Top 10 Reasons To Be Excited For The Deadpool Movie

Ready your Chimichangas everyone, for Deadpool is finally making his way to the silver screen. The trailer Fox has finally released has made the highly anticipated project seem that much more real, as fans of the fourth-wall breaking character have wanted this for years.

This movie is set to be great for a variety of reasons and the official trailer has only scratched the surface for what we can expect. As comic book fans know, Deadpool is often full of surprises, meaning the upcoming film will only have to match in comparison. There are a few things, however, that we know to look out for in this adaptation.

Along with the trailer, the cast and crew have dropped some sweet jewels of knowledge to help us all prepare ourselves for the awesomeness. Whether you're a classic fan of the X-Men character or not, you'll be sure to want to catch this movie for these specific reasons.

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10 The Supposedly “Leaked” Test Footage

via denofgeek.us

When fortunate occurrences such as this one happen in the world, you just try not to question it. This gift from the comic book gods graced our eyes at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, and signified only one thing: a Deadpool movie was being made.

It was later revealed that the footage was actually shown to Fox execs years ago, however due to the collective feedback at the Comic-Con screening, it was finally greenlit by the studio. Fans were not only delighted to see their coveted character adapted correctly, but were also excited to finally get the bad taste of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine version out of their mouths.

9 Tim Miller as Director

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Some directors hop on the scene by taking on lucrative projects, but there are rarely those that take on true passion projects as their first endeavor. Tim Miller is just that kind of guy.

He has, however, had his hands in some very notable projects, such as Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Thor: The Dark World, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. His creative vision is well known throughout Hollywood, making him a perfect match for a comic book adaptation of this magnitude.

It's also important to note that the man became a director for this specific movie. He's a huge fan of the source material and fully committed to making this the perfect adaptation.

8 Classic Deadpool Humor

via joyreactor.com

It's safe to say that in recent years, studios have found the perfect formula for making enjoyable comic book films that can not only be enjoyed by huge comic book fans, but for the casual movie-goers as well. It's also safe to say that Deadpool isn't looking to change that, he's just looking to make fun of it.

Those that know and understand this character get that he is personified satire. In the comic books, he is often seen making fun of the comic book industry as a whole, giving him complete opportunity to make fun of the film industry in this adaptation. As seen in the trailer, expect the character to constantly break the fourth wall and reference things outside of his movie and universe.

7 Deadpool Will Share A Universe With Fox's X-Men

via comicsalliance.com

Fox's X-Men films have commonly done pretty well on their own, but it isn't truly a party without the franchise's “Merc with a Mouth.” It hasn't yet been revealed how the studio plans on integrating the character with their current universe, but it is confirmed that Deadpool will in fact be included.

It doesn't get any better than shared universes when it comes to comic book film adaptations. This will not only enable the movie to reference so many more characters, but also include crossovers and cameos. Who might they try and surprise us with in this debut film?

6 Negasonic Teenage Warhead

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Out of all the X-Men cameos Miller could of give us in this film, this has to be the most peculiar. Negasonic is one of the more serious characters in the universe, which could also make her one of the more interesting in this comical film.

The character is set to be portrayed by actress Brianna Hildebrand, and given her short cameo in the trailer, we can expect a fairly accurate depiction of the teenage mutant. Her powers consist of telepathy and nightmarish precognitions. Miller has admitted to mainly being interested in the character because of her awesome name, which fans can most certainly get behind.

5 Colossus

via screenrant.com

This Russian mutant plans to make his second reprisal since his stint in the X-Men movie series. Daniel Cudmore, the previous actor, has been recast for this role, but the character is still currently the only confirmed link to the two movie franchises.

We can also expect some pretty stunt heavy brawls if the metallic mutant is involved. Apart from having supernatural strength and dexterity, Colossus' powers allow him to don himself with a coat of metal armor. The new look for the character is also the closest any movie has gotten to his canon comic book design.

4 Morena Baccarin as the Female Lead

via geeksofdoom.com

This multi-talented actress has appeared to have her hands in almost every superhero project this year. Most will recognize her from her role in Gotham as Leslie Thompkins, but she also voiced the role of Gideon from The Flash.

Her character in Deadpool has very seldom appeared in any medium outside the comics, but she is set to portray Vanessa Carlysle aka Copycat. Aside from being Wade Wilson's love interest, Copycat's abilities closely mimic the mutant Mystique, as she can shape-shift instantly. It's unknown how closely her character will be adapted, as the trailer hasn't depicted her having any powers.

3 Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

via moviepilot.com

Remember that loosely adapted Deadpool character from X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Yeah, well this movie gives you the pass to pretend like that disaster never even happened. Let's also consider this upcoming film Ryan Reynolds' way of making reparations.

There's no denying that Reynolds has heavily coveted this role for quite some time, and the way Fox butchered that character in 2009 was criminal. The actor not only matches the charisma of the character, but nails his explicit humor and physicality. There is truly no better man we'd rather see running around in red and black leather.

2 The R Rating

via aggressivecomix.com

That's right, we not only get Deadpool, but we get the REAL Deapool. That comes with all the blood, gore, sex, and everything else that makes Hollywood cinema so great. While 99% of superhero films have adopted PG-13 ratings, there would have just been a very noticeable void had this one followed suit.

If you've been following this film for a while, you would have received word that the film would in fact be rated PG-13. However, on April 1st, the studio came forward with this hilarious spoof that revealed it was all just an April Fool's joke, and that it would definitely be Rated R. How Deadpool-ish of you, Fox.

1 A Movie for the Fans

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Comic book fans have always approached with caution whenever a major studio got their hands on a popular property, as it'll commonly be released as a crappy money-grubbing adaptation that has nothing to do with the base material. This won't be the case.

Expect nothing to be held back, as the studio plans to go all in with giving the fans what they've wanted for years. We know this to be true, because the movie only became greenlit because of the fan support. They not only owe it us, but owe it to the comic book movie industry as a whole, to inspire them to only produce quality adaptations.


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