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Top 10 Hottest Survivor Winners

Top 10 Hottest Survivor Winners


When considering all the successful shows on television, there aren’t many that can boast sustaining 32 seasons of faithful viewers. Actually, many shows tend to lose viewers due to a declining storyline with each passing season. Standing in a league all their own, Survivor has continued to grow the franchise and even gain new fans. While the premise of the show has always remained the same – to “outwit, outplay, outlast” – the theme has evolved over the years to bring the most out of this competition reality show.

Early seasons of the show had a very different outlook on what it takes to be the sole survivor and winner, but the show has since morphed to include more than just knowing how to build a fire. Since now the name of the game is more about manipulation and lies, the winners can’t easily fit into one standard package.

Although the theme may change with each season, one thing always remains the same – hot girls in bikinis! With each episode containing some sort of physical activity, viewers are privy to scantily clad contestants jumping up and down and frolicking on the beach. Since there isn’t much eating on Survivor, oftentimes the contestants slim down right before your eyes – coming out hotter than when they first started.

For those lucky enough to win Survivor, they won’t just be leaving with memories and the title of being the winner. With the prize of $1 million, previous winners have shown that money truly is the best moisturizer. Check out our list of the top 10 hottest Survivor winners, and see if your favorite made the cut.

10. Kim Spradlin – Survivor: One World



Winner of Survivor: One World, Kim Spradlin wasn’t the typical conniving contestant we usually see on Survivor. Staying under the radar and playing a much quieter social game, she actually became a fan favorite on the show. Even though she ended up winning the $1 million cash prize, she took home an additional $100,000 when she won the “Player of the Season” prize voted in by the fans. However, it might not have been just her calm personality that won over the fans. Showing off a Texas prom queen look, Kim Spradlin resembles a bit of Cindy Crawford with the toned body and flowing auburn hair.

9. Danni Boatwright – Survivor: Guatemala



Season 11 winner of Survivor: Guatemala, Danni Boatwright wouldn’t seem like the contestant to win a survivalist show. With a background as Miss Teen USA and Miss USA, you’d think she would only gravitate towards shows with glitz and glamour. However, not only did she become the sole survivor, but she parlayed her fame to continue on as an on-air personality for a number of different shows. With rock hard abs and a smoldering look, she seemed almost runway-ready even when donning the patented Survivor bandannas. Some of her most memorable moments on the show involved some shower scenes with fellow female cast members that were worthy of a swimsuit modeling shoot rather than a survivalist show.

8. Natalie White – Survivor: Samoa



Winner of Survivor: Samoa, Natalie White was an extremely interesting character on the show. While her background as a former sorority girl and Arkansas roots gave her a certain “girl next door” charm, her alliance with Russell Hantz showed that there was some definite bad girl edge. Unlike other contestants that only revealed their true beauty until after the show ended, Natalie was portrayed as somewhat of a Baywatch babe straight out of the gate. Long flowing blonde hair and a cute and quirky look, she took island living in stride and showed the world how hot you can be makeup free.

7. Amber Brkich – Season 8



As part of the most romantic storylines in Survivor history, Amber Brkich famously went on to marry Boston Rob and became Amber Mariano. Prior to their meeting, Amber was already on his radar since her steamy photoshoot with Stuff Magazine made headlines after she was voted off Survivor: The Australian Outback. Posing topless, in lingerie, and a few scenes laying on piles of money, Amber proved she was more than just a Survivor castaway. Going on to win Season 8 with her now-husband Rob Mariano, she was the ultimate Survivor hottie even before she won the $1 million grand prize.

6. Natalie Anderson – Survivor: San Juan del Sur


Natalie Anderson first made fans when she appeared alongside her identical twin sister on The Amazing Race, which was probably one of the reasons she was cast on Survivor. After her sister was kicked off, fans wondered whether or not she would be able to come into her own. Not only did she step up to the plate, but she went on to win Season 29 of Survivor: San Juan del Sur. Flaunting her athletic build, bronzed skin, and long flowing ombre hair, Natalie was one of the rare contestants that stayed hot throughout the show, regardless of no makeup or fancy clothes.

5. Parvati Shallow – Season 16


Often thought of as the female version of Russell Hantz, Parvati Shallow was a severely divisive character on all three Survivor seasons she participated in. While she ultimately won Season 16, that was the only time that her scheming and lies were able to get her the win. Regardless of what fans may have thought about her playing style, her beauty could not be denied. The combination of sparkling light eyes with dark flowing hair just fueled the fire for her devilish good looks, and the six pack abs didn’t hurt either. Using her looks to further her game, some of the more memorable Parvati moments include a naked hot tub episode and some much-talked about “cuddle sessions” with fellow contestant, Adam Gentry.

4. Vecepia Towery – Survivor: Marquesas



Winning Survivor: Marquesas, Vecepia Towery entered the show with the advantage of being a six year veteran of the U.S. Air Force. Already in tip top shape, Vecepia used her strength to propel her to the final three when she won immunity in the final round. With a guaranteed spot to the final, Vecepia’s hard work (mixed with a bit of scheming and alliance help from Boston Rob) got her to the end. While her look on the show was more survivalist than glam, fans got to see her true beauty at the Survivor finale. Winning $1 million and flashing her glowing smile, Vecepia makes the list for hottest Survivor winners.

3. Denise Stapley – 25th Season


As the winner of the 25th season of Survivor, Denise Stapley’s appearance on the show wasn’t exactly filled with good luck. Not only was she forced to attend every single Tribal Council, but she had horrible performances throughout the Immunity Challenges. Yet, she had some amazing aspects to the social portion of the show, which she attributes to her background in her career in business. While she doesn’t fit the standard mold when it comes to hotness, her toned body and winning personality prove that beauty comes in all ages. Showing some serious MILF appeal, Denise Stapley exudes hotness through confidence and ability.

2. Sandra Diaz-Twine – She Won It Twice



Appearing on both Season 20 and Season 7, Sandra Diaz-Twine is the only contestant that can boast winning twice. Putting her Spanish roots to good use, she was able to leverage this into a valuable skill on Survivor: Pearl Islands. While she may have seemed like one of the more weak contestants on the show, she proved that it wasn’t just physical ability that is required to get you to a finale. Her look on the show took on a Caribbean style with untamed curls and beautiful bronzed skin, but it was the dramatic look after the show that really puts her on the list. Sleek red-toned locks with a fresh-faced glow, Sandra became a great example of a hot older woman.

1. Jenna Morasca – The Hottest Of Them All


Our number one pick for Hottest Survivor Winner goes to Jenna Morasca due to her smoking good looks and free spirit personality. The close bond Jenna maintained with fellow contestant, Heidi Strobel, was depicted throughout her winning season – including shower scenes that were later recreated for a double photoshoot with Playboy Magazine. Her most infamous moment on the show was when the contestants were competing to see how long they could stand on a pole in the middle of the ocean before falling into the water. Claiming she would strip off her clothes for some peanut butter and chocolate, producers promptly brought out her request and sure enough both Jenna and Heidi started stripping. With the most natural progression being a spread in Playboy after the show completed, Jenna Morasca definitely takes the top spot on our list for Hottest Survivor Winners.

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