Top 10 Hottest Girls That Joey Dated on Friends

How YOU doin'?... Nobody can rock that line quite like Joey. From 1994 to 2004, Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) was the most loveable ladies man on television. He had the tendency to disregard women after the relationship had run its course (to put it nicely). But nevertheless, he endeared himself to his friends and had a good heart. When the show ended in 2004, Joey was the only member of the gang that was still single, which was kind of fitting. Over the 10 seasons, Joey certainly had a lot of flings that were over by the end of an episode. But there were several instances where Joey actually "fell" for the girl only to get his heart broken (that damn Ursula was evil!!). This upcoming list will tackle the flings and the heartbreaks, but the one thing that all these women have in common is that they're easy on the eyes. Here are the top 10 hottest girls that Joey dated on Friends!

10 Soleil Moon Frye, Katie (AKA The Puncher)

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There was no heartbreak involved in this one as the only thing that ended up almost breaking was Joey's arm. Katie would try to playfully throw punches at him but they were actually hurting him. He tried to look past this because she was really cute, and in the words of Rachel: "she is so cute, you could fit her right in your little pocket!" At the end of the episode, Joey plans on breaking up with Katie and puts on 6 sweaters in order to soften the blows, which feel like: "a very tiny but very real bat." His logic is, if she hits him when she's happy, could you imagine how hard she'll hit him when he takes away "the Joey love".

9 Annie Parisse, Sarah

We learned a valuable in this episode: "JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!" Phoebe reluctantly sets Joey up with her friend, Sarah. On their date, she does something unfathomable...she steals fries off of Joey's plate. In his eye's, this infringement called for an immediate breakup.

Phoebe forces him to go on another date with Sarah, but devises a plan so there won't be another French fry fiasco. She instructs Joey to order a plate of fries for the table as a "food buffer." The plan was foiled, apparently Sarah liked stuffed clams too as she reached over and tried to rifle one off Joey's plate, causing him to drop his plate on the floor as he was trying to defend it. She finally learns not to touch anything on his plate, but Joey tries to snag some of her dessert: "if I can't have your clams, you can't have my dessert, this is a 2 way street." Her preach fell on deaf ears, as Joey ate the whole thing as she went to take a call.

8 Kathy, Paget Brewster

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This one got intense, and was not funny at all (just kidding, it was still kind of funny). Joey was dating Kathy but Chandler ended up falling head over heels for her. The two of them had this profound chemistry and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't control his feelings.

One night they ended up kissing by the door of Joey and Chandler's apartment and Chandler decided to come clean about it and admits that he was totally over the line: "OVER THE LINE? You're so far passed the line...that you can't even see the line! The line is a dot to you." Being faithful was not Kathy's strong suit as she cheated on Joey with Chandler, then proceeded to cheat on Chandler with a co-star in one of her plays. But this isn't a morality contest!

7 Charlie, Aisha Tyler

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More controversy! Similar circumstances but this time the culprit is Ross rather than Chandler. Right from the get go, it was revealed that Charlie was a paleontologist and we could see where this storyline was going to go. Ross did however show a little more restraint than Chandler, as he was rooting for Joey and even instructed him on what to talk about with her when he took her to a museum. Unfortunately, Joey took a wrong turn upon entering the museum and ended up botching everything.

It all came to a breaking point when the gang went to Barbados to see Ross deliver a keynote speech. Chandler accidently deletes Ross's speech off his laptop and Charlie stays up all night helping him reconstruct it. She finally realizes that her and Joey have zilch in common and breaks up with him. Her and Ross end up kissing in Barbados, but Joey subsequently kisses Rachel. Joey always comes out on top!

6 Hayley, Susan Ward

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Joey meets this sharp looking lady at Central Perk where she asks him out. Things start off normal enough as they went on a casual dinner date. But two things set Joey off as he entered her apartment.

Firstly, he was miffed that she thought he was joking when he inquired if she had anymore cake. Secondly, he started to notice familiarities in the apartment. The scary painting, couches, and the cactus that pricked him once again: "I know I've seen this weird plant before, it did that the last time!" He surmises that he had already slept with her and is disappointed. On their next date he cuts her off and straight up asks her why she didn't remember him? They go back and forth and Hayley is very puzzled...until the roommate walks in: "Ohhh I slept with you! And you obviously remember me, hey I still got it! So we're good? I'll let myself out..."

5 Kate Miller, Dina Meyer

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Joey actually fell hard for this one, and he actually got a taste of his own medicine as she played him hot and cold. Nevertheless, she was a beauty. At first she sees no attraction to Joey, but he ultimately wins her over and they sleep together. But she was already dating the director of their play and only saw it as a one time thing, leaving Joey devastated.

The play that they starred in then turned out to be a bomb and the director dumps Kate. Joey consoles her and they end up staying up all night just talking. Monica bills it as sharing "the night." Despite having this night, Kate leaves for a soap opera role in LA. There wasn't even time to say goodbye as she had to leave before the show finished.

4 Ursula Buffay, Lisa Kudrow

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Ahh yes, this will be a complicated one for casual fans of the show. Lisa Kudrow of course plays the role of Phoebe Buffay but she also plays the role of her twin Ursula. Phoebe and Ursula are polar opposites based on their personalities. Phoebe is eccentric but kind and caring, while Ursula is just mean. But one thing we can all agree on is that Lisa Kudrow is hot!

Despite Phoebe's pleas, Joey goes out with Ursula. She was concerned that she would just use Joey and then phase him out, which is precisely what happened. She wouldn't return his calls and didn't even have the decency to break up with him face to face. Phoebe pretends to be Ursula and arranges a meeting between her and Joey to nicely break up with him. Joey requests one last kiss, and realizes it was Phoebe. It was a nice moment.

3 Erika Ford, Brooke Shields

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The lovely and talented Brooke Shields played a full fledged stalker in this one. She was obsessed with the character that Joey played on TV and actually thought he was Dr. Drake Ramoray. This little tidbit didn't deter Joey as he chose to go out with her anyway (who could blame him? Brooke Shields is unreal).

She catches Drake cheating with another woman on Days of our Lives and storms over to Joey's apartment and demands to know what's going on and seems puzzled that he can be at two places at once. A hilarious break-up that involved water throwing then ensued.

2 Janine Lecroix, Elle Macpherson

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Joey's interview process for finding a new roommate was very strenuous. He made up a little word association test, just to make sure their personalities would match. One candidate was well on her way until she botched the last question. He asked what comes to mind when she hears the word "doggy," she replied with "kitten"...close but no cigar!

He finally finds Janine, who was a dancer and an absolute bombshell. He finds himself very attracted to her but she does not reciprocate. She even thwarted his "how YOU doin'" attempt. After a New Years party however, she realizes she has feelings for him and they start dating. They break up because she can't stand Monica and Chandler. As mentioned in the opening, Joey endears himself to his friends and he simply could not choose Janine over Chandler and Monica.

1 Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston

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To this day, there are still pundits who argue that Joey and Rachel should have ended up together. They had such wonderful chemistry and so much in common, specifically their sense of humor, which was on full display in Barbados as they both giggled at the word "homo erectus."

As mentioned above, the gang was in Barbados to see Ross deliver a keynote speech and sparks were flying like it was the 4th of July. Joey and Rachel finally end up getting together, as do Ross and Charlie. The notion of Joey and Rachel dating was a harsh reality for Ross to take, but he finally gave them his blessing, after the hilarious fajita fiasco at his apartment, where he maintains that he's "FINE." Unfortunately, Joey and Rachel's romance was short lived. Anytime they were about to get intimate, they would picture Ross's face or voice and could not get over it.

Simply put, Jennifer Aniston is an ageless wonder. She was 25 when the show started in 1994. It is now 20 years later and proving that she is like fine wine, getting better with age.

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