Top 10 Hottest Actresses We'll Miss Seeing Come Fall

Late spring always brings joyous events like graduations, hockey and basketball playoffs, and the first of the new blockbuster films. But one of the sad occurrences this time of year involves the annual television series chopping block. This year, some 80 TV series were moved from the "See You In The Fall" bin to the circular file, and while the overall products may have been stinkers, the ladies who starred in them were anything but. So while we won't necessarily miss some of the tripe that TV producers tried to peddle on our screens, we will certainly mourn the loss of the opportunity to gaze upon these lovely ladies every week.

10 Malin Akerman - "Trophy Wife"

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9 Necar Zadegan - "Rake"

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The Greg Kinnear as a wacky defense lawyer FOX comedy limped out of the gate and never found its footing. Which is much too bad for the German-born actress of Iranian descent and the countless guys who have enjoyed watching Zadegan since her breakout role in Season 8 of "24." Zadegan has also appeared on the NBC Series "The Event" as well as the CW medical comedy "Emily Owens, M.D." - both of which, like "Rake," never made it to episode 14. Take heart, Zadeganazzi - your beloved will get another shot in a series next year entitled "Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce."

8 Christine Woods - "Hello Ladies"

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How does a California girl capture the Girl Next Door crown? Woods manages to pull it off wherever we see her despite her shows getting subpar ratings. She shined in the bumbling HBO fish-out-of-water series "Hello Ladies," shimmered as the ghost of Matthew Perry's deceased wife on NBC's "Go On," and made a splash in the ABC future-glimpsing drama "FlashForward." But we're hopeful that the 30-year old University of Arizona alum will find her way back onto the small screen soon.

7 Brenda Song - "Dads"

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The politically-incorrect FOX comedy ruffled some feathers, but it was Song who blew our socks off. Portraying the office manager trying to keep Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi in line, Song somehow pulled off the "self-deprecating, ball-busting, smokin' hot with a sweet side" persona that kept us laughing at her and wanting her at the same time. A staple on the Disney Channel in her youth, Song began acting at age six and is also known for starting a (literal) fire in Andrew Garfield's bedroom in The Social Network. In case you were wondering, Song has a Thai-American mother and a Hmong father, as well as a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. (Awesome!)

6 Amanda Setton - "The Crazy Ones"

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You thought we were going to pick out Sarah Michelle Gellar from this series? Come on. Setton's performance as ad agency assistant Lauren Slotzky let Setton spread her comedic/dorky/manic/slightly slutty wings and soar alongside Robin Williams and the rest of the talented cast. The New York native of multi-ethnic Jewish descent cut her acting teeth in the soap opera "One Life to Live" as a down-on-her-luck stripper exotic dancer. While's her latest show's ratings weren't horrible, they weren't "crazy" good either; and the buzz is that the expense of the series (read: Robin Williams' salary) made it cost-prohibitive to renew for the fall season. We'll miss you, Amanda!

5 Brooklyn Decker - "Friends With Better Lives"

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We came for the Sports Illustrated shoots, and we stayed for her acting debut; sadly, her first full-time TV role was cut short. CBS unfriended "Friends With Better Lives" after just a dozen episodes, but Mrs. Andy Roddick is sill crossing her fingers for a powerful return. Decker's film roles include a physical therapist in the much-panned Battleship and as a trophy wife (sorry, Malin!) in the pregnancy comedy What to Expect When You're Expecting. Look for her again on the silver screen soon in Stretch, a comedy with Chris Pine and Patrick Wilson.

4 Tricia Helfer - "Killer Women"

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How could a gorgeous woman in a series with that title not manage to pull in male viewers in droves? Helfer was the star of the ABC series about one of only two female Texas Rangers, but it shot blanks with the audience and was pulled before all eight episodes had been aired. Not to worry - Helfer, who solidified her fan-fave status in "Battlestar Galactica" and cemented it with her Playboy shoot, will undoubtedly resurface somewhere very soon. The Canadian actress turned 40 this year (no way!), and will appear in an upcoming film 37 about a rock star who plans to kill himself on his 37th birthday.

3 Ari Graynor - "Bad Teacher"

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Her brief appearance in the CBS film remake was enough to have America asking why she wasn't cast in the movie in the first place. Cameron Diaz and Graynor co-produced this series which saw the voluptuous and catty divorcee Meredith Davis worm her way into a middle school teaching job in order to land her next man. If you're wondering where Graynor has been all your life, the Boston-born actress was appearing in films like Mystic River and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist while voicing strippers and sorority girls in FOX's "American Dad." Hopefully, Ari has graduated to bigger and better projects.

2 Minka Kelly - "Almost Human"

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FOX was looking for its next sci-fi hit with "Almost Human," and it looked like it might have one early on. But the ratings for the buddy-cop-of-the-future series eventually cratered, and it got the axe after 13 episodes. Kelly, the daughter of former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay, played Detective Valerie Stahl - who was also a chrome, which was a genetically-engineered "perfect" human (not a stretch role at all!). But the "Friday Night Lights"-ex is destined for stardom given her other roles in "Charlie's Angels" and "Parenthood" and a cameo as Jackie Kennedy on Lee Daniels' The Butler. You can almost hear millions of fans shouting, "More Minka, please!"

1 Allison Brie and Gillian Jacobs - "Community"

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No we couldn't pick just one starlet from the "cancelled-then-revived-then-cancelled again" NBC cult comedy. Countless heated debates have centered on the hotness of Britta vs. Annie, and this list won't deign to choose a favorite. Here's the good news: they won't be strutting and jiggling out of our lives forever. Jacobs has roles in two movies this year: Walk of Shame and Life Partners. And Brie will continue to pop up in AMC's "Mad Men" and the upcoming comedic film Search Party. But there's no denying we'll miss our favorite study buddies terribly.

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