Top 10 Sexiest Movie Character Voices

When watching TV shows or movies, we can all agree that the most memorable characters are the ones that leave unforgettable imprints on our minds and hearts. This could be tougher than we imagine, especially when one’s character is an animated one, or simply one with no visible face. Yet, some voices in Hollywood have made some phenomenal characters come alive. Characters that we have felt in our hearts, and understood in our minds. Characters we were made to relate to, and characters that had an appeal that went beyond just a physical face. Here is the countdown of 10 such unbelievable voices that have brought to life some unforgettable characters.

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10 Neytiri - Zoe Saldana

Remember Pandora’s Na’vi huntress, Neytiri from Avatar, the highest grossing movie of all time? Well, Zoe lends her voice to the beautiful blue alien huntress with big expressive eyes. And what a voice it is. Zoë has managed to instill just the right amount of seriousness and wisdom in her already sultry voice, making the character appear to hold the knowledge of generations and ancient wealth of integrity. Neytiri is truly a one of a kind film character, and we doubt anyone could have played her better than Zoe did. Her voice instills the character with sensitivity and feeling that can literally be felt as if it were tangible. It is no wonder that the film franchise has confirmed Zoe for the next three sequels of the Avatar movies.

9 Lola –Angelina Jolie

In the 2004 animation comedy Shark Tale, Angeline Jolie lends her one of a kind voice to the character of Lola, a lionfish who tries to seduce Oscar. Angelina instills just the right amount of flagrant seduction in her voice, to make the gold-digger character of Lola appear realistic and believable. Angelina’s memorable voice adds to the temptation and invitation of Lola’s character, and makes her a truly tough competition for the lead character of Angie (voiced by Renee Zellweger). Angelina Jolie has also lent her voice to the classic character of, ‘Tigress’ in the Kung Fu Panda franchise.

8 Elsa - Idina Menzel

Frozen, the 2013 3D animation production by Walt Disney, featured the voices of Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, as the two female leads. Idina lends her voice to Arendelle’s 21-year-old snow queen, Elsa. Though Idina was a Broadway veteran, it was really when she nailed her trial reading of the script that she got the part; and boy did she play it phenomenally well. Most reviews complemented Idina on her portrayal of Elsa’s emotions, not only through her lines, but also through some great heartfelt songs. Elsa truly stole the limelight in this multi-cast animation movie. Idina’s crystal clear voice and gentle tone made Elsa come alive on screen.

7 Rochelle – Julia Louis-Dreyfus

6 Kitty Softpaws - Salma Hayek

5 Ishani – Priyanka Chopra

Though there were several great voices that made the animation movie, Planes such a hit, there was one in particular that was unusual, catchy and exciting. Former Miss World, and current Indian actress and singer, Priyanka Chopra lent her playful voice to the movie character of ‘Ishani’, a young and sexy pan Asian racing plane. Ishani is the reigning champion of the skies, and is known for her talent and competitiveness. She plays the love interest of the main lead, Dusty Crophopper. What makes Ishani so interesting is that there is an expressiveness in Priyanka’s voice. Her tone perfectly matches the animated expressions on the actual plane, making the animation, as well as the voiceover, a memorable one.

4 Saphira - Rachel Weisz

In the 2006 fantasy-adventure movie Eragon, Academy award winner, Rachel Weisz lends her voice to the beautiful sapphire dragon named Saphira. Rachel’s voice adds to Saphira’s regal bearing and innate internal calm and wisdom. The fact that the character does not speak in any literal sense, and only communicates via a telepathic connection, adds to Saphira’s mystical charm. Rachel has previously lent her voice to several strong female characters, and her choice of playing Saphira is completely in line with her previous successes. The character is an interesting mix of intelligence and spirit, both of which are suitably strengthened by the depth of Rachel’s voice.

3 Cat Woman - Halle Berry

Granted that the 2004 American superhero movie, Catwoman is listed as one of the worst movies ever, it is also true that the movie even made the star actress Halle Berry pick up a worst actress Razzie award. Still, despite the unbelievably caustic audience and critic response to the movie, if there is one thing that could be termed as the only silver lining on this dark cloud, it was the voice of Halle Berry. Mind you, we said voice, not dialogues. Playing the role of a masked super-hero with a cat-like personality, really brought out the cat-like playfulness, bold demeanor and ‘who cares what you think’ attitude in Halle’s voice. While we may all like to forget the movie, her sexy ‘Meeooowww’ is sure to stay in our memories for a while.

2 Eris – Michelle Pfeiffer

In the 2003 Dreamworks Animation movie Sindbad, Legend of the Seven Seas, Michelle Pfeiffer lends her sexy voice to the character of Eris. Picked up from Greek mythology, Eris is the temperamental Goddess of Discord and Chaos, who is portrayed as a mischievous and intriguing villainess. Initially, the character was written with a purely sensual underlining but after several script alterations, the character was made a little more interesting, naughty and playful. Michelle really took the scripted role to another level, when the most memorable thing that audiences took out of the movie were her dialogues and the character’s phenomenal animation work. Michelle’s sultry voice actually managed to overshadow the equally fabulous voiceover performances of Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta Jones.

1 Scarlett Johansson – Samantha

In the 2013 Spike Jonze movie titled Her, Scarlett Johansson lent her husky and one of a kind voice to the intelligent computer operating system called Samantha. She received critical acclaim for managing to draw her audience into a character that wasn’t even a real, living thing. Only Scarlett could have pulled this one off really, for hers is the only voice that can make you fall for the concept of a real, heartfelt relationship between a human and intelligent software. In fact, there are poignant points in the movie where Scarlett’s voice really has you wishing that her character were a live person. Scarlett alternates between tantalizing flirtatiousness and serious curiosity to portray the virtual image of a curious, gentle being with a high emotional quotient. This is one unforgettable character that truly, deeply connects.

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