Top 10 Most Popular Dogs on TV

They’re difficult to work with, they’re overly demanding, and they never remember their lines, but still everyone loves them. Are they divas? No, the answer is dogs, pups, pooches or pals. Dogs have been a part of television for decades. Man's best friend has roles both supporting and starring. Many times, their cute and adorable ways make them the center of attention even if they aren't supposed to be. Not that anyone is complaining. Here is a look at some of the most memorable and unforgettable TV dogs.

10 Pluto  Disney

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Pluto is the loyal pet to Mickey Mouse, both are two of the most iconic cartoon characters in the history of television. Pluto first appeared in, The Chain Gang, as a dog hunting escaped convict, Mickey Mouse. However, as the characters progressed, he became the pet of Mickey. He has appeared in several films, TV shows and comics as a supporting character, and was also featured on his own. Unlike the other characters that where animals but lived like humans, Pluto was the only actual animal. Pluto did not speak and most of the stories that featured him would focus on physical comedy. Some of the plot lines featured Pluto getting jealous if Mickey got a new pet. Many have wondered and questioned why Mickey's pet, Pluto is a dog, yet Mickey's best friend, Goofy is also a dog but he walks, talks and even drives. Disney proved that dogs truly are man's best friend.

9 Stella – Modern Family

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Behind every man is a good women, and for Jay Pritchett, that’s his beloved French bulldog, Stella. Just don't tell his wife Gloria! Stella first appeared in season two of the hit ABC show, Modern Family as Jay's dog, and to act as a rival to the high maintenance Gloria. Stella was portrayed by Bridgette, who won Best Dog in a Television Series at the first ever, Golden Collar Awards in 2012. However, a dispute between her trainer and the studio led to Bridgette being replaced by her understudy and best friend at the time, Beatrice.

8 Hobo – The Littlest Hobo


He was the handsome stranger that would go from town to town and help the less fortunate. He was a true hero as he would look out for the “little guy.” Hobo, a German Sheppard, was the protagonist of the long running Canadian children's program that first aired in syndication from September 24, 1963 to November 16, 1965 and then on CTV from October 11,  1979 to March 7, 1985. Each episode featured Hobo going to a new town, where he would become friends with those in danger, or were about to be in danger and were unaware. The only character to appear in every episode is Hobo, as he met a new cast of people each week. At one point in the series, a reporter and a scientist suspect Hobo of being some type of super dog. In the end, it could never be proven, so Hobo’s secret remains safe. The series starred a pup named London, but later was replaced by his relatives Toro, Litlon and Thorn.

7 Scooby Doo – Scooby Do. Where are you?

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Scooby Doo, a Great Dane, is one of the most well known dogs to date, appearing in the pilot of Scooby Doo. Where are you? on CBS on September 13, 1969. Since then, he has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies up to present day. The series features Scooby, his friends Fred, Daphne, Velma and best friend, Shaggy. Usually, they would get entangled in some type of mystery where the villain seems to be super natural, but in the end is just some slimy bad guy. Scooby was like a scarred cat in most situations, but his courage would always shine through. Scooby Doo has been voiced by many people with the fist being, Don Messick.

6 Grey Wind, Lady, Nymeria, Summer, Shaggydog and Ghost – Game of Thrones


In HBO's Game of Thrones, Direwolves are assumed to be nearly extinct, possibly mythical animals that are large and intelligent. They are first introduced in the pilot episode where they are discovered by Ned Stark and his sons. A Direwolf just so happens to be the animal that represents the House of Stark, therefore each Stark kid is allowed to keep the young puppies, as the mother had died. They are extremely loyal and will protect their child, and they almost have a deep connection with each one. In the first season, while Bram is in a coma, an assassin enters to kill him, but Bram is saved by his Direwolf, Summer. The direwolves, when they were puppies, were played by Northern Inuit dogs and since becoming adults have been played by actual wolves.

5 Santa's Little Helper – The Simpsons 


Santa's Little Helper, a greyhound, is the Simpsons Family pet on the animated series, The Simpsons. Although he’s the family dog, he appears to have a special bond with Bart. He has been shown to be a bit dimwitted, reckless and doesn't think before he act. He has appeared in just about every episode since his first appearance in the first episode of the series. In the episode, the family adopt him when Homer and Bart go to the dog racetrack and bet on Santa's Little Helper to win money for presents for Christmas. After he comes in last, Bart and Homer take him home when his original owner doesn't want him anymore for losing all the time. At various times in the series he was police dog, a guard dog for Mr. Burns and fathered 25 puppies. Initially, he was voiced…well more like barked by Frank Weller and then Dan Castellaneta.

4 Wishbone – Wishbone


Wishbone, a Jack Russell Terrier, was a well read dog with a wild imagination. Wishbone was a kids program that aired on PBS from September 10, 1995 to August 31, 2001. It was immensely popular, winning several awards including a Peabody Award in 1998. Wishbone's owner was named Joe, and Wishbone had a pretty sweet life reading his favorite works of literature. Only the audience could hear Wishbone, but nobody in his real life could. Each episode usually featured Joe or his loved ones getting into a situation that reminds Wishbone of his favorite novel or story, and would imagine himself in that world. The series starred Soccer, who prior to his breakthrough roll had appeared in commercials for Nike. He died at age 13 on June 26, 2001.

3 Brian – Family Guy

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Brian is like any other dog on the list, he barks uncontrollably, he wags his tail when he gets excited and he is an aspiring writer. Just like a normal dog. Brian is the Griffin family pet on the Fox animated sitcom, Family Guy. Brian walks, talks and drives. He even sometimes goes drinking with Peter and the guys, but also has a close relationship with Stewie, the youngest Griffin. Brian has struggled with alcohol and cocaine addiction, which was the result of his brief stint as a drug sniffing dog. He also smokes cigarettes and marijuana on occasion. In a major shocker that gained a significant amount of media attention, Brian was killed in season 12 by a hit and run driver. The beloved pet’s death actually resulted in a negative backlash causing the writers to bring him back a few episodes later. Brian is voiced by creator of the series, Seth Macfarlane.

2 Eddie Crane – Frasier


Eddie Crane, a Jack Russell Terrier, was the dog of Martin Crane on the hit series, Frasier. He seemed to enjoy annoying Frasier and often was disobedient towards him. However, Eddie seemed to have a human understanding and got along with Martin and Daphne very well. Oftentimes he would stare uncomfortably at Frasier, until he got what he wanted. Eddie Crane was portrayed by Moose, who become one of the most recognizable and poplar characters from the show. Moose appeared on the cover of several magazines including Entertainment Weekly, along with receiving large amounts of fan mail. In later years, the aging veteran was replaced by his son, Enzo as Eddie Crane. Moose retired in Los Angeles and spent his final years with his son Enzo and his trainer’s family. Moose had three kids, Enzo, Moosie and Miko. Moose died on June 22, 2006 of natural causes at the age of 15.

1 Lassie – Lassie


What's the answer to, “Is Timmy in trouble?!” It’s, “Bark, woof, gerr!” Lassie, a rough and tough Collie, is one of the most famous dogs in the history of television. She was a dependable dog that was loyal, smart and brave. The series was based on a film called, Lassie Come Home in 1943, which in turn was an adaptation of the novel of the same name. The original Lassie was played by, Pal, a male dog. It's been noted that Pal was rejected during the casting because his head was too flat and he had a nasty habit of chasing motorcycles. Instead, a female dog was cast and Pal got the role of stunt double. However, during filming, the female dog refused to enter a river because she was scared of the water. Regardless, Pal stepped in and the rest was history. Pal appeared in six films as Lassie and then embarked on a tour taking advantage of his celebrity status. Pal starred in the pilot for the television series, but the aging icon stepped aside and allowed his son, Lassie Jr, to take over the role. The television series won two Emmy Awards for best Children’s Program twice in 1955 and 1956. Since then, many of Pal's descendants have played the role of Lassie. Pal died at the age of 18 in 1958, but his image remains iconic in television.

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