10 Crazy Star Wars Fan Theories That Could Change Everything

For years, fans from around the world have debated and pondered about what Episode VII would actually entail. Would Luke Skywalker play a factor in the story? Is Darth Vader really dead? What's in sto

For years, fans from around the world have debated and pondered about what Episode VII would actually entail. Would Luke Skywalker play a factor in the story? Is Darth Vader really dead? What's in store for the future of the universe? With the (overall) disappointing reaction to the prequel trilogy, Lucasfilm had to come up with a film that would set the series back on the right track. Enter J.J. Abrams (Lost, Star Trek), who is not only known for his creativity and lens flares, but also his deep writing ability and penchant for conspiracy and mystery.

When fans heard the news that Abrams was going to direct Episode VII, many started to speculate about what this meant for the series and how impactful Abrams would really be. With the much anticipated release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, fans finally got their first taste of the new trilogy. And, as with anything Star Wars, theories quickly began to fly about every little detail from the film. From the origins of Rey's parents to Jar Jar Binks...being a Sith lord, I have compiled a list of the Top 10 craziest Episode VII theories. WARNING: SPOILERS ARE CONTAINED IN THIS ARTICLE. Happy Reading.

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10 Ky-Mole Ren


Reddit user MayDaze came up with this intriguing theory involving double agents, Han Solo, and Kylo Ren. The theory's main point is that Kylo Ren is actually an undercover good guy. According to the theory, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo knew that Snoke was extremely evil and may be an even tougher opponent than Vader. So, when the chips are down, what do you do? You send in someone to infiltrate your enemy. Kylo Ren is just that. A double agent.

Now, where's the proof for this theory? MayDaze points to one portion of the film in particular. In climatic fashion, Han Solo and Kylo Ren (father and son) meet on a massive bridge. Ren tells his father that he wants to be rid of the pain and agony inside him. He asks if Han will help him. Han agrees. If the theory holds, Han is sacrificing himself for the good of the universe. The death is used to fool Snoke into fully trusting Kylo Ren. Not too bad, right?

9 Yuuzhan Vong Preparations


Ever wonder why the Empire had a ridiculous amount of troopers and soldiers and massive weapons that could destroy a planet with one laser beam? According to this theory, the seemingly "overkill" tactics put into play by the Empire weren't for the scavenging Rebel Alliance. Reddit user ProfessorLaser has come up with a theory that explains why the Empire holds has stockpiled so many weapons and soldiers.

According to the theory, the Empire wasn't that concerned about the Rebel Alliance. Instead, they were preparing for an invasion from a race of beings known as the "Yuuzhan Vong". These creatures were brutal in nature and, according to the canon outside of the Star Wars movies, killed more than 365 TRILLION sentient beings. So, the ability to destroy planets wasn't even intended to be used on the Rebels. Instead, it was focused on a species from outside the galaxy that were going to invade. It's crazy, but it makes sense.

8 Jar Jar Binks is a Trained Force User and Sith Collaborator


Yeah, you read that right. This theory is extremely detailed, so I'll lay out the main points for you (thanks to Reddit user lumpawarroo for this amazing theory). Jar Jar's "luck" is not really luck at all. Many times in the prequel films, Jar Jar is dodging laser blasts and deceiving his foes. The way he stumble and bumbles about is really a form of martial arts, known as Zui Quan (or Drunken Fist wushu).

Now, take into account the idea that Binks is secretly manipulating everyone around him. The Jedi use subtle hand gestures to manipulate people's minds. Many examples abound of Binks using similar gestures. The theory goes on to say that Binks is a collaborator with the ultimate baddie of the series, Palpatine. Many more reasons exist in the theory, but I cannot fit them all in here. The theory is crazy, but more importantly, sounds plausible. Jar Jar. Who would have thought?

7 Rey is Luke's Daughter and Obi-Wan Kenobi's Granddaughter


Can you imagine how much Force must be running through her veins if this theory holds true? The mysterious back story and origin of Rey has caused numerous theories to try and flesh out who exactly Rey really is. The connections to Luke are obvious. Her use of the Force, her similar living situation, and her unwavering goodness all tend to point towards Luke as her father. However, it has also been mentioned that Kenobi might be her grandfather.

Reddit user harten66 mentions that the lightsaber duel between herself and Kylo Ren is eerily reminiscent of the duel between Obi-Wan and Vader in Episode IV. User harten66 also brings up the fact that Rey's major use of defense only strengthens the thread between herself and Obi-Wan.

6 Supreme Leader Snoke is Really... Boba Fett.


This one is stretching a little, but I'll lay out the theory for you and see what you think. Whether you're two or ninety-two, Boba Fett is probably one of the characters you remember the most. Why? Because he's a bounty hunter...with a jetpack. How cool is that? So, remember when Boba Fett has the iconic battle with Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi? Luke wins the battle. While Luke gets the girl, Fett ends up in a Sarlacc pit. Left for dead.

Now, there's no escaping a Sarlacc pit, right? Well, there wasn't any way to escape the Rancor chamber, but crafty Luke Skywalker did it anyway. The theory goes that Fett was mangled inside the pit, but escaped. He seeks revenge for the actions the Jedi took against his father and this little fight only adds salt to the wound. Scarred, but alive, Fett eventually becomes Supreme Leader Snoke. A fun theory, but it definitely lacks depth.

5 Kylo Ren is a Time Traveller


Yep. If we haven't already jumped down the rabbit hole, best say your goodbyes to your loved ones now. Because after you read this theory, there is no going back. Ok, the Star Wars universe (at least the main canon of the films) does not deal with the concept of time travel. It's not a tool to use nor is it even hinted at. However, Reddit user myketv25 thinks differently. His theory relies on one major piece of evidence: the scar on Kylo Ren's face is VERY similar to the scar that is seen on Supreme Leader Snoke's holographic face during their scene together.

The theory goes on to say that Ren turns into Snoke and is now pushing him further to the Dark Side. Perhaps things didn't go as planned the first time around and Ren wasn't "bad" enough. Maybe this extra push will actually get things done the second time around.

4 Kylo Ren Didn't Kill Han


Crazy? Yes. Does it have evidence against it? Yes. Plausible? Maybe. The bridge scene between Kylo Ren and Han Solo will be seen as an iconic moment in cinema twenty years from now. The scene plays out with Ren and his father, Han Solo, having a stare down on a massive bridge. According to the theory, Kylo Ren didn't jam the light saber into Han Solo's guts. Instead, Han activated the light saber himself and thrust it into his gooey innards.

The theory says that there is no struggle between Solo and Ren. They just kind of stand there. Then, they have the conversation about the pain inside Kylo. Solo knew his son didn't truly have the balls to kill him and also believed that there was still some light left in Kylo. To make it look believable, Han knew he would have to do the deed himself. It fools Snoke, lets Kylo not truly "pull the trigger", and leaves that glimmer of hope that Kylo will eventually see the light. However, as stated earlier, the novelization of the movie says that Ren jams the light saber into Han's stomach. But, that's what was read. What, exactly, did we see?

3 Why Rey is on Jakku


This one actually makes a whole lot of sense when you begin to look at the details (thanks to Reddit user Stormstripper). In Episode VII, the audience is introduced to Rey. We don't know how or why she's on the planet Jakku nor do we ever really get an answer in the film. The mystery is dangled in front of us like a ball of string in front of a cat. However, there is a theory presenting that Rey was being hunted down by Kylo Ren way earlier in her life.

During Rey's flashback, she sees someone stab her attacker. The attacker is a member of the Knights of Ren. And who kills this Knight of Ren? Kylo Ren himself. Then, the very next scene in the vision shows Rey on Jakku. Ren intentionally put Rey on Jakku and out of harm's way. This also means Kylo Ren already knows Rey and saved her while they slaughtered the rest of the Jedi Academy Rey attended. The million dollar question is "why?"

2 Darth Vader's Helmet in The Force Awakens is Pulling Kylo Ren to the Dark Side.


It's no secret that Kylo Ren is a character who is battling his own demons. A character that seems to be torn between his past and future decisions, Ren is definitely at an impressionable point in his life. Enter Vader's mask. The mask is briefly seen in a scene in The Force Awakens. Some may scoff at the appearance of the mask as simply playing to the audience. However, a theory does exist that suggests the helmet is actually pulling Kylo further and further to the Dark Side.

According to Star Wars canon, objects can be soaked and embedded with the Force. It can also be saturated with Light and Dark energy. The theory says that the energy is that of Vader, trapped in the helmet. Kylo Ren stumbles upon the helmet during training, bonds with it, and is being influenced by it. The theory definitely gives the helmet more plot importance if held to be true.

1 Rey is the Daughter of Luke and a Rogue Squadron Member


Many theories resound about who Rey's parents are. While I cannot possibly cover all of those in one article, one theory has caught my eye. Could Rey be the love child of Luke Skywalker and a Rogue Squadron member? To support this, let's look at the facts.

Rey finds a Rogue Squadron helmet in the deserts of Jakku. We know that Luke was a member of the Rogue Squadron. We also know that a standalone Rogue Squadron movie will soon become part of the Star Wars saga. It's also fact that there was a battle for Jakku that dealt with the Rogue Squadron. Add all these together and you get a strong theory for the origin of Rey.

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10 Crazy Star Wars Fan Theories That Could Change Everything