Top 10 Theories About Where The Star Wars Franchise Could Be Headed Next

We all know by now that Star Wars has made a comeback. This has not just happened in a random way where a few extra fans got on board, oh no. Star Wars has gone from being pretty much done after the terrible Episodes 1-3, to a great franchise once more.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens not only brought back the great mystery and fun the first few movies provided decades ago, but it also gave us fresh faces in the films as the main leads. This is not as common anymore, so it was nice to see as really neither the female nor male lead in Daisy Ridley and John Boyega were the people the franchise focused on. While Ridley had been in nothing of note, Boyega had played Moses and was critically acclaimed for it. However, this was a while back and he had been in random things since.

Both had to keep their roles in the movie under wraps for a very long time. Boyega's own family had no idea he was in the movie. In fact, he went from being a struggling actor to a hot name that could have his life altered forever.

The franchise has already shown us that "family" means a lot to what we will see in the future. How much this happens is unknown, but we already know a bit regarding this so far. We do have an idea of where the franchise is headed (at least a little), so we at The Richest decided to go into 10 things that very well could happen in this new Star Wars franchise.


10 Star Wars/Guardians Of The Galaxy Crossover

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One thing many do not realize is that Marvel Comics put out Star Wars comics decades ago. In fact, the first one came out a few months before the first Star Wars film ever hit theaters. Marvel believed in this project from day one, so it is nice to see that they are both under the same banner again.

When George Lucas sold the Star Wars rights to Disney, most of us geeks around the world all thought... what if Disney decided to give us a crossover with Marvel due to the connection?

That may happen. Stan Lee, Marvel Comics genius, mentioned that Star Wars and The Avengers should cross paths. He went into a bit of a tangent on it and it got the world talking. While Avengers clearly does not need a crossover, Thanos does hold the reality gem and could be a huge problem to the Guardians as well as Star Wars characters as he could jump between realities and of course, universes.

This could be a fun way to get them on the same side for a bit. Regardless, the Guardians go to many galaxies in the comics and ending up in the same one as Star Wars would not be out of the question. While I will not go into a Parks and Recreation-style delivery on a plan for this, Disney may give us a tie in at some point in the future.

Will this be a big thing that they will spend a movie on? Probably not... but a cameo? That is possible. Disney is big on letting little things happen at the end of superhero movies, so why not with Star Wars?

9 Rey Will Be The One To Kill Kylo Ren


We all know by now that Kylo Ren is not done; he will return in the future. While we did witness a scene that could refute this, do not worry - he is the Darth Vader to this saga and won't be killed that easily.

Rey has now discovered that she is a powerful Jedi that can take on the likes of anyone, even without training. Imagine what she could do when trained, right? Ren is going to be a problem and will need to be dealt with eventually.

Rey will need to be the one that kills him. In the Star Wars story from the extended universe, Han Solo's son goes evil. Sound familiar? He also has a daughter, who then ends up being the one to kill her brother.

Rey was kind of adopted in a sense by Han Solo in the movie, and sadly his "departure" led this family feeling to disappear. However, Princess Leia could be a motherly figure to Rey in a time of need due to the fact that her parents never came back to get her after leaving all those years ago.

Basically, they were indirectly setting up a link to the extended universe here; which means if we use it as a guide, Rey will kill Ren eventually. Most believe it will end up happening in the last movie in this franchise. This will give both sides a chance to learn and grow, which will make the final battle so epic that our eyes will bleed from the greatness. No pressure, Disney.

8 Star Wars Rogue Will Tell Us The Backstory We All Want To Know


The new Rogue movie is set to go back in time from the film we just saw. I know, why the hell can't these Star Wars guys not go in order, right?

Due to this blast from the past, we will most likely be finding out about a lot of interesting things that happened once Luke Skywalker saved the world from great terror. So what the hell happened, man? Luke ends up on this big island all by himself where you have to climb the stairway to Heaven to get to the guy.

Why is he there? What did you do, Luke? Well we do know that Luke will feel terrible that he caused the world a lot of bad when he helped Kylo Ren become a great Jedi only for him to turn to the dark side. What is so weird about Luke as a teacher is that as a student, he wanted to know more and he was not being taught as much as he needed. He was the great equalizer of light and dark and used both well. He would use the dark when he had to, but only to go so far. Many cannot control this.

So what Luke most likely did with Ren was teach him the dark ways he never learned when he was in training. In the extended universe, many Jedi left to go dark because they felt their teachers did not teach enough to them. Luke's father turned for similar reasons and never went back even when he could have. He let the dark take over.

Ren let the dark take over because Luke taught it to him, so it will be interesting to see how this story develops. They said Luke stopped training after this, however the reason for his isolation will be an interesting story to tell. He is clearly the most powerful Jedi out there and the dark side would love to take him out, but no single warrior could do it. Not even an army. However, they hype Luke up as "the last Jedi," which makes him enemy number one for the First Order. Yet others still remain, such as Rey who found him at the end of the last film.

The reason for his isolation cannot be this but rather the rise of the First Order. Why didn't he stop it before it started?

The Rogue story will give us all the information we want to know about what happened after Luke saved the world, but the main problem in selling this will be telling nearly 30 years of story before Ren even comes about. So this huge gap, will be critical for Star Wars fans. Plus we will possibly get all the questions answered that we need answered.

7 Supreme Leader Snoke May Be A Ghost Of Someone We Already Know

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Remember in the last film when Kylo Ren kept going into this dark area that contained the Supreme Leader, yet you only saw this giant of a man in one spot? He never moved, just seemed to serve as a king who never really did anything but tell people what to do.

Supreme Leader Snoke is a guy who apparently has unimaginable power, yet we have not yet seen it on full display. There could be a reason for this. Someone found a powerful Sith lord ghost and put them into power, but which one could it be?

There is not much known about Snoke. We have very little backstory of who or what he is. We only know he is Force sensitive and that he trained Kylo Ren. With that said, Kylo Ren could be talking to a Force ghost which we see quite often with the Jedi. They can train and slightly assist but they cannot do anything of note. So could Snoke be one of these, knowing what we have seen thus far from him?

Many assume that since we never actually saw Darth Sidious fully die, he could very well have shielded himself with his Force power and made his way onto a new planet where he eventually did die and became a ghost. Perhaps the explosion we saw when Sidious fell could have been something that we thought was a death blow but turned out to be his way out.

Maybe Sidious did die when we saw him fall, but managed to form a Force ghost like the Jedi with his dark power. We do know that some areas in the Star Wars universe contain Sith lords and leaders that rise from their grave as ghost figures and take the bodies of others if allowed. Either way, Snoke cannot do anything himself it seems. He can only give advice and train. So it will be interesting to see what occurs. Most believe there is a lot to him.

6 A New Jedi Order Will Be Added

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We can all assume that when the Jedi took out the last remaining Sith, they did not really need a Jedi Order to really make things work. Luke Skywalker was the last remaining that could be considered the leader of the order. When he stopped training people, all Jedi left around were slaughtered. That makes Skywalker the last remaining Jedi who could threaten the First Order.

We need more Jedi to help in the fight. Clearly Rey is more than able to become the next student of Skywalker, however we need to see more. It will eventually happen and those new Jedi will be a big force in the upcoming movies. Rey is clearly going to be the leader of the new order of Jedi with Skywalker. However, how much of a role Skywalker will have in upcoming films is unknown.

We do know the new order will exist. It might have to be done in secret for a while, but it will occur. The only issue is how many new Jedi will we have in this new saga.

5 Girl Power Will Be Big In Star Wars

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It was ultimately clear when Star Wars first let us know about Rey that she would be the true lead of the film. While Finn is clearly a big part of the film, it seems they want to focus on Rey being the most powerful and unique character in the series. Treat her as the Skywalker to Finn's Han Solo.

Both are crucial to the film and both are good to have. However, one is supporting the other's lead. That is good and bad. Clearly Star Wars wants to capitalize on the major female movement in both sports and entertainment, and Daisy Ridley is amazing in her role as Rey. On top of this, Disney has a thing for wanting females to have the lead role in just about everything. Have you seen at least one Disney Channel show? If they could change the Avengers to an all-female cast, they would.

This is not to say it is a bad thing, but it also means that this will continue to be present in the Star Wars franchise. I think it is a good thing, but men will also want to be represented well. This is why Finn's role will be crucial. Will he be just another supporting actor or an equal lead to Rey?

It appears that Rey will always outshine Finn. But this could be because Ridley just stands out. The same thing happened in Pirates of the Caribbean when Keira Knightly stole scenes she was in and commanded our attention. It is just that Rey is the clear lead whereas Knightly was not.

The focus has been on the men for decades. It is okay for the girls to get one, and in a top tier franchise. It only makes things more fun, so we can expect to see other females in good roles within this new Star Wars universe.

4 We Will Find Out Rey's Parents Are Related To Someone Big

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The big mystery we had coming out of the last film was who Rey's parents actually were. Clearly she is Force sensitive. Not just a little, but enough to counter Kylo Ren and his abilities in the dark side of the Force. This means she has great power that she doesn't even know about yet.

We saw her show amazing gifts, and this wasn't even half of her potential being shown. That said, what more could be awaiting her? Before all of this, clearly she had to be born. Her parents left, or should we say, were taken when she was a child. She was spared.

It is thought potentially among some that the parents may not have been Jedi themselves, but they were clearly on a planet that the First Order knew of very well. They were taken and killed to hopefully kill off the remaining Jedi and any of their relatives who could give birth to someone new. They did not take Rey. It is possible they did not think she was much of a threat. They told her that they would be back, but they never came back. She stayed hoping but realized in the end that it was over. It is possible they lived, but even more possible that they are dead.

The biggest thing in all of this is that Rey has the mighty Force in her, which means one or both of her parents did as well. That being said, Rey is related to someone in the Star Wars universe. It would need to be someone powerful, and one who would have left their child in a place where no one knew they were present. If you recall, there is a part in history where Obi Wan Kenobi disappears for a long time, as Episode 4 begins with him having to recruit Luke Skywalker to the Jedi. He is old by then, but he was seemingly in his 30s at the end of Episode 3. It could be assumed that the Jedi Master got busy and had a child or two.

Whether Rey is a granddaughter or great granddaughter, she is related to Kenobi. It is almost certain. Interestingly enough, Disney is planning a Kenobi movie in the future. I wonder what that one will be about...


3 Finn Is Going To Be Fine For The Next Installment, But Then He'll Die Eventually

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Remember how we spoke about girl power in this franchise? If the focus really is on Rey and not Finn to truly save the Republic from the First Order, Rey must be the one they put in place to do it. So where does that leave Finn?

As speculated, he should have the Han Solo role in this film. This despite Rey's ability to fly ships. Which, ya know, worked out well for someone else, too. Finn will survive and make it back in time for Episode 9. Meanwhile Rey should be working with Skywalker during Finn's recovery. There is a good chance Finn ends up dying later on in the series, however.

Since Rey is the needed force to bring the Jedi back, she could be used only for breeding but this serves no purpose for her powers. So she cannot just be another woman. She is the Jedi and no one can say otherwise. There is a good shot that Finn, in knowing the importance of Rey, sacrifices himself to keep her safe. This would in turn, help her while also killing him. While it may seem like a long shot to fans, come back in a few years and we'll talk.

2 Maz Kanata Will Be A Crucial Character To Help Sell The Star Wars Story

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If you remember in the last film, Maz Kanata seemed to have everything one could ask for when Finn, Han, Chewy, and Rey all came in to see her. Rey then found her way down to the dungeon of sorts where she found Luke Skywalker's old lightsaber that happened to be lost.

Luke lost this very saber when he fought Darth Vader for the first time. It was the time in which he lost his hand. Maz seemed to play coy when asked about how she attained such a mighty piece of Star Wars history. She told them that it was a story for another time.

We need this story told, Maz! When Rey touched it, she was given a vision of Luke's academy and what happened to the Knights of Ren, which led to her abandonment on Jakku. Rey of course fears the weapon at this point, but Finn eventually uses it. Maz will be the connection tool in all the films we shall see. It seems Solo knows her, and it could be assumed that she knew Skywalker as well. Possibly all the Star Wars characters both past and present knew or know her, which could help Rey and company find their way to the places they need. Maz clearly has information and it could be widely assumed that she will play a crucial role in this entire series.

1 Kylo Ren Will Not Be The Only Jedi That Turns To The Dark Side

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We can assume now that the Knights of Ren have some Force ability, as they were under Snoke before Kylo Ren ever came to the First Order. Ren now goes out on missions with them where he heads up the group.

Kylo Ren was formerly Ben Solo, but was renamed by his master Snoke. He seemingly has no official title in the Order's military, but they put up with him a great deal due to being Snoke's apprentice.

The one thing that stands out is that Kylo Ren cannot be the first or last to have left Luke Skywalker's academy and turned. Ren came back to it and slaughtered many, but Luke managed to escape and it was Ren's job to find him in The Force Awakens. He never did, but Rey was able to. There is a good chance that Luke trains more students than just Rey. It can be assumed that someone else will turn in order to help Kylo Ren.

It is doubtful Ren finds his way through the entire franchise that Disney has laid out for the series. That being said, someone will turn or already has from Luke's past. Rey potentially knows someone who will turn. In this universe, you never know what will happen. In a world where the First Order has a lot more people to hunt down the Jedi, you know someone is going to turn to stay alive.

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