Top 10 Shocking New York Celebrity Scandals

Where celebrities go, scandals follow. Virtually no famous person is immune from the onslaught of lies, gossip, and sensationalist news that seeps into their personal lives. We feel a bit sorry for the rich and famous. After all, it has got to be tough not to be able to go for a drink and take your baby with you, right Britney? Or have some fun with a few lucky ladies like Tiger Woods did. OK, so we do not want to engage in the behaviors and scandals that faced these celebrities. Yet they do make good items for our list of the top 10 shocking New York celebrity scandals.

From drugs and violence to family and marital affairs, these celebrities have seen it all. There have been good outcomes and bad ones, as well as a few that still make us scratch our heads. We have watched our favorite stars get into scuffles, make poor decisions, or be the target of a disastrous event. Throughout the years, New York has been a city that has seen lots of action, and not always the good kind. Take a break and read through this list. It may remind you of a few famous fiascos that had you talking with your friends for weeks on end.

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10 Solange Knowles Fights Jay-Z

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After leaving a Gala at the Met in New York City, Solange Knowles got into a heated argument with her brother-in-law, Jay Z. She reportedly got into a hissy fit and lashed out at her sister's boo. Beyonce, for her part, looked on wild-eyed while Solange and Jay Z started getting rough in the elevator of a New York hotel. The security cameras from the elevator show Solange getting worked up and punching and kicking Jay Z. Beyonce simply stands there the whole time. The incident sparked rumors that Bey and Jay Z's marriage was on the rocks, but Solange later came out to say everything was all good in the hood.

9 Madonna Cheats on Guy Ritchie

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8 Britney Almost Drops Her Baby

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We all just really want Britney Spears to be well. Back in 2006, she was on the verge of a mental breakdown (that happened about a year later and is a whole other topic of discussion.) Brit was spotted tripping in New York while clutching her second child, baby Sean, who was just eights months old at the time. With a drink (hopefully water) in one hand, and Sean in the other, Britney put her own child at risk by nearly dropping him to the ground during her stumble. The clumsy move, however, never put her glass of liquid in peril. The incident had the media and public up in arms about whether Britney was mentally stable. We all know what happened later.

7 Heath Ledger's Cocaine Scandal

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The world greatly mourned the tragic death of Heath Ledger, and shortly prior to his untimely passing, he was kicked out of his New York home by his partner, Michelle Williams. She reportedly got sick and tired of Heath's antics with cocaine and heroin, and said that he had become a routine drug addict. His constant party lifestyle seemed to be tearing their relationship and family apart. This was the final drug-related incident pertaining to Heath before he was found dead in his Manhattan apartment. News companies and programs then aired raw footage of Heath talking about his drug use and how Michelle was going to give him so much flak over it. This was definitely a most tragic scandal.

6 Justin Bieber Admits to Smoking Weed

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5 Russell Crowe's Temper Tantrum

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Remember Russell Crowe's temper tantrum in New York when he threw a telephone at a worker at the front desk of a SoHo hotel? Good times. The celebrity with a rough-and-tough persona was arrested by authorities after going cray cray when the clerk told him that he could not make an international phone call to Australia. Crowe stated that he just wanted to call his girlfriend who was down-under, but then got into a huge hissy fit and ended up in a late-night scuffle. The event left the desk worker with a cut on his face and Crowe with his wrists in handcuffs. Crowe's publicist insisted on denying that the actor had hit anyone, but police had a different story.

4 Kanye's Diss on George Bush

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3 Naomi Campbell Does Community Service

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2 Tiger Woods' Sex Addiction

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1 John Lennon Murdered

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The world lost a wonderful man and talented musician on December 8, 1980 when John Lennon was shot to death outside his apartment in New York's West Side. The Beatles singer and musician was killed by Mark David Chapman, who had spent the last few days asking for Lennon's autograph. As Lennon was walking between his limo and his apartment on the night of December 8, Chapman used a gun to fatally wound the Beatle. Lennon was taken to a hospital but was deemed dead on arrival. Authorities said that he was shot within close range and suffered major blood loss and damage to his torso. With a few gunshots, the world was left mourning a musical icon.

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