Top 10 Easter Eggs In Marvel's Jessica Jones

It's safe to say that Marvel's Daredevil series blew us all away and only held us in anticipation for what they had next on their Netflix slate. Approximately a year later, Jessica Jones finds its way onto the streaming service and has not only managed to live up to its predecessor's standards, but identify itself as its own unique series.

If you weren't aware of the binge-drinking ex-superheroine before, you're sure to be familiar with her after completing the first season of this amazing show. The psychological thrills that may have been absent from the “Daredevil” series were abundant in this one, as well as a number of hidden references and comic book nods we're sure you overlooked.

Whether a fan of the comic series or the ever-expanding MCU, these Easter eggs are something you don't want to miss out on. Go on and try to put your Marvel fan knowledge to the test.

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10 The Opening Scene

via screenrant.com

So the show wastes no time in establishing that Jessica Jones is a certified badass as she throws an unhappy customer through her office door window, but what if we told you that this scene didn't originally derive from the television series?

The truth is is that the whole scene is an adaptation from the opening panel of the comic book series “Alias”, and we mean a complete adaptation. Jessica is even heard reciting the same dialogue from the panel, making it totally recognizable to diehard comic book fans of “Alias” series.

9 Panthers Track Team

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This might be a stretch for some, but over the years we've come to realize that Marvel leaves nothing to question when it comes to attention to detail.

Most will remember Hope Shlottman's character to have been a huge track star in college before being abducted by Kilgrave, and within Jessica's research of the victim, she stumbles across a photo of her wearing a black jersey that reads “Panthers” on it. While Hope's character may have nothing to do with the superhero, this can be taken as a reference to the Black Panther character we are to be introduced in next year's Captain America: Civil War.

8 Kilgrave's Goldfish Yacht

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Subtle Easter eggs are often times some of the best, and it doesn't get anymore subtle than referencing your own comic book series in another's live action adaptation.

Those of you who are familiar with Brian Michael Bendis' work will most likely be familiar with his comic book series “AKA Goldfish,” something he worked on long before Jessica Jones. This was the name of Kilgrave's yacht shown in the last episode during his attempted getaway. A shameless plug is a shameless plug no matter what form, Bendis.

7 Stan Lee Cameo

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What kind of Marvel adaptation would this be without the obligatory cameo from the man that started it all. It would be the Fantastic Four movie, but that's a topic for another discussion.

You'd have to be one perceptive son of a gun to catch this slight Easter egg, so applaud yourself if you did, but if you're much like most of the viewers who couldn't be bothered, the cameo can be found in the police station scene when Kilgrave brought the precinct under his control. A small photo can be seen over Mahoney's shoulder at the front reception that show's Stan Lee in a police chief costume.

6 Familiar Locations

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Seeing as how Jessica Jones takes place within the same city as Daredevil, most fans were anticipating to see a lot more crossover than what was present this season, however there may have been more tie-ins than most were aware of.

The location in which Jessica and Luke found Antoine has been identified to be the same warehouse that Wilson Fisk firebombed in Daredevil. While lesser production studios may have simply recycled this set because of accessibility reasons, we can trust this Easter egg was purposeful.

5 Jewel's Costume

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Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, not all of them wear flashy costumes according to Jessica Jones. She made this quite clear within the scene that Trish presented her with her own homemade superhero outfit.

As ridiculous as the getup appeared to be, Jessica actually wore that suit for her short duration as a hero in the comics. She also went by the suggested vigilante name Jewel and donned purple hair, which clearly they weren't going to get away with on the show. The whole scene was just yet another nod to the longtime comic fans.

4 Angela Del Toro

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Veteran Marvel comic book fans will recognize some of the various characters the show introduced this season such as Luke Cage and Hellcat, but only the most recent readers would have recognized this reference.

Jessica Jones recommends another P.I. by the name of Angela Del Toro when Luke asks her for assistance: this is an actual character that has recently taken the title of White Tiger in the comics. She hasn't yet been cast to appear within Daredevil or Jessica Jones, but the reference could be a sign she's slated to appear.

3 Patricia Walker aka Patsy Walker

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Trish plays a huge role within the whole series, and for good reason. While she wasn't stringently linked to her multiple comic book personas, the show was still able to cleverly weave them into the character she portrayed on screen.

Most fans will have already identified her as Hellcat from the comics, and while she did kick ass in that iteration, another series was started with her character that aimed more towards teen humor called “Patsy Walker.” This was not only adapted as a kids' show in Jessica Jones, but was also represented as the actual comic book series.

2 Avengers Reference

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It's already been brought to our attention that the Marvel Netflix series will be directly tied with the MCU, but it's nice to see some direct references every once in a while.

Jessica Jones takes the high road much like Daredevil did, and alludes to dropping any names of the Avenger characters, or even saying the word Avengers at all. They however do reference the first Avengers movie in which New York suffered an attack by aliens, and will at least acknowledge the existence of the “gifted” beings. We also get a cute clip of a kid running around in a Captain America costume, as well as the show's promotional material featuring a familiar tower in the background.

1 Claire Temple

via comicvine.com / via io9.com

Matt Murdock may have not popped up like a lot of fans were hoping for, but we did get a direct tie-in to both series with this key character.

Claire Temple made her appearance in the last episode where she played an integral role in getting Luke Cage back to health. Daredevil fans will remember her doing the same for Matt Murdock in his show, making her a bridge to what will inevitably be a crossover. In the show's mysterious fashion, Claire drew reference to Matt Murdock's character without using his name, just reminding us that throughout Jessica's battles, Daredevil is still out there somewhere kicking some butt.


Sources: ign.comew.comscreenrant.com

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