Top 10 Things To Expect In The New Deadpool Movie

The movie Deadpool has managed to get the world talking and it is about time to see the Merc with a Mouth getting some of the spotlight, among many other Marvel superheroes he is arguably better than.

The movie has been a long time coming. Everyone seems to love Deadpool as a character, but he has been overlooked ever since The Wolverine movie pretty much destroyed the Wade Wilson character.

Now that X-Men has gone through a reset with the Days of Future Past movie, we can have a new story with Deadpool that will go down differently. We will be getting a good origin that can hopefully be a major force in the movie theaters this Valentine's Day.

Deadpool has been all over the place lately, making sure you do not forget about him. He even went as far as to appear in a testicular cancer advertisement. How noble of him, right?

Ryan Reynolds will be playing the title character, possibly the perfect fit for him. The movie is nearly a decade in the making, so fans of Deadpool are expecting a lot. While many know a great deal about Deadpool, there are some who are not as up to date on the man as others.

We at The Richest want to help, so we're going to get you all up to date on what you can expect in the film. Even longtime fans of the character may be seeing some stuff they did not know about. Enjoy.


10 This Movie Isn't For Kids

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I know, Mom and Dad, the movie does look awesome, right? I mean, superhero movies are fantastic these days and it is a really cool thing to see them in theaters. However, Deadpool is no Disney film.

Deadpool is known for being crude and overly sexual in tone, as well as heavily violent. This guy does things that would make criminals blush a bit, so little Timmy is by no means someone you want to take. Grandma may also not be the greatest addition to the theater squad either.

The big thing about Deadpool that is appealing to his fans is that he is not like the others. While most superheroes are family friendly, Deadpool has never been that way. The writers pushed for FOX to allow them to make the movie an R-rated film. It took some time but they managed to get what they wanted. That means blood and guts will fly in this film as well as a lot of adult language and references. Make sure you remember this going in and try to take the adults to this one, okay?

9 A Deathstroke Reference Is Most Likely Going To Be Dropped

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For those unaware, DC Comics happened to have a character by the name of Deathstroke called Slade Wilson. You may remember him as the Season 2 villain on the CW Series Arrow or remember seeing him clash with the Teen Titans a lot throughout their comic origin.

Marvel liked the Slade character as much as anyone, but they felt it would be cool to parody him by basically making an exact copy of him for Marvel Comics. Thus, Wade Wilson was born and named Deadpool. They really did not try hard to separate the two of them early on. However, over the years they have been separated a lot and of course Deadpool is far different from Deathstroke in that he is technically a mutant, where Deathstroke is not. Deadpool really cannot die, as he has the same healing factor that Wolverine has. So there is a lot that changes them up now, but the origin of the character was still a knock on Deathstroke.

We already heard Reynolds reference the Green Lantern disaster of a film in the trailer for Deadpool. So it is expected among most fans that a Deathstroke jab will be taken in the film at some point.

8 Deadpool Will Hear A Lot Of Voices In His Head

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One thing most fans know about Deadpool is that he has a lot of voices in his head that tell him what to do. They act as sort of an angel and devil that you see in all of the kiddo cartoons from your youth. They often times do not agree with each other. When they do, it makes for a comical situation. Deadpool is faced with a lot of random issues, as he has to listen to both sides to make the right decisions. This is never an easy thing for him to do, but he manages to get through it all.

So what is up with the voices? Well, there are conflicting stories as to the origin. The biggest one spoken of is due to his cancer. While Deadpool is saved when he becomes a mutant, he still has the cancer in his body. Due to it spreading throughout his body, it ends up in his brain. That means he eventually has his brain go haywire due to the cancer inside of it. So basically, Deadpool goes crazy and starts to hear voices. Usually it is the same few voices, but he has had four or so at a time going on before. The voices help him break the fourth wall a lot, so they are really a crucial part of the character.

While it is not known exactly when we'll hear them in the movie, there is a good chance they come in toward the end of the film. We all know that the voices are coming, it is just a matter of when.

7 His Parents Being Interesting To His Origin


While not much is made of Deadpool's parents, they are quite crucial to what made him who he is today. His mother sadly died of cancer, which is a big thing to remember of course. He had a military father who abused him a lot.

Eventually Wade Wilson got involved in some "interesting" crowds and eventually disarmed his father who was preparing to beat him again one day. He then killed him. This was really a shocking thing to see, but Wilson's home life was by no means a good thing for him. It was thought he killed out of self-defense this time around, but later on was a different story. It has changed somewhat since. All of this made him into the cocky character we know of today. References to his parents may very well be dropped either at the very beginning of the film or at least in a flashback situation.

6 Wolverine Could Appear, Or At Least Be Referenced

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FOX owns very little when it comes to Marvel characters. They happen to own the X-Men, which means they own Deadpool by proxy. Deadpool is not really an X-Men character, but falls into the same crowd as the characters from that universe. Due to this, a lot of X-Men crossovers have happened in the Deadpool comics. A person many believe is all but certain to be part of the Deadpool story on the big screen is Wolverine.

It is rumored that Hugh Jackman could put on the claws for a small cameo in the film, or at least have an X-Men: Origins type of role where he and Wade run into each other in the film.

Jackman was asked about working on a potential sequel and did not seem against it, saying he would love to work with the main star Reynolds again. He has possibly already done so and the studio is keeping is quiet. If they cannot get him for the film, there is a really good chance a reference to him will be dropped due to the characters sharing a huge crossover power with the healing factor.

5 He Will Not Be A Good Guy Or Bad Guy

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Do not get it mixed up. Just because Deadpool seems like the superhero type who often acts like a good guy, he is by no means a good guy at all. He does things for his own interest and if he does not want to do something, no one can force him.

He regularly gets into altercations with people throughout the Marvel Universe over his actions. Deadpool is a mercenary, so his thing is killing for money only to serve his best interests. He can be considered a bad guy a lot of the time and was even introduced to the Marvel Universe as a villain originally.

With that said, Deadpool also can be seen as a good guy who helps those in need. He actually has given his own organs to people in need, since they grow back anyway. He loves kittens and regularly can be seen with other animals, except cows....which he hates. He might be in everything for himself, but he can be reasoned with at times. While the Deadpool movie should display him as sort of a good guy, they should also be displaying him as a man who does what he wants. So consider him more of an anti-hero than anything else.

4 His Proud Canadian Heritage

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Deadpool is very rarely seen being all about America, mainly because he is from Canada and makes sure that is known throughout the comics. In fact, he has been known to drop a lot of Canadian material throughout.

Reynolds, the man playing Deadpool, is also Canadian. He is probably the most perfect superhero casting choice in history. Due to the their Canadian ties, there is a good chance some Canadian references will be thrown into the film, too. Interestingly enough, Wade Wilson's hero growing up was Captain America. Don't try to explain this to yourself, we tried already.


3 Most Of The Marvel Characters Should Hate Him

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Most people who come across Deadpool in the comics tend to hate him a lot. To be honest, he has managed to talk people to death, literally. I mean he seriously has ended a villain in this way by driving them crazy. One of the people Deadpool tends to torment the most is Spider-Man who he constantly tries to make his best friend. Spider-Man naturally does not want to deal with him, but has to at times.

The only Marvel character who treats him with respect is Captain America, who is of course Deadpool's childhood hero. Due to both of them being government experiments, Captain America knows where Deadpool comes from and tends to get along with him.

That is not the case with everyone else. We're supposed to be seeing a lot of people from the Marvel Universe in the film such as notable X-Man Colossus, which means we're going to see him make a lot of random enemies out of some good people. That should be fun.

2 Expect His Girl To Be More Than She Seems

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Deadpool's big thing in the film is that he is put into the Weapon X program to hopefully heal him from the cancer he has in his body. However, once this occurs it seems that the people who did this to him also want to take his girl, Vanessa Carlysle.

The thing you should know about Vanessa is that she is known as Copycat in the comics. She is similar to Mystique in that she can transform her body into different people to take over certain roles. She sort of lays this out in the trailer, but you would catch this if you didn't realize her powers already. It is not really known right now if Deadpool knows his girl has powers, but it will be known in the movie at some point.

1 They Are Going To Set Up A Sequel

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They say you shouldn't put your cart before your horse. It can be assumed that Deadpool will do well in theaters this month. While it is not a known fact that it will, we can all assume right now that it will kill on opening weekend at the very least.

FOX is betting on Deadpool big time. They are also into doing multiple films with Deadpool and there have already been discussions about a sequel. There are even rumors of a script being written right now for the new film that will come out in a few years or possibly sooner.

There are rumors that Deadpool will drop a line about Taskmaster. The issue is, FOX may not own the Taskmaster character, so if anything there might only be a light mention about him. Regardless of what it is, there is going to be a set up for a second movie in this one. This movie is also not considered an origin story either, as they are really introducing him but also giving him a big story in his first film that is more than just about him.

Due to the fact that FOX owns all of the X-Men universe, we will get to see many of them in the Deadpool movies if FOX plans to do a second film. Rumor has it that there is a planned set-up at the end, but that cannot be confirmed. What can be confirmed is that there are already talks for a second film, so we know something is going to happen. We will have to wait and see what the writers cooked up.

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