Top 10 Spider-Man/Captain America Moments In Marvel History

One of the most talked about characters in Captain America: Civil War, even aside from the film's title character, is Spider-Man. But it wasn't as if this was just the same old version we've seen of Spidey before, regurgitated on screen. Tom Holland has delivered a brand new version of the character, one that is frankly more accurate to the comic book and just pitch perfect. Since he is getting his own solo film next year, one that will also see Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark/Iron Man making an appearance, we're going to finally see Spider-Man interacting with other characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Though his next solo film will feature Iron Man, it doesn't look like it's impossible for Chris Evans' Captain America/Steve Rogers to make an appearance as well. Both Tony and Steve have had a big influence on Peter Parker's life throughout the several decades worth of comics. And while plenty of people can't wait to see Peter and Tony interacting together, Spider-Man has had plenty of memorable encounters with Cap over the years. Whether they were in conflict with one another, or fighting on the same side.

Cap and Spidey actually share some pretty core characteristics - doing what is morally right is extremely important to them both. When Peter was a young kid, his uncle Ben bought him Captain America comics and he grew up idolizing the super soldier. Along with Ben's words of wisdom, Cap's heroics also helped shaped Peter into the hero he would one day grow into being.

10 'Queens. Brooklyn.'


This moment is one of the best during the huge airport fight sequence in Captain America: Civil War. Chris Evans hinted at the interaction between Cap and Spidey during the press tour before the release of the film and it did not disappoint. During their fight, Spider-Man is pointing out what Tony Stark told him about Captain America - one tip specifically being to go for his legs so he can knock him down. They had a bit of banter between them as they were trading blows.

9 Spidey "Fired" From The Avengers


In this story, from Avengers issue #318, the Avengers get some help from Spider-Man in their fight against Nebula. It's clear from the beginning that Spidey doesn't quite fit in with this group of powerhouse heroes. It's a mixture of his abilities and powers, along with his personality, that leads Cap to notice that Spider-Man doesn't work very well with a team such as theirs. More specifically, he points out that Spider-Man may be better off handling his street level villains. And he is right.

8 Joining The New Avengers


In 2005, Brian Michael Bendis began his run on the New Avengers - a new roster that included Luke Cage, Wolverine, Sentry, Jessica Drew and Spider-Man - along with Cap and Iron Man. A bunch of super villains have broken out of the Raft - a prison built to house NYC's villains - with the help of Electro. Spider-Man is able to assist Captain America solving the problem and they get some help along the way. After the battle, Peter is approached by Steve and asked if he would join the New Avengers.

7 Cap's Patriotism Speech In 'Civil War'


No, not the movie, but the original comic run the movie is loosely based on. At this point in the story, Peter, already aligned with Tony, tracks down Cap and has a conversation with him. Peter is curious as to how Cap manages to deal with the pressure of fighting against the government. In some ways, Spider-Man deals with the same thing, waking up everyday and protecting a city full of people who hate him and think he's a menace. Cap's response is pretty incredible.

6 'Maximum Carnage'


Fans of Venom should certainly remember that big story in the '90s with Carnage going on a violent rampage, leaving Spider-Man no choice but to team up with Venom to stop him. Spidey got help from Cloak & Dagger, Black Cat as well as Iron Fist, but it's Cap that extends a helping hand at the right moment for Peter. In that one moment he is the perfect embodiment of hope for the character.

5 Iron-Spider vs Captain America


This battle between Steve and Peter was not bloody and epic, but it was very strategic and gripping. Spider-Man is admitting the fact that he is thrilled to have finally earned the respect of someone like Captain America, but that's about to go down the drain once he begins trying to take him down. Much like in the Civil War movie, Spidey is siding with Iron Man and Cap is asking Peter to reconsider and switch sides. He won't, which causes them to exchange punches, but Cap is too skilled in hand-to-hand combat to let Peter hit him even once.

4 Spidey Takes A Bullet For Cap


We've seen Captain America be selfless in the MCU films, whether he's diving onto a grenade or sacrificing his life to make sure those three corrupt helicarrier go down in flames. Spider-Man experienced one very similar scenario when he took a bullet for Cap that was aimed by the Punisher. Peter was heading home to protect his family from the possible threat of Norman Osborn. Once he knows they're safe, he then heads out and decides to find Norman himself.

3 'Earth's Mightiest Heroes'


During the second season of the short-lived cartoon The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Spider-Man was introduced after the Skrulls and their secret invasion. Captain America was hated by a large portion of the population, due to the fact that one of the Skrulls had taken on his form and did some pretty bad things. Spider-Man knows it wasn't the real Cap, and the two heroes end up getting stuck in a sewer together, with civilians and the Serpent Society.

2 Spidey Hiding Cap's Shield


In that same Civil War story arc, right after Spidey and Cap have their fight, we get to see just how much respect Peter still has for Steve. In addition to his crazy wall-crawling ability and his trusty web-shooters, Spider-Man heavily relies on his spider-sense to help him in any given situation. We all know Cap's shield doesn't like to obey the laws of physics, but Spidey's senses allow him to anticipate where the shield is going to end up with Cap throws it. Using this to his advantage, he's able to web it up and get it away from Captain America during their fight.

1 'Ultimate Six'


Bendis also wrote this fun little limited series that involved  Sandman, Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Electro, and Green Goblin forming an evil supergroup: the Ultimate Six. Although, those numbers don't quite add up - Spider-Man himself was going to be the sixth member, with Norman Osborn thinking it would be a good idea to blackmail Peter into joining them. He did so by threatening to harm his Aunt May if he refused to help. Luckily, Peter had the Avengers on his side to help him.

Cap is able to get right in front of Peter, trying to hold him back from doing anything destructive. Cap reassures him that everything is going to be okay and that his team has already placed May in protective custody. We then get to see Peter unleash some pent up rage which leads to a pretty epic battle on the White House lawn. If this story was ever adapted for the big screen...that would certainly be extremely cool.

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Top 10 Spider-Man/Captain America Moments In Marvel History