Top 10 Most Impressive Celebrity Comebacks

When it comes to celebrities, there are those who start out being despised by the public and stay that way. There are also those who managed to change the general public’s opinion about them, transforming themselves from being hated to being loved in just a short amount of time.

Here is a list of the ten most impressive celebrity comebacks to date.

10 Michelle Money

Michelle Money was a contestant on ABC’s second season of the The Bachelor. She was totally despised by viewers because she appeared to be ill mannered and self-centered. She also fits the category the way one girl in every season behaves, which is the girl who acts differently around the bachelor and when she is around the other girls.

At the reunion episode entitled the "Women Tell All", it turned out that Michelle Money just really had a dark sense of humor and that many women actually liked her. She now also has a hilarious online hair and makeup video series.

9 Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart’s fan base was comprised mostly of housewives. This fan base was shattered when she was convicted for the crime of obstructing justice in the year 2004.

Maybe it was because of Stewart spending time in jail that made people a bit more sympathetic to her case. Also, when she got out, she helped herself by being humorous about what happened to her. Add that to the fact that she often invites guests such as Snoop Dogg and Seth Meyers to her show, and the result is her being able to rebuild her fan base.

8 Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie, Lionel Richie’s daughter, started out in the show business as a cast of the reality show entitled The Simple Life. Together with her then-best friend and hotel heiress Paris Hilton, they were seen roughing it in the show back in 2003.

While it took a lot for Nicole Richie to change her image, she was able to successfully transform herself into a lady of glam and talent.

7 Zooey Deschanel

A lot of people hated Zooey Deschanel’s ‘adorkable’ personality and doe eyes. Playing the ukulele also did not help her at all.

Now, Zooey Deschannel is the star of the new FOX TV series entitled New Girl. Thanks to the extreme popularity rating of the show, those who found her annoying finally changed their minds about her.

6 Ryan Seacrest

Many refer to Ryan Seacrest as the annoying guy who hosted American Idol. Even with increased public visibility for having his very own radio show and developing shows for the channel E!, his popularity rating still did not get any better.

Some people associate Seacrest finally being able to make a name for himself when he appeared in the movie Knocked Up back in 2007. Some also say that it was thanks to being on-screen constantly and regularly with Guliana Rancic that helped him reveal his true talent. He is now also known as ‘the hardest working man in show business’.

5 Victoria Beckham

People did not really notice Victoria Beckham, referred to as “Posh” when the Spice Girls were still alive, until they began noticing that she never smiled and that out of all the members of the band, she had the worst voice. Rumors claiming that she despised the other girls in the band also did not help her.

Her life turned around when she entered the world of fashion designing back in 2000. Her career appealed to a lot of people, albeit, a whole new different fan base. She also appeared on three different Vogue covers in 2009.

4 Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari was brought to the attention of the public when she starred in the popular MTV show, Laguna Beach. She’s known for being Lauren Conrad’s rival. They fought over Stephen Colleti, with Cavallari being the one many viewers did not like during the series.

Cavallari came back to the spotlight in 2009 when she got a role in The Hills. Also, her not-so-great attitude has been replaced by something better, which many people think is the result of her becoming a mother.

3 Alec Baldwin

There is no denying the fact that Alec Baldwin is more successful and popular than his brothers. However, he lost a lot of fans during his divorce with then wife Kim Basinger. The long divorce battle and fight over custody of Baldwin and Basinger’s daughter coupled with his publicized angry voicemail for his daughter resulted in a lot of people hating him.

Getting a role on 30 Rock brought Alec Balwdin’s fame back to life. Viewers praised his exceptional performance on the TV Series. He has also remarried, with his wife being a yoga instructor. Baldwin and his wife are also expecting a child.

2 Miley Cyrus

Many of us know Miley Cyrus as a young Disney star, playing the role of Hannah Montana back in 2006. She was hated when she tried to transition from being a famous teen star to just a regular actress and pop star. Add this to her doing drugs, denouncing covers (such as a Vanity Fair shoot), and pole dancing, and there is no wonder why her popularity ratings came crashing down.

Thanks to "Party in the USA", which was released back in 2009, she became a hit, with teens and adults going back to liking her. Her new haircut, her stable relationship with Liam Hemsworth, her commitment to creating music, and the fact that she stopped caring about what people thought of her transformed her from being an annoying young actress to an entertaining star.

1 Jimmy Fallon

Back when he was still in Saturday Night Live, a lot of viewers found Jimmy Fallon to be shrill and annoying. These qualities of Fallon led to a number of articles being published, such as the ‘Nine Things I Hate about Jimmy Fallon’ back in 2002. The fact that he laughed too much also added to the negative things that people said about him.

Thanks to Fallon getting his own late-night show entitled Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, he was able to redeem himself. In his shows, games with celebrities are played and people enjoy how he successfully impersonates other celebrities such as Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. His house band called ‘The Roots’ is also a plus.

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