Top 10 Least Attractive Boy Band Members Ever

This is a very controversial list, owing to the fact that a person's level of attractiveness largely depends on who is looking at him or her. One person might be very attractive in your view, while the same person could be very unattractive to the next person. However, regardless of how personal the issue of attractiveness is, there are people we can all agree fall a bit below a certain standard of attractiveness - the kind that would never have a chance of landing an advertisement for even the lowest of beauty products. Then there are other people who are so attractive that they turn heads and cause people to bump into each other along the streets, just because of how amazing they look.

Celebrities have it tough in this area because everyone expects them to have flawless beauty, and yet inside they are just normal human beings trying to make a living like you and I. These high expectations from their fans have forced celebrities to spend a lot of money on cosmetic surgeries and procedures, all in a bid to hide their flaws. Therefore, when a celebrity appears to be less than perfect, we will always term them as unattractive - a rather unfair assessment, but it's one of the challenges they have to deal with for being who they are.

This is a list of ten of the most famous boy band members in history, who are here just because the public has at one time or another considered them to be less than perfect. Here are the top 10 most unattractive boy band members, who are obviously very attractive to someone else. Who do you think does not deserve to be on this list?

10 Wanya Morris (Boys II Men)


Boys II Men is arguably the best and the biggest name when it comes to a cappella and R&B, owing to their beautifully written emotional music and their harmonies. The original four members of this band - Michael McCary, Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman - came together in 1985 and through Motown Records the band was able to achieve international recognition.

9 Justin Jeffre (98 Degrees)


98 Degrees is a boy band made up of four exceptionally talented vocalists from Ohio; namely Jeff Timmons, Justin Jeffre, and Brothers Nick and Drew Lachey. This boy band came together without the influence of producers and record labels, but it was later signed by Motown, then Universal, and now Entertainment one.

8 Jay McGuiness (The Wanted)

Max George, Jay McGuiness, Siva Kaneswaran, Nathan Sykes and Tom Parker are popularly known as The Wanted - one of Europe's leading boy bands. The above members came together to form the band in 2009, and since then they have performed not only in Europe but in different countries around the world.

7 Kevin Jonas (Jonas Brothers)

The Jonas Brothers are a very popular rock boy band made up of three brothers; Paul Kevin Jonas II, Joseph Adam Jonas, and Nicholas Jerry Jonas, which was very active between 2005 and 2013. Their appearances in the Disney Channel TV network contributed to how popular they became at the height of the band's career, but their music and TV shows have kept them popular to this day.

6 Jacob Underwood (O-Town)


If you love bands, then you definitely watch Making The Band - a reality TV series produced by MTV. The first band here was O-Town in 2000, and it made it out of the show to become a wonderful band out in the music scene.

5 Ricky Bell (Bell Biv DeVoe)


Bell Biv DeVoe is the name of a boy band, a name that sounds unique and foreign. Those who are not very familiar with the band would be surprised to learn that the name of this band is just a combination of the last names of the band members, whose names are Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe.

4 A. J. McLean (Backstreet Boys)

The Backstreet Boys were and still are one of the leading boy bands on the planet. This group of five amazing vocalists - namely AJ McLean, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson - was formed in 1993, in Orlando, Florida, and is still in existence to this day.

3 Isaac Hanson (Hanson)

Hanson are a rock band trio made up of three brothers; Isaac, Taylor and Zac. This band has been on the music scene since 1992, and it continues to entertain crowds and rock fans all over the world to this day. Their 1997 hit song "MMBop" propelled them to international recognition - an amazing song that was nominated three times at the Grammy awards.

2 Danny Wood (New Kids on the Block)


New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) are one of the longest running boy bands on this list since the group came together in 1984 and, despite a 14-year hiatus between 1994 and 2008, the group continues to record music and sell albums to this day.

1 Chris Kirkpatrick (NSYNC)

When it comes to boy bands, NSYNC is without a doubt one of the best the world has ever seen. Recognized by Rolling Stone as one of the top Teen Idol breakout movements of all time, this boy band sold over 50 million albums over their brief history, making them the eighth best-selling boy band in history.

Christopher Allan Kirkpatrick was a member of this amazing group and his amazing countertenor voice made fans - especially the ladies - adore him the world over. Chris still sings, he is a performer as well as a voice actor. However, one thing that most people point out is that Chris was the least attractive of the boys in the group, an opinion that you have the right to agree with or totally refute.

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Top 10 Least Attractive Boy Band Members Ever