Top 10 Embarrassing Moments of Taylor Swift's Career

taylor swift embarrassing moments

She’s pretty, she’s perky, and she’s blonde. She is Taylor Swift, and she has become America’s sweetheart. In fact, people near and far have fallen in love with this super-tall chick with the slight Southern twang. Over the years, T-Swift has made a name for herself as being constantly on top of her game, always smiling and looking pretty. She is the epitome of the young star-studded girl who has become a celebrity in her own right.

Most of the time Taylor is looking flawless, composing herself like a young woman, and making fans and the public swoon with delight. Yet there are those moments when Tay-Tay totally embarrasses herself. And those are the moments that are so great for the rest of us! We all seem to simply love it when an unblemished starlet ends up making a fool of herself, or someone else.

We hope you enjoy this list of 10 of the Most Embarrassing Moments of Taylor Swift’s Career. The items on this list are funny, exaggerated, and will make you turn tomato-red for poor Tay-Tay. Yet remember: Taylor Swift is slowly taking over the world, so we are pretty sure that she will make a full recovery from these embarrassing uh-ohs.

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10 The Granny-Panties Incident

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Well, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes a light breeze picks up, or there is a huge fan on stage while you’re performing one of your hit songs…and your dress flies up. For Tay-Tay, it was the latter. She was rocking it at a concert, donning a beautiful willowy dress, when suddenly: whoosh! Up goes the dress and her audience sees her nude-colored, high-waist, dowdy granny panties. Hey, things could have been a lot worse, right? This incident was embarrassing, but it also solidified Taylor’s rep as a “good girl”, one who doesn’t have to wear a G-string (or nothing at all) to be cool.

9 The New Year’s Trip Down the Stairs

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It is kind of reassuring to know that T-Swift is not so perfect after all. In fact, it is almost a rite of passage in Hollywood to take a tumble on live television. So when Taylor tripped and fell down some stairs during a New Year’s performance, it was embarrassing, for sure, but it has pretty much been forgotten. It is always embarrassing when a celebrity breaks their aura of awesomeness and trip up. Yet, Tay-Tay’s blunder here was rather flawless, and it looked even cooler considering that she was wearing an ensemble that made her look like a disco ball.

8 The Public’s Obsession With Her Love Life

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Yes, it just seems that the public loves to learn who Taylor is dating, who she is flirting with, and who she is dumping. Whether she is caught holding hands with a guy or just mentioning his name in passing, it seems that T-Swift can’t get away from busy-bodies who are obsessed with her love life. Sure, relationships among the rich and famous are interesting, but Taylor’s various relations, friendships, and associations with men are always a big story. We kind of feel sorry for all of the embarrassing spotlight. Perhaps nothing was as blush-inducing as the whole John Mayer fiasco.

7 When She Thought She Won Album of the Year

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At the 2014 Grammy Awards, Tay-Tay thought it was she who had won the award for Album of the Year. Turns out, she hadn’t. It looked as though Taylor had some salt on her shoulder, but this one is up for debate. It did look embarrassing that she thought she had won and was all open-mouthed with a “what, who, me?” look on her face. Yet, she could have been just really surprised for the actual winner. Maybe she was just expressing her support and emotions that way. We wouldn’t be surprised though if Taylor thought she was the recipient of the award. After all, those awards of hers keep mounting...

6 When She Over-exaggerates Things


Taylor Swift is the queen of over-exaggeration. Just look at her reaction every time she hears her song on the radio or wins an award. It’s always as if she didn’t see any of that coming. It might have been cute at first, but now it’s just annoying and kind of embarrassing for her. Why can’t she just play it cool and stop flaunting the modesty-in-excess act? On a side note, she played the embarrassing mother role at her friend Zendaya’s high school graduation. News flash: celebs do not need other celebs to feel happy for them. Apparently T-Swift didn’t get the memo.

5 When She Offended the LGBTQ Community

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This is a bit surprising, considering that Tay-Tay is so often the “good girl” in pop culture. Yet she had some offensive lyrics that pertained to the LGBTQ community. In her song “Picture to Burn”, Taylor sings about people talking behind her back or spreading rumors about her. She doesn’t care about people gossiping with their friends about her. She goes on to sing: “that’s fine, I’ll tell mine that you’re gay.” Oops, wrong move! She had to scuttle to change those offensive lyrics, which she did. Hopefully she didn’t lose out on securing a fan base within the LGBTQ community. Time will tell!

4 When She Posed Next to a Guy Wearing a Swastika

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The trouble with being so famous is that you are constantly surrounded by adoring fans. Awesome fans, cute fans, and creepy fans. Back when T-Swift was a young and naïve 19 years old, she posed for a photo-op with a fan. No big deal, right? Well…not exactly. This particular fan was wearing a swastika on his shirt. It was bright red, right there on his chest. What was Taylor thinking? Apparently she wasn’t. She must have been just enjoying the chance to party with the big kids, be part of the in-crowd. Unfortunately that embarrassing moment caused some uproar for her.

3 When She Dances

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Oh yes, when Taylor Swift tries to dance. Things just do not go so well. She is a pretty girl (or rather, young woman), but when she tries to shake it…things just seem off. She is very tall, which might explain why her limbs just seem to flail all over the place. Tay-Tay dancing is just downright weird and embarrassing. As she continues breaking the mold of gawky awkward young starlet, she is trying some new, sexier moves. Yet quite honestly, it’s all looking a bit staged and even more embarrassing. Props for trying, though. Maybe she’ll perfect her moves soon!

2 When She Tries to be Perfect

Most of us are sick and tired of Taylor trying to act like everyone’s best friend. Well, she is shedding that image a bit (see the video for “Bad Blood”!) Yet for years, T-Swift has always been the “good one”, the young star singer who hasn’t let fame get in the way of her values. Taylor Swift is the singer our mother will turn on when she listens to the radio. We can feel okay about our ten-year-old sister going to a T-Swift concert. She’s blonde and delightful. And it’s a bit cringe-worthy and embarrassing. Fess up and admit you’re human already! And stop wearing the innocent-look mask all the time.

1 The "Imma Let You Finish" Debacle

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Oh, this one was hard to watch, even if you aren’t a T-Swift fan. This was back in 2009, at the MTV VMA Awards, when Taylor was still an up-and-coming starlet. She already had a large following and she was beginning to rack up what would become countless awards. So when she won for Best Female Video of the Year, the crowd was loving her. It was so sweet to see this young country darling nab a big-girl award. If anything, this was embarrassing for Kanye, who just showed us that yes, he can be as crass and self-righteous as he seems.

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