Top 10 Hot Spots To Run Into Celebrities In LA

So you’re in Los Angeles. It has endless amounts of sun, amazing views, hiking trails, pretty people and many amazing restaurants and bars to choose from. What more could you want? How about to see that favorite celebrity of yours?

You may be here for a week, a month, or for the long term, but you can’t deny that if your favorite Kardashian sister or professional Lakers player walked into the restaurant you went to for dinner tonight you wouldn’t be the least bit excited.

That’s normal, the glamor and flashiness that comes with LA has its origin in the celebrities who live here. Let’s face it, knowing that George Clooney might be just a few streets away is the best part of living here. When you call home and casually mention that Justin Bieber walked by you on a hiking trail, it will take all your willpower not to scream out “I know, right??” And if you’re in Los Angeles near the end of February/beginning of March, like now, you can expect awards season to bring in even more recognizable faces. The Grammys and Oscars even entice those people who don’t actually live in LA to make the trip for a few days.

If you don’t want to stalk your favorite artist to find out where they’re filming their next music video (I tried, couldn’t find the Chainsmokers anywhere…) then where do you go so that you can spot your favorite celebrity?

Look no further. Grab a drink at Bootsy Bellows or grab some sushi in Malibu and get your star-studded Los Angeles experience started.


10 Bootsy Bellows—9229 Sunset blvd 


Ahh Bootsy Bellows. Owned by David Arquette (Courtney Cox aka Monica from Friends' ex-husband in case you have no idea who he is) and partners, The h.wood Group, it actually has become a very popular spot for young Hollywood stars alike.

This 60s styled nightclub brings in some hot live entertainment, such as DJs, impromptu concerts, and burlesque dancers when the mood strikes. It is true that Kylie Jenner spent her 18th birthday having a great time with friends and family at this establishment. But she’s not the only one! In fact, Amber Rose was also seen leaving this club not too long ago, and Kevin Durant has been known to frequent this establishment, when possible.

Word of mouth has helped get the name out there, but the common attendance of well-known names helps keep a younger crowd frequenting this nightclub.

9 Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi (Santa Monica) 


So you want to see a celebrity but want to get some amazing food while you do it? Head to Santa Monica. This restaurant has amazing upscale Italian food and a great ambiance. I’m going to be honest, you’re not getting Olive Garden prices, but you’re getting higher quality entrees and opportunities so the price tends to be well worth it!

How would you like to enjoy homemade ravioli with asparagus and sit a few tables away from Taylor Swift on date night? Sounds pretty great doesn’t it? Or be like this kid below, and maybe join them! Anything is possible when you’re in the right place at the right time!

8 Nobu (Malibu) 


As an avid sushi eater, I’ve discovered that one of the best things about LA is the amount of sushi that is available on every street. Basically every 0.5 miles you’ll find a small sushi restaurant to satisfy that sushi urge. However, none of those places can compete with Nobu.

Nobu has many locations, worldwide actually, but the primary location for celeb sightings resides in Malibu. Amazing views essentially on top of the ocean help bring your taste buds to life while the amazing chefs make one of a kind sushi rolls. But if the amazing sushi doesn’t entice you on its own, go for the potential sighting opportunities!

Many celebrities have been seen leaving Nobu Malibu, such as Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, as well as the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan (word has it that this is Kris Jenner’s favorite place to dine).

7 Runyon Canyon


So you’ve had some amazing Italian food, sushi, and drinks but you’re ready to do something a little more productive? Here it is, exercise while you look for your celebrity crushes! Feel the sun on your face, see the dogs enjoying their nature walk, and burn some of those calories! What’s not to like?

Runyon Canyon is a challenging hiking trail but enjoyable nonetheless. It has amazing views of the city, and if you walk enough, you’ll be able to justify the pasta from Ristorante Di Giorgio Baldi.

Amanda Seyfried has been seen just wandering the trails for her daily workout, so has Justin Beiber, and I hear that they offer free daily yoga classes so feel free to post up for a few hours and watch as many young stars try to get their exercise in.

6 Hyde on Sunset


Great food and great drinks can be enjoyed at Hyde on Sunset. Beyond your typical dinner, you may see Justin Bieber sitting with his friends in the private sections of this fusion between nightclub, patio, and lounge styled restaurant. Or perhaps Chris Brown will have another album launching party and you’ll just happen to be in the neighborhood?

So many opportunities come from dining and enjoying a specialty cocktail at this edgy establishment. It’s located in the middle of all of the action on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood so if you want to make a stop for a late dinner prior to checking out the Whiskey Go-Go (because you need to go there at least once just so you’ve been) then this is a very convenient and satisfying option.

5 Joan's On Third


If you’ve been following my list so far, then I applaud your amazing judgment of character. It’s time for a more casual setting though, you’ve earned it. Throw on your jeans and that favorite "easy to wear yet pretty cute with the right shoes" shirt and pop over to Joan’s on Third.

In a very central location, it yields big names like Robert Duvall and Jake Gyllenhaal. With an expansive brunch, lunch, and dinner menu, Joan’s on Third offers you that easy café styled meal while enjoying a nice day. Don’t you think it’s time to enjoy a great sandwich while you people watch? I do.

4 Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel


At this moment, the Polo Lounge has a somewhat limited menu due to renovations, but don’t let that stop you! They still offer an amazing breakfast menu, complete with benedict bar.

If you make it there a little later in the day, however, you’ll be in for a treat. Many Hollywood showrunners and agents like to stop by for a quick lunch meeting during the week. Get a chance to overhear some deals and insider scoop while it’s all still unfolding!

It has also been mentioned that some celebrities enjoy The Polo Lounge as a location to meet reporters to fulfill interview obligations while they enjoy the juicery. Keep an eye out for your favorite celebrity talking to that Billboard Magazine reporter!


3 Chateau Marmont


Everybody has heard of Chateau Marmont, whether you’re aware of it, or not. This hotel has an amazing history that I’m not going to take the time to share, but is worth reviewing. Beyond the great history though, this hotel also brings a unique style to the ever so popular Sunset Blvd area.

Chateau Marmont has a great restaurant, patio seating area, and pool. It may have been most often referred to as the location where Lindsey Lohan racked up a $50,000 tab in one stay, but it’s much more than that.

Additionally, its sister bar just a few yards away, Bar Marmont, has the same old school Hollywood glamor, but is easier to attend last minute without a reservation. It has been said that some celebrities will bounce between both locations when given the chance.

2 BOA Steakhouse


Sticking to the ever so popular Sunset Blvd. you can find an amazing steakhouse in the middle of all the action. As far as steakhouses go, this steakhouse goes somewhat against the traditional dark coloring, oak finished style that many upscale steakhouses try to emulate. In fact, it’s the daring colors and almost perfect menu makes it stand out amongst the many other steakhouses in Los Angeles.

But if the amazing food/cocktails aren’t enough for you, then maybe you’ll see Nicki Minaj or Hayden Panettiere dining while you’re there! Date night or girls night, BOA has been known to entice those fine women, as well as a few Snooki and Jwow sightings not too long ago.

1 The Nice Guy


This old school restaurant/bar has a friendly, relaxed, yet upscale atmosphere. The owners, The h.wood Group, who also own Bootsy Bellows, do a great job of avoiding a club atmosphere, but it’s not just a restaurant either. It feels more like an upscale dining room for family and friends to meet after a long week, so it is a great place to catch up with friends.

It has an upbeat energy without all the music and dancing that can distract from meaningful conversation at many establishments out here. It is also a great place to see celebrities trying to do the same thing with their friends.

You can join the long list of people seen leaving the Nice Guy by paparazzi such as Kate Upton, Harry Styles, Orlando Bloom, and Selena Gomez. Who knows, maybe someone from TMZ will be there so you get a bonus sighting!


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