Top 10 Most Scandalous Katy Perry Outfits

Since bursting onto the scene with her hit song I Kissed a Girl, Katy Perry has become a cultural icon whose popularity has grown with each album. With three hit albums, a popular film franchise and even a fragrance, it is not hard to see why the larger-than-life star has become such an international sensation.

Of course, Katy Perry did not always start out as the over-the-top star that fans are familiar with today. In fact, her early career was a bit more conservative, as the Unconditionally singer pursued a life in Gospel music. In 2001, she released her first album, Katy Hudson, but then later took a different direction after signing with Capitol Records in 2007. In 2008, Perry released One of the Boys, which catapulted her into instant stardom.

Since then, Katy Perry’s name has become synonymous for catchy tunes such as Teenage Dream, Roar and Firework. Over the years, Katy Perry’s stage persona has also taken a life of its own. A normal performance usually finds audiences bombarded with powerful lights and lasers, extravagant props and most importantly, memorable fashion. Like Madonna and Lady Gaga, Katy Perry pushes the envelope in what she wears, combining a sexy yet playful look that is not afraid of color. Some people watch in awe while others criticize, but no one can deny that whatever Katy Perry chooses to wear, it will never be boring, and is almost always scandalous.

10 Smurfette Dress

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The fact that one of the most memorable cartoon characters of all time was plastered across Perry’s dress is not the problem. In fact, the sequined picture itself was quite adorable. What made this look a bit scandalous is the fact that it took place at the premiere of The Smurfs, which Perry loaned her voice to in the role of Smurfette. Yes, it is a movie premiere, and going all glam is important, but this was still a children’s movie, so the length might have been a tad inappropriate for the occasion, since certain assets were on display. But hey, the Last Friday Night singer still looked great, so what do we know.

9 Super Bowl’s Shining Star


The outrageous pop-star stayed true to herself during her Super Bowl 2015 half-time performance, arriving on a giant golden tiger before moving onto her collection of hits. Though the outfits used during this performance were modest by The Smurfs star’s standards, one in particular caught the attention for both its dazzling effect and its certain resemblance to a well-known symbol. Adorned in a star-encrusted gown, Perry looked absolutely dazzling as she floated above the crowd on a star. But as many Twitter users pointed out, she did look a little like NBC’s The More You Know star. Then again, more people remember the right shark more, so maybe people do not even remember the star-thing at all.

8 Carousel Dress

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Katy Perry gave Lady Gaga, the current queen of scandalous looks, a run for her money when she showed up to the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards in a carousel dress made by Manish Arora. The top half was traditional Perry, with a low-cut neckline and bright colors. However, the bottom half, adorned with a carousel complete with flags, is what really caught everyone’s attention. The dress was such an attention grabber that it helped make Manish Arora particularly popular during that time.

7 Fruit Dress

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At the 2009 Grammy Awards, the This is How We Do singer classed up the place in a pink strapless gown that flowed all the way to the floor. However, Perry’s performance of her signature hit I Kissed a Girl, went the exact opposite route. In a line of many food inspired dresses, Perry wore a short (as per usual) glitter infused number that was covered in a variety of fruit. She almost looked good enough to eat, if it were not for the fact that the combination of fruit were probably fakes. Right?

6 Cupcake Bra

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For her summertime hit California Gurls, Katy Perry looked to the classic game Candyland, for inspiration. With sets resembling every kids dream, everything looked as if it was dripped in cotton candy and sugar. But Perry did not stop there; even her clothes had enough sweets on them to give anyone daring enough to bite a cavity. The Firework singer changed outfits a few times during the video (which also featured her in a rather risque Girl Scout outfit), however the one that people recall more than any other is the cupcake bra that was paired with sequined blue daisy dukes. It was a fun look, but probably wasn't too practical if she went for a swim.

5 Movie Ticket Dress

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At the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards, the Roar singer made headlines when she ripped off Desperate Housewives actress, and host Eva Longoria’s dress, and patted her on the rear end. The singer had just finished a performance of her hit song Firework, and perhaps had a little too much energy to spare. But before that interesting spectacle, Perry caused another stir when she showed up with then-husband Russell Brand, in a red sequined number that resembled a torn movie ticket. Like Perry, the dress was sparkly and very (very) daring.

4 Sushi Dress

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One thing is for sure, Katy Perry sure loves to dress up in food. For her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in Japan, Katy Perry decided to “localize” her look by covering herself with a variety of sushi pieces. This look was created by Phillipe and David Blond, the same pair who made her Elvis and Fruit Basket outfits. Of course, considering all the glitter that must have surrounded each and every piece, nothing on that dress was probably safe to eat. Still, it was quite a spectacle.

3 Ballot Dress

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Who says outrageous fashion can’t be combined with a political statement? Definitely not Katy Perry. While many probably chose to wear a pin showing their support for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Perry one upped everyone by showing up to a campaign rally in Las Vegas in a black and white dress that resembled a ballot. The top of the dress had the words “President of the United States” with Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s names clearly checked over then opponent, Mitt Romney. That means that she voted for Obama, right? Regardless, it was daring (to say the least).

2 Blockhead

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Even in her most subdued outfits, Katy Perry still manages to shock the world. Case in point: During an acceptance at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards for Firework, Katy Perry took the stage in a pink and white geometric outfit, complete with a yellow cube hat, designed by none other than Christian Dior. Not that there is anything wrong with the cube or going geometrical itself, the only issue really is that it looks a little too heavy. Not that it was, since it was probably hollow or made of light material, but it still looked quite uncomfortable.

1 Gender Bending Outfit

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When Katy Perry hosted the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards, she had around eleven costume changes. As you can imagine, each one of them was pretty daring. Not only did the Dark Horse singer come out onstage in a football uniform, but she also glided over the stage on a giant cherry chapstick. But the outfit that probably caught everyone’s attention, and what makes it to the top of the list, is Perry’s attire for the winners room. Dressed in a half-tux, half-dress combo, the Hot and Cold singer decided to show both her masculine and feminine sides all at once. Sure, it is not the most revealing outfit on the list, but it is certainly one more the creative and daring.

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