Top 10 Most Powerful Female Heroes of DC Comics

I’ve been noticing a new trope entering the world of movies and comics. It’s something that has been around for a while, but has since become more and more prominent; and for the better, too. Kick-ass women. More and more we are seeing gals take the place of their male counterparts in protecting their respective universes.

With Marvel currently commanding the scene in the Superpeople cinematic universe, I’m excited to see what DC brings us. We’ve already got Dawn of Justice on the horizon, and with it, the first depiction of Wonder Woman in over 30 years. Hopefully this will encourage them to use other, less known heroes throughout the DC Universe. Despite their lack of spotlight, there are many other women in the DC universe that could enrich the world Zack Snyder is building. Plus, with CBS’ Supergirl premiering in late October, as well as Black Canary in Arrow and Vixen coming to the CW, this should pave the way for more and more female heroes to make their way to the big screen.

Here’s a list of 10 such gals that I’m sure we would love to see more of. Some we sort of already have, in some iteration or another.

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10 Huntress

Via http://dc.wikia.com/

Daughter of a Mafia boss, Helena Bertinelli was raised in Gotham City. After her family was murdered in a hit, she was put into the care of her uncle and cousin, although the secret of the family was kept from her. It was there that she learned how to defeat the nightmares that constantly haunted her. After years of training, she discovers the truth of her criminal family, and after Batman crashes one of their parties, she realizes she can fight back against those she despises. After avenging her family and those that betrayed her, she eventually went on to join the Justice League and the Birds of Prey. However, it took some convincing, as Huntress’ willingness to kill those she deemed deserving was frowned upon by the Batman Family.

9 Jesse Quick

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Essentially the female Flash - in fact at one point she is asked to be so - Jesse Quick has the ability to tap into the Speed Force. This allows her to run at unprecedented speeds, accelerated healing, incredible strength, basically anything that the Flash does, but in thigh high boots. She initially had no intentions of becoming a super hero, instead opting to study the supers of the past and their impact on the planet. It wasn’t until she was running an errand for her father that she inadvertently became Jesse Quick. She has been a part of the Teen Titans, and is currently a member of both the Justice League and Just Society of America, while simultaneously being their business manager. I’m not entirely sure what the difference between the two organizations is… I assume something to do with bureaucracy…

8 Starfire

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It’s hard to be a middle child, so I’ve been told. And such is the case for Koriand’r, or more commonly known as Starfire. After her older sister Komand’r - deemed unworthy to the throne due to a genetic defect - betrayed their race to The Citadel, Starfire was handed over to them to ensure peace. Under their fascist control, Starfire and Komand’r were tortured for six years until finally released; right into the hands of a more sadistic, torturous race. She managed to escape after a botched rescue attempt for Komand’r, and eventually found her way to Earth with the aid of the Teen Titans. She quickly joined up with them, and has more recently been accepted into the Justice League. I’m sure with her ability to turn energy into deadly starbolts, she will be a good addition to the team.

7 Maxima

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Born to royalty on the planet Almerac, Maxima has excellent psionic abilities, on top of super strength, speed and durability. After she lost interest in the boors and shumps of her home planet, she sought out Earth to find a suitable mate. It was here that she found Superman, but we all know who he’s in love with. Scorned, Maxima teamed up with Braniac to take revenge, but ultimately saw the error in her ways. She turned on him and was eventually inducted into the Justice League. Some time and a few rejections later, Maxima encountered Superman again, foretelling of an epic battle in the near future. She aided in the coming battle but ultimately lost her life, sacrificing her own to save the fate of the entire universe. Pretty honorable if you ask me.

6 Hippolyta

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A Greek Demi-god, Hippolyta possesses immense powers. She was the first one resurrected from the Well of Souls, Queen of the Amazons, and the first one to take on the role of Wonder Woman before passing it off to her daughter. She and her sister Antiope created Themyscira, defeated Heracles in one on one combat, although after agreeing to peace, he drugged and chained her up in her own Palace. After escaping and watching many of her sisters slaughter their captors, Hippolyta and Apolite had a falling out and each went their separate ways. From here, Hippolyta and her followers were put on Paradise Island and must remain there to battle the evil that lies within the island, and did so for over 3,000 years. It was here that Hippolyta met with Diana - the reincarnation of her unborn daughter, and the future Wonder Woman.

5 Amethyst

Via dc.wikia.com

Ever wished you were part of a magical royal family from a world you didn’t know existed even if it meant having to face off against the very being that killed your family causing you to be placed on Earth under a foster family? Yeah. Me too. Luckily for Amy Winston, this is just the case. It wasn’t until she was 13 that she discovered her true identity of Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. After travelling back to Gemworld, she led her army to defeat the dark forces that tormented her. Later, she managed to single-handily defeat Child, a Lord of Chaos, and is now the only surviving Lord of Order, making her a force to be reckoned with. She has also squared off against Spectre (a.k.a. The Wrath of God) and survived unscathed.

4 Harbinger

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Sadly, she may be diminished from what she once was within the pages of DC, it doesn’t mean she couldn’t hold her own. I mean, she had to give up her own life to save another, and against Darkseid. Even the best of the best are bested by him. With the ability to duplicate herself, fly, and manipulate energy, she was a worthy fight for any super villain. She played a critical role in Crisis on Infinite Earths, as without her all Earths would have sure met their demise. She was eventually reborn in The New 52 as an AI of the Hall of Heroes. Being stripped of all her physical power, she is now able to control many technologies through mechanokinesis.

3 Big Barda

Via dc.wikia.com

A literal goddess. Although born in Apokolips, and groomed for evil, she fell in love with Scott Free and turned to the forces of good. They escape Apokolips and came to Earth to live out their lives far from the influence of Granny and Darkseid. Scott became an escape artist named Mister Miracle and she went on tour with him for many years. They retire as superheroes and attempt to live out their lives as normal humans, but it doesn’t go as planned. They are constantly hassled by baddies and brought in to help the Justice League. Eventually she and Orion are sent to New Genesis as an extension of the League, and there they must defeat Mageddon. Once finished, sheand Orion disband from the League. Years later she is called on again when other New Gods like herself are being killed off. She faces off against Infinity-Man, but ultimately loses and is killed. Or is she? Apparently she has been reborn, yet I haven’t seen it in print yet…

2 Super Girl


Kryptonian cousin of Superman, she has been kicking ass since 1985 and shows no signs of stopping. She’s even got her own TV show coming out on CBS shortly. Although, when you’re the beautiful, superhuman cousin of the most powerful superhero on the planet, it’s kind of hard not to gain a following. She has taken on many of the villains in the DC universe and even held her own through Infinite Crisis. In another instance, she takes on Metallo, Silver Banshee, Kryptonite-Man (yes, he’s a real villain) and Parasite, and manages to take them all out, before defeating an imitation Clayface with the help of Damien Wayne. I'm hoping they take a few of these story lines for the new show, because I would love to see her knock around some new villains.

1 Wonder Woman


Are you really surprised? She’s been a member of the Justice League since it was created; is the daughter of a Demigod; the leader of a race of bad-ass Amazons that could break you with two fingers; and on top of it all, has the capability to put Superman and Batman in their place. That's why Wonder Woman is usually consider as she is one of the Big Three. I can’t even list all of the villains she’s defeated over the years. Well, I could, but you probably wouldn’t know most of them, and you’d be pretty bored before you got halfway. What I will say is that it’s impressive. For over two decades she has been a staple of the DC universe, and a role model for nerd girls everywhere. And guys. I look forward to seeing her latest portrayal in Dawn of Justice, and eventually her own Wonder Woman movie come 2017.

SOURCES: www.dc.wikia.com; www.comicvine.com

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