Top 10 Marvel/DC Crossovers

If you were to choose between Marvel and DC, which of these two great companies or universes would you say is better? Most comic and movie lovers out there have their preferences, but we can all agree that there is no other name in comic book history that is greater or even comes close to Marvel and DC, right?

These two companies have been in existence since the 1930s and they have continued to grow since then in every respect. One would wonder whether the founders of these two companies would have foreseen a future where their content is receiving worldwide viewership and numerous movie awards.

Today, when Marvel or DC plan to release a movie, fans always wait in anticipation for it and flood the movie theaters to watch it on its premier. Marvel and DC movies are some of the highest grossing films in Hollywood, and that is evidence of just how popular these companies are, and just how much their loyal fans support them.

For those of us who do not like choosing between these two names and would rather enjoy both, Marvel and DC crossovers tend to bring out a union that totally works for us. Crossovers involve bringing together characters from different universes into one storyline - a story that tends to be very entertaining. These crossovers bring very powerful beings together, and this means that fans can brace themselves for action that is beyond what they are used to in regular storylines.

Here are some of the top crossovers that Marvel and DC have worked on together. Which one would you like to watch in a movie today?

10 Darkseid Vs. Galactus: The Hunger Vol 1 1


Unlike most other crossovers where most of the attention is usually on the superheroes, the Darkseid vs Galactus: The Hunger comic focuses on super villains from different universes. Galactus is one of the most powerful super villains in the Marvel Universe, owing to his god-like size and power, which he uses to consume and drain planets off their energy. Darkseid, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe, whose intention is to conquer the universe and eliminate free will.

9 DC Versus Marvel Vol 1 1


This is a crossover that brings together most characters from both DC and Marvel universes, who find themselves in the same Amalgam Universe. This begins with the discovery of a mysterious box emanating a strange light, which had the power to make someone disappear and appear in a parallel universe. For example, Juggernaut finds himself in Metropolis, Spiderman finds himself in Gotham City, and the same weird happenings continue to affect characters such as Axel Asher, Wolverine, Storm, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Superboy, Hulk, Lobo, Spectre, Living Tribunal and many others.

8 Uncanny X-Men & The New Teen Titans Vol 1 1


The X-Men are mutants from the Marvel Universe who possess different superpowers, and are divided into superhero mutants led by Professor X, and super villain mutants led by Magneto. The New Teen Titans are DC characters who are young sidekicks of the popular superheroes, but their age does not mean that they are easy to beat.

7 Silver Surfer / Superman Vol 1 1


In late 1996, DC and Marvel came together to produce a comic that starred Marvel's Silver Surfer and DC's Superman in one action packed story. Superman has long been seen as the superhero of all superheroes, and teaming him up with the extremely powerful Silver Surfer makes that team almost indestructible.

6 All Access Comics


Access Comics were a joint project of DC and Marvel in which they introduced a new character called Access - who had the power of cross-dimensional awareness, dimensional transportation, merging and time travel - and used him together with others from their other comics.

5 Batman & Captain America Vol 1 1


Batman is without a doubt the most popular 100% human superhero, and this makes him a favourite of most DC Universe fans. Captain America, on the other hand, is an American soldier with amazing powers and a big heart, making him one of the greatest Marvel superheroes.

4 Superman Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 1


Superman Vs The Amazing Spider-Man was the first time that DC and Marvel came together to publish a comic book that featured their modern superheroes, and it was an amazing crossover. Published in 1976 and at the time going for just $2, this comic book was the beginning of many other successful crossovers.

3 DC Special Series Vol 1 #27 – Batman Vs. the Incredible Hulk


DC had come up with a series of one-shot comics and special issues under the umbrella title of DC Special Series, with each comic featuring different characters and showing them in a slightly different light than they were in their comics. The series ran from 1977 to 1981, with the last issue being a crossover featuring Batman and the Incredible Hulk.

2 Green Lantern Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances Vol 1 1


Green Lantern Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances is a DC/Marvel crossover starring DC's Green Lantern and Marvel's Silver Surfer, released on January 1, 1995. The coming together of these two superheroes is as a result of Thanos wanting to destroy all creation in order to be with his lover Lady Death and hatching a plan to make Parallax look like he is the one guilty of wanting to destroy both universes.

1 Incredible Hulk Vs. Superman Vol 1 1


Who would win in a battle between the Hulk and Superman? The argument here would never come to an end, because the Hulk is in every way indestructible and the Man of Steel is also in a league of his own.

Although the cover of the comic and its title make us think that these two superheroes will finally get to fight each other, the truth is that they end up fighting side by side against Lex Luthor, who is arguably Superman's worst opponent. Other super villains also make an appearance in the comic, but the Hulk and Superman are a team that simply cannot loose.

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Top 10 Marvel/DC Crossovers