Top 10 Stupidest Star Wars Controversies

Star Wars is a franchise unlike any other. It paved the way for other series to follow in its footsteps, with its heady mix of story of amazing special effects. In creating such a monumental and game-changing trilogy, little did George Lucas know the impact he would have on the fans. He was hoping but Star Wars fans have come to be unlike any other – die hard.

He was also the first to see the value of merchandise that would net him even more money than the films themselves. Everything from t-shirts, mugs, toys, shoes, costumes, place mats, ties, anything and everything was branded with the name and logo of his films and at no time could that be seen more than with The Force Awakens.

From plot holes to changes in characters to injustices, Star Wars fans demand a lot and get a lot. But who’s to blame them? The Force Awakens crossed the billion dollar mark just 11 days after it was released and at the time of writing, has just opened to a warm reception in China at $53 million, according to movie website BoxOfficeMojo. That’s not to say the fans are always right, in fact from trolling the new black Stormtrooper to Princess Leia gaining a few pounds and getting older, sometimes Star Wars fans and critics can be downright wrong and unjustified, throwing the debate wide open for the controversies of our time and in our galaxy. Here are ten notorious and stupid Star Wars controversies.


10 Race Relations

9 Princess Leia “Too Old, Too Fat”

8 Stormtrooper Mask Lawsuit

7 Chewbacca Not Honored


6 Luke and Leia’s Relationship


They were inseparable from the beginning, Luke and Leia seemingly did everything together in the first trilogy so it was perhaps only natural that romance began to blossom between the two. But this was not to be the case as it was revealed that they were siblings by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Return of the Jedi. Despite many fans wishing for Luke and Leia to get together, it was in fact Han Solo who won the heart of Princess Leia.

5 Han Shot First


4 Original vs Prequel Fans


3 George Lucas vs Fans

2 The Prequel Movies Themselves


The original 1977 trilogy was ground-breaking in scale and business venture. There was seemingly no child that did not see the movie growing up in the 70's and 80's. The prequels featured an entirely new cast including Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, and Samuel L. Jackson among others. These movies were almost unanimously panned for having bad writing and bad direction, with some extremists even going so far as to not acknowledge its existence.

1 Rey’s Absence From Star Wars Merchandise

George Lucas’ mega fortune from Star Wars didn’t come from the original films themselves, as we noted earlier, but from the endless merchandise created about the characters and film. There doesn’t seem to be anything that hasn’t been Star Wars branded, and even more so for this latest film. Despite new characters BB8 and Finn have toy figures created in their likeness, so where is the heroine; Daisy Ridley's Rey? Some speculate that her toy figurine wasn’t ready in time, others said she wasn’t created as it might ignite some spoilers for the film, but still others, said she’s on the way soon and will be among the next wave of toys to be released by the franchise. Let’s hope that’s true and she gets her cred!


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Top 10 Stupidest Star Wars Controversies