild


In all of comic history, Superman has died a few times, only to come back later. The one who actually killed him was a monster called Doomsday. He could take Superman in various ways due to being bred from Krypton, like him. He was seen as a powerful monster there, which made us take him as a threat just based on history. Keep in mind, Krypton was not like Earth and the people there weren't all like Superman is on our planet today. As a result of this, monsters like Doomsday were clearly a threat.

However, at one point in the comics Superman had to kill Doomsday. The two fought and fought, but finally Superman was able to take out the monster, dying in the process. That meant that all Batman would have to do is wait for Doomsday to have his fun and he could truly pick up the pieces and go from there.

While this is unlikely, Batman very well could let Doomsday have Superman and just wait. However, Batman knows that Doomsday is a threat to the planet and Superman is the only being that could save Earth from it. He wouldn't allow Superman to take on this monster alone. However, if the ultimate mission was to take out Superman...Doomsday is a pretty good option.

9 Mind Control

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It's been proven throughout the comics that many superheroes could have their mind altered or they could be controlled altogether. Superman was no different. He has had his mind controlled before in fact.

The Young Justice animated series explored this as Vandal Savage lead his team in a fight to take over the world by slowly removing many people and replacing them with clones. He even took over the minds of several heroes with little control devices. Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, and many others had their minds warped by Savage due to the device. That means devices exist that are powerful enough to take over even the Man of Steel.

Batman is nothing if not intelligent. He could develop something easily that could force Clark Kent to kill himself if he wanted to. Mind control plays a major part in the DC Comics world and I'd be willing to bet that it is used in the movie world eventually.

8 Make Him Fear You

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Batman is a scary guy, but could he really scare Superman enough for him to just give up? Of course not. That is what toxins are for. Scarecrow has something called a fear toxin. It is quite powerful and has been effective against several people.

Let us pretend that Superman is all-powerful and is not someone who can be affected by this in the same dosage that normal humans can be. Batman is, again, very smart. If he had a chance to look into the toxin, he could alter it with some other ingredients and make it very strong. He could also continue to dose Superman with it as long as he wanted. He could program Superman to fear him, which would then force the Man of Steel to give up to Batman without the Dark Knight ever truly laying a hand on him.

The fear toxin has been used a lot in the comics, and on several people throughout the universe. It would not be crazy to think it could be used now against Superman.

7 Let's Go Nuclear


In the graphic novel known as The Dark Knight Returns, (the very novel that most of this film is based on) Batman uses nuclear weapons on Superman. It works well in fact, as it pushes a lot of radiation his way. Radiation is fine if Superman can heal from it.

However, it caused a winter where the sun wasn't out. That could lead to a weakened Superman. The more nuclear you go against him, the better. Of course Batman knows by doing this, he risks his own health as he exposes himself and others to a lot of radiation. It could also be world-ending, in fact. However, if the man holds that much of a grudge against Superman, he would easily have this available. Superman would only grow weaker by it and it would eventually end him for good.

6 Go Super Sonic

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Batman may be a normal human, but that is what helps him a great deal here. Superman has excellent fact, one would call it super-hearing. He can hear things miles away from where he is, and if he concentrated enough, he could hear almost anything from anywhere on Earth.

That means super-hearing aides him well in his fight for the good of the world. However, it also hurts him. A Super Sonic attack against Superman could deafen the Man of Steel. A sonic weapon was used against Superman before, so we know DC has it to use whenever they want. On top of this, these attacks can last until you blow up his mind. It took Superman to his knees before, so imagine a major sonic weapon that is upgraded just for Superman? That is a weapon that could win the battle for Batman big time.

5 Red Sun

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Superman gets his powers from our yellow sun, but on Krypton he was under a red sun that didn't do anything for him or make him special. The yellow sun gives him everything he needs while the red sun would weaken him. If Batman could somehow rig up some tech to cover the sky where the yellow sun could not be used, he could use red sun radiation to help him in his attacks on Superman. That would then hurt the Man of Steel and with yellow sun covered, he could not recover.

That would then allow Batman to win as he would pretty much take away Superman's powers and basically make it come down to a normal man versus another normal man. That is a fight Batman wins every time.

4 Wonder Woman's Sword

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Batman isn't exactly carrying around swords anymore. He also rarely likes using knives. He's more of a gadget man. But that does not mean he is above stealing and using an item to take on Superman.

We know Wonder Woman is in the upcoming film and she has all of her cool items with her, such as her sword. We know from the comics that Wonder Woman's sword does cut Superman. That said, Batman who is trained well in the art of sword usage, could use the sword to cut through Superman and kill him.

It may not be the best way to go about things, and we're pretty sure Wonder Woman is not going to give up her sword to many people....especially for killing. However, Batman doesn't have to ask. He's Batman, people.


3 Can You Bleed?

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Batman knows going into this that he may not be able to beat Superman when it comes to one-on-one battle. That is why he simply just has to get a shot in.

Once Batman is able to prove to people that Superman can bleed like others, it shows a weakness, and it proves that the Man of Steel is not beyond harm. The moment this happens, it makes everyone look at him differently. It could also be useful in the rise of other characters to help Batman; Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and others could come to the rescue and fully take out Superman. They know that if Batman, a human without powers could make him bleed, they can help as well.

It's a mental victory for Batman, and the ultimate victory then goes to the rest of the world. However, it would take Batman getting one shot in that works. He does have a pretty cool super-suit to help him. That said, one would imagine he would use it to deliver the shot.

2 The Clones

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It seems that DC is now finally introducing Cadmus to the world in the live-action TV shows. We've seen them used throughout the animated world. They were a major part of Young Justice. Superboy came from this, but he was not quite at the level of Superman. The clone system here worked well for most, but the super-powered type didn't always turn out as planned.

He could not fly, but he had various powers that the Man of Steel had. He has been able to go toe to toe with Superman before, which means with the help of Batman...he easily could defeat Superman.

The good and bad is that Superboy, like Doomsday, is powerful once unleashed. He was not a pleasant clone coming out of Project Cadmus and no one knows what his potential could be. That being said, he would be just as much of an issue. However, unlike Superman...there are code words that stop him cold. One being "Red Sun" in the Young Justice series.

With that said, Batman could control a clone mostly where he could not control Superman. He could then order the destruction of Superboy if needed. Of course, he could use several clones instead of one, all with their own code words to stop them or the same ones. Batman might just be a general who calls the shots then.

1 Threaten His Family, Friends, Or Innocent People


Superman is a boy scout. The guy is just the personification of good. However, Batman does not know this in the Dawn of Justice film yet. On top of this, Superman could always be a threat that Batman needs to remove.

The only way to do this for sure is to threaten harming innocent people or those close to Kal El. At one point in the comics, Batman mentioned a bomb would go off if Superman crossed a certain point and of course that led Superman to do as told.

He's also threatened Lois Lane before. Of course, Batman would never hurt innocent people or normally threaten anyone to begin with. The bomb and threat to Lane were bluffs, but Superman could not take a chance then. He would not take a chance now either. So Batman could do something similar this time around and force Superman to do anything he wanted, such as leave the galaxy and never return for example.

This might be the only way for sure to get rid of Superman because he never would allow others to get hurt because of him. He would do anything to save another life, even if it meant giving up his own.

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