Top 10 Hottest Female Stand Up Comedians

Think back to the last thrown-together romantic comedy in which some sassy, in-the-dumps-about-her-love-life female protagonist goes over some list of traits she wants in a man. He should be tall, funny, have a nice car, be established in his career, and have a decent education, but not so much education that he is pretentious; or some variation on those things. These are all decent things to ask for and those guys do exist, but such a list is simpler for men (most of the time). Naked and bringing beer will usually suffice to please a man.

But there is one trait that is sometimes forgotten: a sense of humor. Much like how many dudes are disturbingly unfunny, the same can be said of women. Humor is important. Life is rough and spending it with someone who brings to the table a lack of funny, probably makes it worse. Whether your taste is for raunchy toilet jokes, witty one-liners, or clever anecdotes with a hilarious punchline, having a funny person around makes one better. Having them also be great looking is just icing on the cake. With that in mind, here is our list of ten women who have been blessed with a great balance of humor and beauty. We opted not to include actresses who usually work on comedies or sitcoms, and focused on ladies whose careers have been made primarily as comedians, whether it be strictly stand up, sketches or improv, because while good acting obviously requires tremendous skill, comedy is a whole other ball game.


10 Kate McKinnon

We start our list with one of the most talented impressionists Saturday Night Live has ever seen. Kate McKinnon is as fun to listen to as she is to look at. She can impersonate celebrities from Ellen DeGeneres to Hillary Clinton and of course, Justin Bieber. Prior to SNL (which she joined in 2012), she was on The Big Gay Sketch Show and had performed with other sketch comedy groups since her University days.

This is kind of a tease for all you gents out there, because you all probably have less of a chance with her than any of the other ladies on the list. Not because of how gorgeous she is, but because she is known to "play for the other team". So enjoy the view but you'll likely never get the view you want.

9 Sarah Silverman


There is almost no way to write about women in comedy without at least mentioning Sarah Silverman. Some know her as Jimmy Kimmel's ex, but there are plenty of people who think she was the talented one in the relationship. Her sense of humor is among the darkest out there, but she's brilliant when it comes to making herself seem innocent and silly, while saying in some cases, horrific things. At age 44, she is still one of the sharpest in the business, and looks much younger than she is.

8 Chelsea Handler

There are plenty of words that are apt to describe Chelsea Handler's brand of humor, but my favorite is: brutally honest. Comedy is about not pulling any punches and she is currently among the best in the business when it comes to the honesty department. Her routines are usually fairly edgy, but at the end of the day much of what she does is aimed at making the world a better place. Plenty of her time spent lampooning topics surrounding sexuality is manifest in her life outside of comedy, as she is one of the most outspoken LGBT advocates in the comedy world.

7 Amy Poehler and Tina Fey


Why list these two together? Well, if there's anything better than one beautiful woman, it's two. Unless you have performance issues, which can lead to double the embarrassment. But they are mostly listed together because they routinely work together, comprising one of the funniest comedy duos the world has ever known. Just a couple of months ago, we all saw exactly how amazing Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are together when they dropped some painfully funny material about Bill Cosby at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony. I forgot to mention it but aside from being funny, both are beautiful too, and looking near-perfect while approaching their mid forties.

6 Nikki Glaser

One of the best talents to come out of the show Last Comic Standing is Nikki Glaser. Since her time on the show, she has performed on a few late night shows, including CONAN and The Tonight Show. Along with stand up she has hosted her own talk show Nikki and Sara LIVE, and is also involved in a couple of podcasts. For beautiful blondes who are both cute and sexy, who can also make you laugh so hard you may fall off your couch, look no further.

5 Whitney Cummings


Alright folks, it's time for a tall beauty with a foul mouth. May I present; Whitney Cummings! She's one of the creators of Two Broke Girls and has also starred in her own show Whitney, but many people know her best for her brutal comments on various Comedy Central Roasts. She has written for two roasts and was a roaster for Joan Rivers, David Hasselhoff and Donald Trump; her jokes were cruel and well formed, and she is certainly one of the sharpest minds in the business.

4 Amy Schumer

One of the fastest rising names in comedy right now is the beautiful and hilarious Amy Schumer. She's a talented comic who isn't shy about touchy subjects, proven recently when she featured on a parody of Friday Night Lights, poking fun at r*pe culture, on her show Inside Amy Schumer. Along with edgy humor, painfully funny observations and story based bits, the gorgeous blue eyes combined with a cute smile is just icing on an already very impressive cake.


3 Aisha Tyler


Aisha...Aisha!...AISHA!...AAAAAAIIIISSSHHHHAAAA!! If you understand this joke, paraphrased from Archer, you're cool and should be applauded for living so close to the danger zone.

The voice of Lana Kane is our number three, and is a great example of a beautiful, intelligent, talented and hilarious lady. Outside of Archer, she is a stand up comedian, hosts the new version of Whose Line is it Anyway, and has published two books.

2 Natasha Leggero

Our number two is Natasha Leggero, one of the harshest roasters Comedy Central has had. The other roasters even commented on it, the smallest, cutest one on the program was also vulgar, cruel and incredibly funny. The two roasts in which she participated were those of James Franco and most recently, the famous Justin Bieber roast. The best way to describe her style is something to the effect of: sharply worded, sometimes cruel commentary with one of the cutest smiles out there.

1 Iliza Shlesinger


Our number one is a brilliant comedienne from Texas whose beauty is matched only by her charisma and comedy that is a combination of dirty, silly and smart, all at once. She won Last Comic Standing back in 2008, and remains the youngest comic to ever win that show's final contest. From her views on relationships to her amazing impressions of what she thinks other women sound like, her shows are simply brilliant and she is deserving of the crown for hottest female comic out there.



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