Top 10 Upcoming Netflix Original Shows To Get Excited About

10 upcoming netflix originals

When it comes to an entertainment service that people use every day, Netflix ranks pretty high on the list. Some of your favorite shows growing up, such as Friends, are available for streaming at your convenience.

Netflix is also full of shows you might have never given a shot to, but once seen in such an easy to use format, they're made all the more appealing. I don’t know if I ever would have watched all of Breaking Bad if I had to watch it every week and wait in between seasons. But you better believe I binge watched it like a superstar when I realized it was available for streaming.

As if Netflix was not successful enough for its access to content we love, their success is continuing to grow by creating original content. Series such as Orange is the New Black or House Of Cards is helping put Netflix on the map as not only a home for entertainment, but also a source of new programming.

It is with that in mind that we consider 10 of the upcoming shows that Netflix has agreed to bring our way over the next few years. Some of these shows are completely original programming and star celebrities you know and love. Other projects are reboots of shows that we once loved, such as The Magic School Bus. No matter what it is that draws you to Netflix, there is no doubt that its appeal in society is only going to grow over the next few years. Here are just some of the shows to get excited about.

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10 F Is For Family 

Via NetflixLife

I absolutely love watching animated shows. So when Bill Burr, one of my favorite stand-up comedians, stated that he was coming out with a new Netflix series, I couldn't help but be excited. Burr is combining his stand-up expertise with one of the Simpsons writers, Michael Price, to create the upcoming series which promises to hold nothing back. By utilizing Netflix as the medium, Burr (who also stars in the show) is able to be vulgar, but more importantly, hilarious as ever. While there is no word on whether there will be more episodes, the 6 that are available are sure to be well worth your time.

9 Degrassi: Next Class 

Via NewsWire

Degrassi is one of several series that will be getting a makeover and rebooted for television. While it will not originally premier on Netflix, instead similar to shows like The 100, Degrassi: Next Class will become available for steaming instantly on Netflix once it airs. No matter what your opinion on the original Degrassi series (if you had one), there are sure to be fans of the original that cannot wait to see it return in another form. The series will tackle new problems that may be faced by teenagers in high school, such as cyber bullying. It should hopefully be a realistic approach to some real issues that can be faced by teens every day. By being available in an easy-to-digest format, it is hopeful that the series will reach a greater audience.

8 Luke Cage 

Via Henchman4Hire

Any time you know that Netflix is going to get to do something with Marvel, there is reason to be excited. While I was cautiously optimistic with Daredevil, it was clearly a success by both critics and audience's standards and I cannot wait for their attempt at Luke Cage. Fans will get their first look at Mike Colter in the role, as he appears in another Netflix marvel series, Jessica Jones, which is currently streaming. While fans may read a bit about Luke Cage and think he’s all fists, there is depth to the character that should be beautifully played out in the Netflix format.

7 Flaked

There is not much known right now about the upcoming series Flaked, which will hit Netflix in 2016. The series will star Will Arnett, who is no stranger to utilizing Netflix. Both his original series Bojack Horseman, and his past television show Arrested Development, both gained life (and then new life) through Netflix. Flaked will see Arnett play a self-appointed guru and will debut on Netflix with 8 episodes. Also involved in the process is Mike Hurwitz who was fortunate enough to collaborate with Will Arnett in the past. Hurwitz was one of the creators, writers and producers of Arrested Development.

6 Love

Via BrunchNews

Anyone who takes a few seconds to peruse my lists will see that I have an affinity for reading and writing about relationships. Perhaps that is why I am particularly excited for Love which will debut in 2016 and has already been signed on for a 2nd season. The series will be created by Judd Apatow and star Gillian Jacobs. While not much is known about the plot, but it promises to feature a down to earth look at dating. Given that Apatow has already given us classics like 40 year Old Virgin and Freaks And Geeks, it will be intriguing to see what else he has up his sleeve.

5 Fuller House

Via Netflix

I’ll be honest, I have absolutely no idea what to expect with Fuller House. It could be great, but holy smokes could it also be really bad. Full House was one of my favourite shows growing up, so seeing it get reprised makes me immediately go "why?". However, it will be hard to resist when you know it will be available for streaming in 2016. The series will feature almost the entire main cast returning (at least on some basis) with the exception of the Olsen twins. It may be worth watching if only to see if Stamos’ sweet hair will be looking as good as ever (spoiler alert: it totally will be).

4 Marvel's Iron Fist

Via MoviePilot

There is very little that we currently know about Iron Fist, both in terms of what the cast will look like, and when it may find its way to Netflix. That is not to say that we should not be excited though. Iron Fist is a fantastic character that has ties to others like Luke Cage, that could help make for an incredibly entertaining story arc. While a Jessica Jones series was recently released and a Luke Cage series is set to be released before Iron Fist, make sure to keep an eye on this project as it continues to develop. Netflix has the chance to create its own universe with the numerous superheroes that they are debuting, and Iron Fist will be a welcome addition.

3 The Ranch


One of my favorite things to see is old actors that worked together on TV shows or movies get together for new projects. That’s exactly what is happening with The Ranch, a series set around two brothers trying to raise a ranch. The series will see a reunion of Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson, both of whom had their big break on the hit series That '70s Show (which is also available for streaming). The series will also star Sam Elliott who made his name for classics like The Big Lebowski, while also rocking television roles such as his role on Parks and Recreation.

2 Green Eggs And Ham

Via Netflix Life

When I first read that Green Eggs and Ham was making its way to Netflix for 2018, my first thought was "how?". The book just does not take that long to read, and I cannot imagine it lasting more then 20 minutes. Yet the team at Netflix are taking liberties with the story and using it to tell the story of Sam-I-Am and him going on an adventure. To get people more excited, the series is slated to star Ellen Degeneres. If you love Ellen now, just wait until we all fall more in love with her when Finding Dory hits theaters.

1 The Magic School Bus

Via Forbes

The Magic School Bus was one of the highlights to any school day when you got the opportunity to watch it. How could learning not be fun when you got to do it with Frizz and the whole gang?! I’m not sure if teachers will be loading it up on Netflix for students, but they’ll definitely have the option when the series returns in 2016 for 26 episodes. I will be excited regardless of whether they're going to introduce new kids, or if we'll get to laugh at Arnold's antics once again. It’s never a bad thing to learn, so why not do it in a colorful, accessible, and now CGI format?

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