Top 10 Things We Want to See in a Frozen Sequel

In case you missed it, Disney put out a new movie this past year. The film, which centers on two princesses, one of whom has the ability to create winter and ice with a flick of her wrists, seemed like your average Disney animated picture: love story, songs, danger, comic relief anthropometric sidekicks. And then it went on to earn 1.14 billion dollars, making it the highest grossing animated film ever, topping Toy Story 3 and The Lion King. You might have heard of it: it’s called Frozen. While Disney is holding off on a sequel right now, there is little chance that the Mouse won’t try for another picture staring Elsa and her sister Anna. Because the first film differs from the original story by Hans Christen Andersen quite extensively, the sequel can really go in a multitude of directions. Try as we might, we simply can’t let it go when it comes to what we want to see in a Frozen sequel.

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9 Amazing Songs

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This one probably goes without saying, but the soundtrack to Frozen is a one of the biggest reasons to see the animated flick. From jazzy “In Summer,” to the romantic ballad “Love is an Open Door,” to the song that is stuck in the minds of everyone who hears it, the undeniably powerful “Let It Go,” the music of Frozen could probably not be replicated again, but that doesn’t mean the sequel shouldn’t try. With the musical talents of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Jonathan Groff behind the microphone, the songs sparkle like so many ice crystals. For a sequel to be musically successful, Elsa needs another power song, Anna and her sister should sing more together, and Kristoff needs a non-reindeer song. For him, a stunning romantic duet with Anna would fit perfectly!

9. Super Powerful Villain

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Most Disney films have a clear cut villain: be it tentacled Ursula, shape-shifting Maleficent, or cunning Scar.  However, with Frozen, the villain is really the general concept of fear overpowering love. There are minor villains like Hans, the Prince who tries to seduce Anna into marrying him so that he can take the kingdom, but unlike other Disney villains, he does not stand out as the bad guy until the very end. For a sequel, there should be a clear villain; it should be someone who can match Elsa and Anna in brains and brawn. Maybe the villain wants to take over their kingdom, or wants to use Elsa's powers for evil. And, of course, all villains must have a devious (but somehow very catchy) song!

8 Explanation of Elsa’s powers

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As amazing as Elsa is, her powers could use a bit of an explanation. We are told that she was born with the icy and snowy power, but we don't know specifically why or how. Did someone curse her parents? This is a fairy tale, after all. Maybe Elsa’s parents asked for a special child as their first-born and Elsa’s stormy creations were the powers granted. And just how powerful is Elsa? She can make frozen palaces of ice, create dresses, curse entire lands in an eternal winter and apparently create life like adorable Olaf. But are there limits to her powers? Could she ever lose them? Fleshing out her powers a bit more would make the Queen of Arendelle a richer character, and we want that for Elsa!

7 Elsa as Queen

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Poor Elsa. The crown was barely on her head and scepter in her hands before she ended up running away from her responsibilities as Queen. Now, we don’t begrudge her for this because suddenly shooting ice at your party guests would probably traumatize anyone and send them running to a dark mountain to live as the Queen of Isolation too. But, since Elsa is back on her throne, it would be interesting to see what she is like as Queen. Elsa has an amazing heart, having learned that love is the key to conquering fear, so she would probably be a fair and just queen to her people. But we’d like to see her handle the ruling of the kingdom, with Anna by her side, of course.

6 Quirky Characters

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Not only does Frozen do a great job with the main characters of Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, but the movie manages to make even the secondary characters interesting and funny. Take, for example, Oaken, the sweater clad merchant with the great summer blowout deals and penchant for saying "yoo hoo." He only has a few lines but the writers managed to make him memorable in his one scene. The way the writers highlighted some of the more stereotypical Scandinavian traits was less offense and more lovingly spot on. Or, another example, are the somewhat confusing Troll Rocks. The love experts appear when when they sense that someone is a bit of fixer upper and then set out to unite true loves. They also have some interesting and mystical powers that could be explored in a sequel.

5 A love Interest for Elsa

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Elsa, having shut herself up for years, didn’t really have a proper chance to meet someone with whom she could spend the rest of her life. But now that Elsa has conquered fear with love, is ruling as Queen in Arendelle and has control of her powers, a love story for Elsa wouldn’t go amiss. The writers could be really creative here—maybe her love is someone who can produce heat with their hands! Or maybe someone who comes from a land that has never seen snow and ice, and finds Elsa’s powers both terrifying and wonderful. Think of the angst! Whatever the case, Elsa deserves some romantic happiness after a lifetime of being shut up behind a door and wearing gloves because she was afraid to have contact with anyone.

4 Kristoff’s History

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We know very little about Kristoff, Anna’s true love. According to the floppy blonde haired ice seller himself, Kristoff is an orphan who was taken in by the troll rocks as a young child. But what happened to his parents? And how did he get into the ice business? And from where did Sven, his reindeer companion, come? Is it possible that Kristoff is some sort of long lost prince and his parents are searching for him? Along with a fleshed out history, we’d like it if Kristoff sang more. Jonthan Groff is an old hat in the musical world, having stared in the acclaimed Spring Awakening. Let Groff do what he does best while on screen we get more of Kristoff’s personal history and story

3 Kristoff and Anna’s Wedding

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At the end of the first movie, Anna and Kristoff are in love, and should probably spend a good amount of time getting to know each other before taking the plunge. But we can’t help wanting a wonderful splashy Arendelle wedding. Elsa can decorate the city in icicles, with snow gently falling as our favorite couple gets hitched. Maybe Olaf officiates! However these two lovers manage to get down the isle (Sven pulling them down in a bedazzled carriage is just one idea), we just want to see Anna and Kristoff’s happily ever after playing out before our eyes. Kristoff and Anna have that sort of magical chemistry on screen that is sometimes hard to translate in an animated film, and their wedding is a perfect way to wrap up their love story.

2 Olaf

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Every Disney princess needs an anthropomorphic companion, but often times they fall flat as uninteresting and whose only purpose is comic relief. The initial trailer for Frozen made us doubt that Olaf would be anything other than the necessary sidekick; but that little snowman, with the big grin and who longs for summer, soft-shoed and scatted his way into our hearts. His endearing belief that some people are worth melting for warms even the iciest hearts. We’d probably watch a full-length feature film of Olaf just doing and saying Olaf things—maybe he opens up a skiing resort, complete with a sauna and a steam room. Maybe he takes a vacation to the beach and makes sandman friends. Maybe he just waddles to and fro and says fantastic one-liners while getting warm hugs from strangers. So long as Olaf is on our screens, we’ll be happy.

1 Anna and Elsa Working Together

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The true love story of Frozen is not one of romantic love, as Disney has done in the past. Instead, the love between Anna and Else is a beautiful story of tragedy, heartbreak and fear but also about learning that love is really the most powerful magic of all. We have no doubt that a sequel will do their relationship justice, but we really hope that audiences get to see more of the sisterly duo working together. Maybe Anna and Else have to come together in order to defeat some sort of monster or bad guy. Maybe Anna and Elsa try to co-rule Arendelle and hijinks ensue. The past may be in the past, but a conversation about how the princesses felt growing up---Elsa shutting the world out, and Anna’s never ending hope that she might some day be able to get her sister to open the door—would be a tearjerker moment for everyone.

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