10 Sexy Victoria’s Secret Shows With The Highest Budgets

When men think of buying lingerie for their girlfriend or wife, the first name that pops into their head is Victoria’s Secret. They may not be thinking about the design, when the company started, or even about their women; and much of that has to do with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that debuted in 1995. The $6 billion fashion company was founded in 1977, and is known for its dazzling lingerie, beautiful models and its catalog that is sent out to (would-be) customers throughout the world.

Victoria’s Secret (or VS) holds an annual fashion show that is now televised worldwide; and what started out with a budget of only $120,000 for its first appearance in New York City, with models basically walking the stage in their underwear; has now reached millions of dollars each year just to put on the performance. Although this seems extremely high, the costs include the prices of the pieces, the salary of the models, the performers, the hosts, makeup, artists and all of the decorations and equipment that is involved in the display.

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10 Tyra Retires In 2005 - Victoria’s Secret Spends $10 Million On Their Fashion Show


2005 was the last time that Tyra Banks had been involved in the fashion show (as well as retiring from modeling), and it was held at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City. According to the New York Times, there were protesters outside of the building that wanted the company to use recycled paper to make their catalogs and it was raining really hard, also. The models appearing in the show included Tyra, Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bündchen, Alessandra Ambrosio and Heidi Klum (who looked spectacular regarding the fact that she had recently given birth to her son shortly beforehand). Performers in the show included Seal, Ricky Martin and Lenny Kravitz.

9 2006: $10 Million Spent and Justin Timberlake Brings Sexy Back


In 2006, the show was held at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. Justin Timberlake was one of the performers during the fashion show, singing Sexy Back during the opening. Gisele Bündchen made her final walk on the runway while wearing the Princess of Thieves outfit, designed specifically for Victoria’s Secret. This was the same year that the previously controversial product of VS, Pink, made its debut, which is intended for young girls looking for lingerie in cute and fancy designs.

Some of the songs that were played were Breathe Me by Sia, When You Were Young by The Killers and Galvanize by The Chemical Brothers. Justin Timberlake sang a few songs, as well as DJ David Guetta performing and The Eurythmics.

8 2007: VS Show Is Held In LA and Budgets $10 Million


The Victoria’s Secret Show in 2007 was also held at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, California. A few weeks before the show, the Angels received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, to honor them and the company. It was the 25th anniversary of the company, and the models included in the honor were Heidi Klum, Marisa Miller, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Karolina Kurkova and Selita Ebanks. During the show, there were several performers; including Bill Conti, will.i.am, Finger Eleven, Seal (whom Heidi Klum joined in on the song “Wedding Day”), Eurythmics, Apollo 440 and The Spice Girls, who announced their comeback tour and reunited for the first time in several years publicly.

7 2008: The VS Fashion Show Spends Around $10 Million


For some reason, the producers decided to have the VS Fashion Show held in Miami, Florida, at the Fountainbleu Hotel. Usher performed during the show multiple times; as well as singing during the opening, with Heidi Klum hosting at the beginning of the show. One of the main attractions was a “Scarlett O’Hara” outfit, with a multi-layered hoop skirt that you could see through, paired with a strappy high-heeled sandal. The front row was now available only to the famous, with celebrities such as Martha Stewart and Seal sitting in the desirable seats during the 2008 performance. Two of the Kardashian sisters were also seen at the show when it was televised.

6 2009: NYC Gets The $10 Million VS Show Back


New York City is considered the fashion capital of the world, or at least, of the United States; so it was only appropriate that the VS Fashion Show head back to The Lexington Avenue Armory, in 2009. Before the event, there was a contest for a new model, and the winner was able to walk the runway during the 2009 show. Marissa Miller wore a Fantasy Bra that was worth $3 million, and decided to show it on the Conan O’Brien show following the Fashion Show. The Black Eyed Peas were one of the groups that performed on stage that night.

5 2010: Show Still Goes On & Spends Close To $12 Million


The American Decency Association decided that the show was not suitable for young viewers, and had people email protest letters to the sponsors of the VS Fashion Show, including KFC and Netflix, in 2009. The protesting involved did not matter, because the show still went on, and Katy Perry and Akon both performed during the 2009 airing. Karolina Kurkova even modeled an amazing outfit that was made from genuine peacock feathers.

4 2011: Kanye Gets To Pay Respects To His Mother & VS Spends $12 Million


In 2007, Kanye West did not get to sing at the VS Fashion Show, because his mother had passed away. He finally got to perform during the 2011 show, with his song, Stronger, that was a tribute to his late mother. He was reported as saying that she was his “super-angel.” Maroon 5, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj also performed during the show in the same year. There were many collections involved for inspiration, but one of the stunning outfits was a mermaid-type ensemble that was worn by a supermodel walking the runway. Another attraction of the year was entitled "The Naughty Doily", which was just that, a model wearing a giant doily as wings, paired with a pair of black gloves.

3 2012: Controversy Apparent And VS Spends $12 Million On Their Fashion Show


In 2012, many strange outfits were worn by the supermodels; including The Big Budget Suicide Girl and The Candy Stripper, but the one worn by model Karlie Kloss was extremely controversial. Karlie had worn a Native American headdress, along with the attire (or lack thereof) and VS had to send out an apology, as well as remove it from any other ads within their company. Karlie also said she was sorry by using her Twitter feed to let others know about her support to remove it. Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars had played during the show that year, as well.

2 2013: Budget Over $12 Million


It took over nine months of planning to create the show in 2013. To see the show last year, you would have had to pay close to $14,000 for a ticket; granted, you could only purchase one if you knew someone famous. The Royal Fantasy Bra was worn by model Candice Swanepoel, and it was worth over $10 million. According to sources, the piece has “4200 rubies, blue and yellow sapphires and diamonds handset in 18-karat gold.” It has been called the “crown jewels,” and the shoes that were worn by the models made them even taller than they already are, with Swarovski-adorned heels and brightly-colored stilettos. The performers included Fall Out Boy, Neon Jungle and a band called Great Big World.

1 2014: The Grandest Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Yet - London, England


It appears that the budget for the famous fashion show seems to increase every year, and 2014 is most likely no different. Even though the information for the budget spendings have not yet been released for this year (although reports state that it is over $22 million), the show has already been performed in London. This has been the first year that Victoria’s Secret has not been in The United States, and the flights to another country alone would be enough to push the budgets over the top. Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran have been rumored to have performed for the event this year, which will air on December 9, 2014.

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