Top 10 Craziest Plastic Surgery Transformations

Nose job, breast job, butt job, liposuction, it’s all very common in today's society. With plastic surgery becoming more and more of the usual thing, people are lining up to get various parts of their

Nose job, breast job, butt job, liposuction, it’s all very common in today's society. With plastic surgery becoming more and more of the usual thing, people are lining up to get various parts of their body done they way they want them to look. Wait until you see what the following people asked their plastic surgeons to do.

10 The Filipino superman

Superman impersonator Herbert Chavez began his Superman obsession by collecting comics and toys. After he outgrew them he moved on to bigger life-sized figures, until finally one day he decided he wanted nothing less than to look like his idol. To achieve the Superman look he has gotten; a nose job, chin augmentation, silicone lip injections and thigh implants. He also wears blue contact lenses and sports the haircut complete with that wayward forelock to finish the look. The beauty pageant trainer is a regular at comic conferences and works part-time as a paid Superman impersonator whenever Superman movies are shown.

9 Twin procedures

Twins Jo and Kerry Burton already looked a lot alike, but they wanted no one to be able to tell them apart at all. In order for this to happen, the twins had a lot done; rhinoplasty, breast enhancements, eye lift, etc.…all performed on them at the same time by the same part specialists so they could get the look just right. In the end even their surgeons could no longer tell them apart. So how were they able to tell Jo from Kerry? They had their initials written on their bellies during the procedures.

8 Deadringer

In 2010 a newly-married woman in China agreed to undergo plastic surgery, after the prodding of her husband, to make herself look like his first wife. The husband, Zhao Gang, from Chongqing City, said his first wife died in a car accident in 2007 and he married his new wife just because she somewhat looked like the first one. Now he wants the transformation to be complete. “I feel conflicted. I don't want to become another's shadow, but I also don't want to lose the family. Now I only hope the surgery will not make me look ugly.” Zhao said, “maybe it's more or less unfair to her, but she has agreed and I will embrace her with all my love.”

7 Luscious lips

Jessica Rabbit is one of the sexiest characters in the cartoon world, and St. Petersburg manicurist Kristina Rei wanted to have lips like hers. Rei was convinced her thin lips made her ugly and so she spent lots of money to have more than a hundred silicone injections put into them. She now has the world’s largest lips. Rei has more grand plans for her lips, she does not plan to end the injections to her smackers anytime soon even though she said the injections are extremely painful.

6 Concrete cheeks

Rajee Narinesingh from Florida was born as a man but identifies with the female gender, so one day he decided to get face implants that would make his face more woman-like. He approached “doctor” Oneal Ron Morris, another person born as a man and living as a woman, and asked for the procedure to be done. What Narinesingh did not know was that Morris injected a mixture of cement and tire sealant into her cheeks. The result was a mis-shapen pair of cheeks and an irregular jaw. Narinesingh would later go on record to say she knew the risks she was facing with letting Morris do the procedures. She added she just did not have the money to go to anyone else.

5 Bubble butt

This so-called doctor Oneal Morris has another victim, a transgender who wanted a butt augmentation but did not have the money for an expensive procedure. Morris sliced open his buttocks, poured in a mixture of mineral oil, cement and Fix-a-Flat tire sealant and then sealed the wounds with superglue. The mixture did not set properly and the transgender ended up in the hospital. The twist is that Morris also seems to be a victim of his own “skills”. His arrest photos show him with an overextended butt to the rear and both sides. Morris has been charged for practicing medicine without a license. Police suspect he has more victims who are just afraid to come forward after he caused them deformities.

4 Barbie babe

Russian beauty Valeria Lukyanova became known worldwide as the living Barbie Doll after photos of her and her doll-like proportions came out on the Internet. What has Lukyanova done to achieve this? While it was initially claimed she had nothing done but stay in shape and employ makeup to enhance her appearance, experts looking at her photos before and disagree. They said she had at least several procedures done on her face to make it seem narrower and rounder and to make her nose smaller and more pointed. Her breasts have also been enhanced and her waistline narrowed allegedly through rib removal operation.

3 Nana nana nana nana catman!

Native American Dennis Avner believes one day he would turn into a large cat, so he decided to hasten the operation. Aside from getting tiger stripe tattoos he also filed his teeth to mostly canines, wore cat eye contact lenses and got subdermal implants to change the shape of his face and transdermal implants so he could wear whiskers (which are actually metal studs). He also had the middle parts of the top of his lips removed to give his mouth more a cat-like appearance. He regularly guested on shows and was a local celebrity even as he worked as a computer programmer in Tonopah, Nevada, U.S.A. Last November he was found dead in his house. Police said the cause of death was apparent suicide.

2 The biggest breasts in Europe

Beshine did not just want bigger breasts, she wanted the biggest breasts in Europe. So she had Z-cup implants. Yes, those do really exist. The implants are so huge people have likened them to filled-up grocery bags. She has a strict regimen to follow for her breasts. Beshine said she has to exercise daily to make sure her spine is always strong enough to lift her breasts and she can no longer lie down or sleep on her belly. She also said her huge breasts are not really that much of a problem, except when she has to choose what to wear for the day.

1 Man mammaries

You thought only women get implants? In 1996 Brian Zembic and a pal of his named Jobo got into an argument over implants. It somehow ended with Zembic saying he would be able to keep 38C implants for a year if he had them and if he completed the task Jobo would give him $100,000. Nothing more was said of the bet, but suddenly Zembic found himself in dire financial need and called in the wager. He had the 38C’s implanted after winning a game with a plastic surgeon, carried them around for a year and got the $100,000 he was promised by Jobo. However, Zembic loved the 38C’s so much he still has them today. He has no plans of removing them yet.

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Top 10 Craziest Plastic Surgery Transformations