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Top 10 Hottest Campaign Wives

Top 10 Hottest Campaign Wives

By now, it is a pretty widely known fact that, at least in North American politics, the taller of the final candidates left to duke it out in presidential elections is statistically more likely to win the popular vote if not the actual presidency. On the other hand, there is no scientific research or folk wisdom to date on the correlation between the attractiveness of a candidate’s romantic partner and his or her likelihood of winning an election; I have a hunch that, at the very least, having a hot wife does not hurt a candidate’s chances.

If I had to guess, I would go further and assume that attractive wives send a subtle signal to voters that the candidate in question has the social skills and attributes required to attract arm candy that is sexy but classy and intelligent enough to keep up in conversation with movers and shakers at obligatory social functions. Or, maybe it’s as simple as making an otherwise unattractive, liver-spotted and clearly aged presidential hopeful seem more attractive by association. Regardless, and whether or not there is scientific evidence that attractive campaign wives boost their husbands chances at victory, here is a list of the Top 10 Hottest Campaign Wives (from fresh off or currently on the Canadian or US presidential/ministerial campaign trail).

10. Ann Romney, née Davies



Willard Mitt Romney only has one wife, the same since 1969, despite wishful thinking that Mormons are still polygamous. Ann Davies, was the First Lady of Massachusetts from 2003-2007 and the silver fox on his arm during Romney’s runs for US President in 2008 and 2012. Mitt is not running this year, but that has not stopped him from being outspoken about his worry that Trump will become the 2016 GOP candidate. Davies is impressive in her own right, having survived breast cancer and managing multiple sclerosis since her ’98 diagnosis while still finding the time and energy to compete professionally and at the national level in horseback riding.

9. Sarah Palin

shutterstock_140875363 (1)

Sarah Palin ran for Vice President alongside Republican Senator/presidential hopeful John McCain in 2008; Palin also happens to be a wife, hence her inclusion on this list of attractive wives who have experienced the drama of the campaign trail. No, technically she is not married to a high-powered politician, but if we are splitting hairs, technically she is in a marriage that includes a former Governor of Alaska and vice presidential candidate. She may not have left her mark in politics, but her good looks are attested to by the fact that she is the only modern politician to inspire an X-rated film (Nailin’ Palin).

8. Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden



The current Second Lady of the United States had not yet divorced her first husband and was fresh off of a stint in professional modeling when she met then Senator and future Vice President Joe Biden on a blind date. Born Jill Jacobs, this former campaign wife has a PhD in Education and has taught English at the community college level off-and-on throughout her husband’s two-term residency in Washington D.C. For the trifecta, Dr. Biden not only has the brains, proven by her credentials, and the beauty, proven by her modeling career, she has a heart of gold to match, proven by her work with the First Lady on behalf of military wives and families.

7. First Lady, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, just recently made the transition from campaign wife to First Lady alongside husband and newly elected Liberal Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Pierre James (Trudeau). Sophie had worked in advertising, as an entertainment reporter and TV personality, and was an active and avid philanthropist before she reconnected with childhood friend Justin when they c0-hosted a charity event in 2003 and were engaged just over a year later. Thanks in part to her highly photogenic face, Mrs. Trudeau’s media presence and non-profit work have not abated since she and her husband moved into Canadian Crown-owned Rideau Cottage.

6. First Lady, Michelle Obama



This former campaign wife and current First Lady of the United States is the envy of most women in the Western world for many reasons, including: her practical fashion sense, athletic build, unpretentious and modest but still glamorous style, and her well-toned upper arms. And that is not to mention any of the many less superficial indicators of Michelle’s beauty and grace as lover, friend, confidant, and partner in parenting to 43rd US President, Barak Obama. As First Lady, Mrs. “Barry O” picked up where Laura Bush had left off, championing programs to curb childhood obesity and improve the quality of food in subsidized meals like school lunches.

5. Trump’s 2nd Wife, Marla Maples



Not technically a campaign wife rather than the incredibly attractive ex-wife of potential future leader and destroyer of the free world Donald Trump, actress Marla Ann Maples is the mistress that broke up Trump’s first marriage and mother to his second gorgeous daughter, Tiffany, who was born a couple months before Miss Maples and The Donald were married (and 3.5 years before they separated). Neither Marla’s modest success as a New Age musician and advocate for alternative spiritual and medical practices, nor her work with Kids Creating Peace that creates a space for Israeli and Palestinian children to socialize, would have registered well with Trump supporters these days.

4. Maygan Sensenberger, née Zimmer



The couple known to Canadian tabloids and social media-philes as ZimmerBerger has courted controversy since they were married in 2011, initially because of the 46-year age gap between the retired septuagenarian Liberal Senator and his ex-ballerina, bleached blonde trophy wife. Sensenberger has been in the news repeatedly for run-ins with law enforcement, most memorably causing such an alcohol-inspired ruckus on an Air Canada flight that she was court-ordered to cease drinking alcohol and communicating with her husband and, more recently, violating these conditions and physically threatening police officers in the process. Maygan is also a struggling actress, having played an android sex doll in a straight-to-digital movie called Candy Doll (2013).

3. Trump’s Current (3rd) Wife, Melania Knauss



If we learn anything from the current US presidential election it might be that the candidate not with the most attractive wife but with greatest number of attractive wives wins, as Trump could be the first GOP presidential nominee that has (had) multiple, gorgeous spouses. Trump’s current wife, Melania, could become the first foreign-born pageant winner to ever sleep in the White House. Still, her time as Goodwill Ambassador for the Red Cross and Honorary Chairman of the Boys Club of New York for five consecutive years has prepared her to pick a cause to champion as First Lady.

2. Jeanette Dousdebes, née Rubio


This wife, of former Florida senator and, until a few days ago, viable challenger to Donald Trump for the GOP presidential candidate nomination, Marco Rubio, was a professional cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins when she began dating her future husband. Jeanette’s sister, Adriana, was also a Dolphins cheerleader but only the Dousdebes sister that married Marco was featured in the first Miami Dolphins’ Cheerleader swimsuit calendar. Though she does not make speeches or otherwise involve herself in her husband’s campaigns, Mrs. Rubio, like any good politician’s wife, has a pet charity and volunteers her time specifically with Miami-based, Kristi’s House; a shelter for victims of human trafficking.

1. Kelley Ashby, née Paul



Kelley Ashby was born in Kentucky but had lived all over the world with her military family by the time she met “Randy” Paul while he was in Georgia completing his surgical rotation for med school. Ashby herself had a degree in Communications from Rhodes school, which came in handy when, first, she headed up marketing efforts for husband Rand’s private ophthalmology practice, and especially when she began working for a political consulting firm and her husband was elected to the US Senate. This beauty is also a former (high school) cheerleader, but for all her looks and political strategizing, Rand pulled out of the current/2016 presidential race quite early on.

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