Top 10 Glaring Mistakes in The Big Bang Theory

big bang theory mistakes

The Big Bang Theory has, as it pertains to ratings, been one of the most successful television shows of its time. The CBS sitcom is not only headed toward a tenth season that will likely be a hit for the network. Reruns of the program routinely air on stations such as TBS and also on local networks. The truth of the matter is that The Big Bang Theory airs so often that one could catch up on previous storylines without ever needing to watch DVDs or without a service such as On Demand, Netflix or Hulu. You may be watching the show as you read this sentence!

It is somewhat ironic that a show about the lives and times of a group of geniuses would be responsible for a plethora of glaring mistakes. Errors occur with any such project, of course, and The Big Bang Theory has not been immune to the miscues that would happen on any set. Odds are that even diehards of the program have, over the years, missed some of these mistakes that occurred during episodes. Fortunately for those who are into all things Big Bang, the Internet has helped collect some of the mistakes that could, in the future, make for some fun and interesting trivia.

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10 Howard in Space 

Via bigbangtheory.wikia.com

Part of watching any television program is suspending your disbelief. With that said, it is difficult to imagine that NASA would have allowed the Howard Wolowitz character into a simulator, let alone in space. Howard, for starters, has plenty of physical ailments that would keep him out of space. As explained in this Jewcy.com piece, Howard is asthmatic. He has an irregular heartbeat. Howard's allergies are comical. It also doesn't help Howard's cause that he is a wimp who would never make it through NASA training. We found out, after he was in space, that Howard cannot even throw a baseball properly!

9 Sheldon's Spot 

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Anybody who has followed The Big Bang Theory for any amount of time knows that the Sheldon Cooper character has a particular spot on the couch that he has designated for himself. As it mentioned in a TV.com post, there have been multiple instances when Sheldon has, for no reason, elected to not sit in his spot. There is also the following question that has never been answered on the show: Why doesn't Sheldon have a special spot anywhere else, such as when he is eating lunch with the rest of the gang? One would think that character would want to be comfortable wherever he is sitting.

8 Danishes 

Via jonathanwinbush.prosite.com

One of the long-standing gimmicks on The Big Bang Theory is that Sheldon is a genius who is the smartest person of the group and who knows just about everything about everything. With that said, Sheldon has gotten plenty wrong over the years. Sheldon once made a comment that danishes would not exist if Copenhagen was flooded. This, as explained on the Movie Mistakes website, is inaccurate, as Austrian bakers were responsible for creating what are known as danishes. Sheldon, the genius that he is, would know the difference and not be guilty of making such a mistake while discussing the matter.

7 Sheldon Can't Spell? 

Via bigbangtheory.wikia.com

There are plenty of things that Sheldon cannot do correctly. He is not, for example, the greatest boyfriend in the world. Then, there was the one time when Sheldon spelled the word “fusion” incorrectly on his white board. Sheldon may have made this mistake if his mind was on something else when he wrote out the word. He would, however, immediately notice the miscue and not allow it to stand because of his personality and his obsessive compulsive disorder. There is some humor in the fact that nobody associated with The Big Bang Theory saw this error before the show was allowed to air.

6 Sheldon's Weight 

Via bigbangtheory.wikia.com

Sheldon has, for the most part, looked the same from the first season of The Big Bang Theory all the way up through episodes that will air in 2016. That would not be the case if Sheldon was correct about his own weight. He once, per Movie Mistakes, explained to Penny that he weighed 140 pounds. Sheldon later, however, told his sister that he actually weighed 165 pounds. That is quite the difference in values, and viewers would have noticed if Sheldon would have packed on an additional 25 pounds. Maybe, without our knowledge, Sheldon had begun lifting weights!

5 Penny's Dad 

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Penny's father can be harsh from time to time, but he has also shown that he has a big heart. Another interesting trait about the man is that he apparently has multiple names. There was once a time when Penny's father was referred to as “Bob.” He was, however, later known as “Wyatt.” Perhaps Penny's father wanted others to use either his middle name or last name when addressing him. That would answer the question about Penny's original last name, which has been a mystery since the beginning of the show; not that Penny is a secret agent who is leading a double life. Or is she?

4 Sheldon's Allergy 

big bang theory mistakes
Via bigbangtheory.wikia.com

Sheldon Cooper is supposedly allergic to cats because of course his character would have that ailment. That health problem did not keep Sheldon from choosing to adopt a large litter of cats after he experiences a small mental breakdown. Not only was Sheldon perfectly fine while interacting with the felines. He even had a special spot in his heart for one that was “zazzy.” Allergies come and allergies go, so maybe Sheldon simply grew out of this problem as he matured. More likely is that the writers simply forgot about Sheldon's original allergy.

3 Leonard and Wine 

Via it.wikipedia.org

In an episode that occurred during season five of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard Hofstadter tells Penny that he does not want a glass of wine because drinking the alcoholic beverage will give him migraines. This was out of nowhere from the character, and it was also a comment that ignored previous episodes. Penny and Leonard have consumed wine multiple times without Leonard mentioning that he may experience even the hiccups let alone a migraine. Keep an eye out for this one while watching future episodes. Odds are you'll see Leonard have another glass of wine before the show ends.

2 Barry's Right “R”

It has, since his first appearance on the show, been known that the Barry Kripke character is unable to properly say words that begin with the letter “R.” Barry would, for example, pronounce the word “ring” as “wing.” When Sheldon is explaining the game Rock-Paper-Scissor-Lizard-Spock to Barry for the first time, Barry is obviously confused. Barry thus asked Sheldon to “repeat” the instructions, losing his speech problem for just a second in the process. This is one that you easily could have missed during that portion of the show, but it is nevertheless a mistake that was not caught.

1 Sheldon Should Be Dead?!?

Via disabilityinkidlit.com

Yes, that's right. Sheldon Cooper should technically be dead per one of the pranks that was featured on The Big Bang Theory. Remember when Barry filled Sheldon's office with helium when Sheldon is conducting an interview? Sheldon would, as explained on the Movie Mistakes website, have actually begun suffocating because of the lack of oxygen in the room. The joke was that Sheldon's voice became squeaky when he was speaking. Sheldon would have had much bigger problems, but we fortunately did not have to watch the demise of the character during that episode. That would be quite the downer for a comedy.

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