Top 10 Box Office Flops Hollywood Wants To Forget

The opening weekend for a new film can be a nail-biting time for film makers. It sets the precedent and works as an indicator for the film's success. In terms of total box office earnings, there have been some hideously unsuccessful films that are not included in this list. For example, Zyzzyx Road grossed a staggering $30 in 2006. That's laughable. Admittedly, the film was only screened in one cinema in Dallas, but it was screened for a whole week. In 2012, Playback, starring Christian Slater, made $264. Again, laughable.

Recently,we have seen yet another box office dud, the new Zac Efron film, We Are Your Friends, which does make this list of worst ever opening weekend at the box office. So what else is in the top 10 of the worst opening weekend for films opening in over 2000 plus cinemas?

10 College (2008)

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College follows three teenagers who go to a party and various antics and scenarios ensue. College, however, is fictional story rather than a documentary. The film follows three high school seniors as they spend a weekend partying at a local college campus. The lead character Drake Bell, who has since played Spider Man in a number of TV series and previously starred in Jerry Maguire may well have been shouting 'Show me the money' in wonderment as to where the rest of the profits went, as the movie's opening weekend saw it make merely $2,619,730 at the box office.

9 The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)

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8 The Real Cancun (2003)

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Original in its concept, The Real Cancun is a film that casts real people that were willing to go on a real spring break trip to Cancun, Mexico and have it filmed as the first true documentary feature film. Sixteen students were filmed by ix camera crews as they partied their hearts out. Drinking, fighting, mating. It is all seen in this extended version of Big Brother in a different environment. The Real Cancun proved to be less popular than Big Brother as it only managed $2,108,796 during its opening weekend. It also garnered critical disdain among viewers and critics alike. Not really a reason for a party.

7 Major League: Back To The Minors (1998)

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In 1989, Major League, a baseball comedy, hit the big screen. With stars such as Charlie Sheen and Rene Russo the film brought in $8,836,265 on its opening weekend, opening to just 1,541 big screens in the U.S. A sequel was released in 1994 with the same casting and then in 1998 came the third film of the series, Major League: Back To The Minors. The third film looks at Gus (Scott Bakula) who is a retiring minor league pitcher. When he is put in charge of a bunch of misfit players, he tries to turn them into a successful team. The film failed to hit a home run and barely made it past first base with opening weekend takings of $2,087,011. Out!

6 P2 (2007)

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Wes Bentley stars in this debut horror/thriller for director Franck Khalfoun, now known for the disturbingly-good Maniac (2012). A businesswoman is working late one Christmas Eve and gets trapped in the basement parking lot of her building by a disturbed security guard. The film follows her as she tries to escape to safety. What the film fails to escape from is its not so great revenues during opening weekend as it only earned $2,083,398 -ranking it the fifth worst opening weekend for a film.

5 We Are Your Friends (2015)

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News has been buzzing around this recent release from Warner Brothers. We Are Your Friends stars High School Musical star Zac Efron as a DJ who wants to make it big. His spare time is spent trying to formulate that one magic track that will make him a superstar. However, when he falls for his mentors much younger girlfriend, things get complicated and he is faced with a dilemma. The buzz surrounding this film was unfortunately not because of how expertly Efron span his discs, but because of its lack of revenue during opening weekend. Bringing in only $1,767,308, We Are Your Friends spins into fourth place in the worst performing films at opening weekend.

4 Bandslam (2009)

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High School Musical was an astounding success which spawned not only sequels but a variety of other high school-based films and TV series (Glee, anyone?). One of which was the lesser known Bandslam in 2009. Starring Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical (and the sequels), Bandslam focuses on a group of socially-awkward high school students who bond due to their love of music. Together they form a rock band and perform in a battle of the bands contest. The box office opening weekend would hardly compare to a stadium gig in Wembley, or a number one album. A less than rocking £628,957 on opening weekend.

3 Saw 10th Anniversary (2014)

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This one may be a slightly unfair entry as it was a special re-release. Saw has become a popular franchise on the gory revenge/moral righteousness horror genre spanning seven films to date. The original was given a special anniversary re-release in October of 2014 for Halloween and ran in 2000 and more cinemas for a week. The original film sees men trapped inside a room with a troubled killer playing games with them to see how far they will go to survive. In its opening weekend, the film took $650,051 - ranking it third in the wort opening weekend ever. The film did gross £1,2 million during its original opening weekend in 2004.

2 Delgo (2008)

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Delgo had a stellar cast. Freddie Prinze Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt, Anne Bancroft, and Val Kilmer among others were cast. This alien-based animation featured Delgo and a group of his friends who must save their world from a conflict between opposing people, the Lockni people who are land based and the Nohrin people who rule the skies. However, despite the all-star line-up, Delgo was not out of this world when it came to the box office, bringing in only $511,920 in its opening weekend. Its budget was $40,000,000 budget.

1 The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventures (2012)

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Oogieloves was marketed as an interactive movie experience for young children and families. With some recognizable names involved, such as Christopher Lloyd of Back to the Future fame and Cary Elwes from The Princess Bride, Oogieloves had the makings of a successful film. The film follows Goobie, Zoozie and Toofie as they try to find five magic balloons that will make their friend Schluufy's surprise birthday party go with a bang. However the only thing that went bang was the films $12,000,000 budget. Opening weekend saw a mediocre revenues of $443,901 in August 2012, making this the worst performing film, released in over 2000 cinemas, ever at the box office on opening weekend.

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