Top 10 Hottest Survivor Winners

When considering all the successful shows on television, there aren’t many that can boast sustaining 32 seasons of faithful viewers. Actually, many shows tend to lose viewers due to a declining storyline with each passing season. Standing in a league all their own, Survivor has continued to grow the franchise and even gain new fans. While the premise of the show has always remained the same – to “outwit, outplay, outlast” – the theme has evolved over the years to bring the most out of this competition reality show.

Early seasons of the show had a very different outlook on what it takes to be the sole survivor and winner, but the show has since morphed to include more than just knowing how to build a fire. Since now the name of the game is more about manipulation and lies, the winners can’t easily fit into one standard package.

Although the theme may change with each season, one thing always remains the same – hot girls in bikinis! With each episode containing some sort of physical activity, viewers are privy to scantily clad contestants jumping up and down and frolicking on the beach. Since there isn’t much eating on Survivor, oftentimes the contestants slim down right before your eyes – coming out hotter than when they first started.

For those lucky enough to win Survivor, they won’t just be leaving with memories and the title of being the winner. With the prize of $1 million, previous winners have shown that money truly is the best moisturizer. Check out our list of the top 10 hottest Survivor winners, and see if your favorite made the cut.

10 Kim Spradlin - Survivor: One World


9 Danni Boatwright - Survivor: Guatemala


8 Natalie White - Survivor: Samoa


7 Amber Brkich - Season 8


6 Natalie Anderson - Survivor: San Juan del Sur

5 Parvati Shallow - Season 16

4 Vecepia Towery - Survivor: Marquesas


3 Denise Stapley - 25th Season

2 Sandra Diaz-Twine - She Won It Twice


1 Jenna Morasca - The Hottest Of Them All

Our number one pick for Hottest Survivor Winner goes to Jenna Morasca due to her smoking good looks and free spirit personality. The close bond Jenna maintained with fellow contestant, Heidi Strobel, was depicted throughout her winning season – including shower scenes that were later recreated for a double photoshoot with Playboy Magazine. Her most infamous moment on the show was when the contestants were competing to see how long they could stand on a pole in the middle of the ocean before falling into the water. Claiming she would strip off her clothes for some peanut butter and chocolate, producers promptly brought out her request and sure enough both Jenna and Heidi started stripping. With the most natural progression being a spread in Playboy after the show completed, Jenna Morasca definitely takes the top spot on our list for Hottest Survivor Winners.


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Top 10 Hottest Survivor Winners